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Languages: English, Russian

Seller: Sergey Astakhov

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All for free - no restrictions!

A huge base of drinks and cocktails is at your fingertips. Now you can mix any perfect cocktail right at home.
Each recipe includes an expert advice and even the history of cocktails to give you the skills of a professional bartender.

• All recipes of drinks and cocktails are stored locally on your iphone.
• Add your favorite recipes to your favorite.
• View all the available drinks on the single list.
• Search for drinks by name, by fortress and by composition they were mixed.
• History of the creation of each beverage.
• Write comments for each beverage.
• Determination of alcohol in your body ("Breathalyzer") - for entertainment purposes only!

Please drink responsibly!

Customer Reviews

  • Needs more drinks

    by Hierobsides

    Not bad but needs more recipes.

  • Awesome

    by Kaylawaterbottle


  • Amazing variety

    by Christo52

    Although it is not the best, it is considerably excellent. Thanks to iTunes .

  • Not bad

    by JakobShay

    It's got a lot of good stuff but always resets to begining weird measurement just plain would be nice. 1 shot vodka 1 shot gin 2 shots soda. Easy like that

  • Hey

    by Fandrew1

    It's alright. Not amazing, but not bad. Good content, but hard to use if surfing through drinks.


    by Astenando

    I just got this APP! I think it is great so far. Pretty useful when you just can't think of what to make! Niiiiice! =]

  • Terrible Interface and Content

    by Rinse&Repeat

    This app lasted less than 2 min on my phone before I deleted it. It had a very limited drink list and the interface was clunky. The ads kept getting in the way of the buttons making navigation difficult.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Harley Fasha

    Confusing, not enough drinks, unnecessary features

  • Not working

    by shawn collins

    This app does not work it shows some drinks but, don't try to look up how to Make it cause it won't tell you

  • Confused

    by Taminator79

    I've tried to use it but get confused every time I try so I give up until I can come back to give it another whirl. Not giving up on it just yet.

  • Horrible

    by frodgrub

    Took one look, searched one drink with no results.....don't download!!!!

  • Crappy

    by A hitler

    Worst app ever.

  • You're Cut off

    by BartenderCam

    As a bartender- I honestly say this is the worst bar app I've seen. (deleted)

  • No Bueno

    by SeanWOW

    I deleted this app within 5 minutes of downloading it. It was confusing to use, with unnecessary features that complicates the app.

  • Not for the USA

    by Gleime

    Everything is in metric

  • :/

    by 87010

    It would be nice if I didn't have to convert this to standard/US units... There should be an option.

  • Terrible app

    by WayOutToLunch

    Very limited list of drinks and poor directions

  • Horrible.

    by ConnieKR

    Recipes are not clear, simple words not spelled correctly, measurements missing in recipes. Very carelessly put together. Should not expect much from this FREE app. Definite THUMBS DOWN.

  • Junk

    by Toli

    Doesn't work. Select a drink and it resets to main window. Search is terrible. Glad I didn't pay anything for it.

  • FIRST..& Foremost

    by Watsreallygoinon

    Do not get this app, very terrible. No extremely terrible

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