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Do you want a stronger back and upper arms? Now you can improve your strength and reach new fitness goals with the runtastic PullUps app.

The runtastic PullUps app is your personal pull-up trainer that uses an easy to follow scientific sports training plan that helps you build strength and see constant improvement.

Unique recognition of your pull-ups:
Put your iPhone in your pocket on your hip and pull-ups are automatically counted using the accelerometer on your iPhone.


- One level using a sports science training plan
- Count of pull-ups using your iPhone’s accelerometer
- Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets
- Voice Coach
- Personal records and statistics (e.g. monthly, yearly statistics, …)
- Leaderboard for personal records and overall repetitions
- Upload of activities to the runtastic fitness site
- Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
- Social media sharing – share your strength and your personal record with friends via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail

All workouts are saved to your fitness profile at
Using the online community you’ll get further analysis, metrics and comparisons to your friends. Additionally, you can choose a training plan and track your body statistics.

Customer Reviews

  • Good motivator

    by Medicbonzs

    I like the app. Not good for counting your rep but gets it done

  • Amazing

    by Aj Original

    This app has let me throw away 5lbs

  • I Can

    by Actual Books

    I like this app, because it breaks it down and works at your pace.

  • Yay! I can do pull-ups again!

    by ESAET

    I was so weak a few weeks ago that I couldn't do any pull-ups

  • Cool app

    by Patrick Frerich

    Like the progression and counter.

  • Muy buena!!

    by Cbita

    Me encanto! Haría más sensible el aceleretro para qué tome mejor cuando hago una pullups, el resto espectacular

  • Doesot

    by Ghhgggjdcb

    Pretty cool app

  • Easy to use

    by Aconhill

    It seems to work but it's just nice to have something telling me how much to do and remembering how much I've done

  • Cool

    by TonyStar49


  • Great app

    by Stezo1

    This app is awesome!!!!

  • Great

    by SquadCeo

    I love it

  • Idkmainame

    by Ba ohn

    Awesome app. Works great

  • .

    by Cole!!!!!!

    Nice app

  • Motivation

    by Krazrek66

    This app keeps me motivated and everyday it helps me to set a new goal. Lovin it!

  • Awesome

    by TJC683443

    Very accurate

  • Xcellent motivation 2 get n shape!!

    by Darksnake98

    Thumbs up!!

  • Very good

    by BaezMD

    Very good

  • Great

    by mjp222


  • Ok...

    by Jaami .Mock

    Doesn't read pull-ups

  • Lats of steel

    by Sugar Shane @ShaneRam

    This is a pretty awesome app that tracks how many pull-ups you do. My problem is I just do pull-ups until I fail w/o even counting each repetition. This makes it's very difficult to improve. But now my phone counts it for me and I'm already exceeding what I previously believed I could do. Very useful and well put together -SugaShane

  • Almost good

    by strokemystripes

    It seems like a decent app, but it isn't at all consistent with how/when it registers my pull-ups. Most of the time it doesn't register them at all, which is a huge blow to the usability of the app.

  • Fix the bugs!

    by Jonathan O'Leary

    Won't register my pull-ups. I've tried resetting the app and resetting my phone and it still will not read my sets! Would get a 5 if not for this problem.

  • Still buggy

    by hawaiianchimp

    Great app, great idea, but when the screen auto locks after 1 minute, it stops working. The timer stops and the accelerometer doesn't trigger anymore. Please fix!

  • Good, but...

    by Yovah, Inc.

    The counting is nice but the app doesn't respond to my pull-ups, even after I've completed the set it still reads the initial number. Terrible. App is okay otherwise. It's push-up and sit-up counterparts are much more accurate.

  • Great working application

    by Seraphim Apps

    Counts the exercise as you do it.

  • Like it a lot!!

    by EDUARTO

    Really nice!

  • Crazy

    by 1Jsquared1

    How well this works. It's a good program that uses technology wisely

  • Awesome

    by Da King Knight

    Works you out and let's you know when you do whole pull up but sometime I have to rise the phone up and down to count some of my pull ups

  • Sensor fails often

    by jbru13

    The sensor picks up about half of my pullups (from dead hang) and there's no way to manually enter them. Terrible programming. Moving on to a different pull-up app.

  • Awesome concept, doesn't work well

    by Mmar2817

    The goal programs and overall concept of the app from daily goals to having it count for you is awesome, but it doesn't do much help if the app can't count the reps. Out of one set it only counted 1 rep, I tried again and I got lucky with 3 but couldn't get it to even count 1 after that.

  • Great

    by Lastyeti

    Nice app i just started and its a great tool to get yourself in shape

  • Great app!

    by Kustka

    Easy to use. Keeps you on track!

  • Bad

    by Dre250

    It never counts the pull-ups correctly. On the way up it'll count two and on the way down it'll count either one or two. Bad app they should make it so when you're done you can press something. It at least have an option to decide between the pocket way and touching.

  • It's not that great

    by BenjaCanadia In Benja we trust

    I did 201 pull ups and it only counted 113

  • @joat mon

    by Acpvg

    Put it in your back pocket where there's less space. It prevents movement.

  • Good idea; miserable implementation

    by joat mon

    Would be nice if the sensing of pull-ups worked. Have tried numerous positionings and movement but this app rarely counts and never accurately. Other products (pushups and situps) by this developer work well -- just not this one.

  • Good workout

    by S'Good!!!

    Good starter

  • Great workout

    by Pinoytoy

    Gives me a strong back

  • A nice change of pace

    by Belthod

    New way to mix up your exercises. Simple but effective.

  • Helpful

    by Luckyboynd

    I enjoy it enough. Haven't used it fully yet. Just helpful when I don't feel like doing anything. I know I can open the app and get a little workout and not be a complete lazy bum.

  • It great and smart!

    by Individuumratio

    Well done))

  • I love it

    by Miles3957

    Even if you are ok at pull-ups it motivates for more

  • Love it

    by Mcmiber

    Great app that helps a lot

  • Cool app!

    by Nobi1kenobi

    Progress is seen immediately!

  • Amazing App

    by Alejandro_1624

    Great to workout and fun to use

  • Great app.

    by Packo47

    It's helped out so far. Will write one more in the future.

  • Needs improvement

    by Back_4_Revenge

    Love the interface and voice by it hasn't been recording all my reps unless I lower quickly which I prefer to lower slowly to engage muscles for longer.

  • Love this app!!!!!

    by Elisworld

    As with all runtastic apps, as I'm starting to see this one is also awesome ....... I suggest trying to also do the push-up and sit-up trainer coincide with the pull-up app..... They're all great!!

  • Great!

    by karlok

    Very helpful for getting on track

  • N00B

    by Dirt gig

    Love it

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