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Do you want a stronger back and upper arms? Now you can improve your strength and reach new fitness goals with the runtastic PullUps PRO app.

The runtastic PullUps PRO app is your personal pull-up trainer that uses an easy to follow scientific sports training plan that helps you build strength and see constant improvement.

Unique recognition of your pull-ups:
Put your iPhone in your pocket on your hip and pull-ups are automatically counted using the accelerometer on your iPhone.


- Three levels using a sports science training plan to complete 30 pull-ups
- Count of pull-ups using your iPhone’s accelerometer
- Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets
- Voice Coach
- Personal records and statistics (e.g. monthly, yearly statistics, …)
- Leaderboard for personal records and overall repetitions: compare to others and see how you rank with your Runtastic friends
- Upload of activities to the runtastic fitness site
- Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
- Social media sharing – share your strength and your personal record with friends via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail

All workouts are saved to your fitness profile at
Using the online community you’ll get further analysis, metrics and comparisons to your friends. Additionally, you can choose a training plan and track your body statistics.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Coltrain79

    I downloaded this app to help me get ready for the Military and its actually working very well. I wish the automatic counting was optional, it miss counts a lot. I just do the reps it says to do, then manipulate it afterwords to get the count.

  • I recommend

    by alindumd

    I recommend

  • very good, but

    by ibrahimp

    Wish there was some way to turn the accelerometer feature off of this app. I can count repetitions for myself, thank you. Controlled, slow movements are not counted, so you end up changing your style to herky-jerky (“bad”) pull-ups. The social media aspect is also neat, but I do not care for it - is there a way of turning this feature off as well? Suggestion - for innovation, do not treat pull-ups as one-size-fits-all - categorize into wide, narrow, chins, etc. and count each separately. That would help me keep track of what I do.

  • Great app!

    by tnew57

    Keeps count of your reps for you - and gives good, progressive workouts to make you work. Still loving it.

  • Gets you going

    by Yuyimufu

    If you're looking to start on PullUps this is the best app by far

  • Pretty sweet

    by Nvbsk8r99


  • Good motivational app

    by min11a

    Currently working towards 20 consecutive pull-ups. Love the app's ability to keep me on track with this goal.

  • Nice

    by Ly-Ely

    Очень нравится рейтинг со всем миром. Есть к чему стремится! :)

  • good

    by COISISA

    very good

  • Buena aplicacion

    by gusanyx

    Si uno logra la constancia esta aplicación lo ayuda muy bien a llegar al objetivo Muy recomendable

  • Great app

    by MaxSikorsky

    Love it

  • Awesome app

    by Bpf-Dallas

    But I finally realized you have to pause at the bottom of the pull up for it to count it.

  • It just works

    by Sverfnebli

    Works as advertised, and does not crash.

  • Love this app but..

    by McG78

    I have to do my pull-ups first then pick up my phone and move it up and down to count them... Great routine though!

  • Great app!

    by Yeldarb42

    Variety of daily workouts all but force progress, regardless of initial ability. Needs to be calibrated for increased sensitivity; errs on the side of fewer push-ups recorded.

  • Great App

    by Promise Child

    Besides a few technical issues like accidental counts, this is a great app. It's definitely a good motivational tool get some on there way to more serious workouts. I initially used this app to stop being lazy when it came to exercising. Now it's motivated me towards more full body workouts. I've recommend runtastic's to my friends.

  • Very cool!

    by Ryry74

    Works great with my iPod Touch (4g and now 5g)!

  • Awesome

    by aarong0729

    For anyone who wants to master the pull-up its a great tool to start you out slow and build your strength up.

  • Almost perfect

    by Barguest2

    It seems that pullups are being registered if you literally drop yourself down. Smooth movements lead to pullups not being registered

  • Good

    by EdiKAte

    It's a useful program

  • Just okay

    by Spiderdoggie

    I can't manually mark off the pull-ups. The motion sensor does not always work right.

  • Flaky pull up detection

    by rrwhite

    It had one job: track pull ups. And I doesn't do that reliably. Over half my pull ups aren't counted.

  • Parallel bars


    This is a great app, i use it almost every day. But please, make an app for parallel bars

  • Good

    by WillM1980

    Does what it says

  • Nice app

    by Juan Fernando 323

    Useful, not to fancy but good enough

  • Super)

    by Dimodels


  • Useful

    by Cobbwebb1

    Not real intuitive, but still useful

  • Doesn't count accurately!!!

    by Liner13

    I have loved my runtastic apps for the most part. I have the original runtastic pro, altimeter pro, timer, sit-ups, squats, and push-ups pro, and now the six pack app and I'm not a huge fan of the GUI of the normal push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and sit-ups apps but I still like them though. My problem with this app is that it just refuses to count pull-ups. Ill end up tossing my phone in the air and letting it land in the bed just to try to get it to count pull-ups I've already done and even then it only sometimes works. There's no way to manually change the number I've done so when the app decides to stop working the only recourse I have is to lose all my progress or record far fewer than I've actually done. I'm so frustrated! I thought it was my slow older phone but I just upgraded and am still having the same infuriating problem. Please fix it!!!

  • No

    by Jsshzug

    The pull-ups didn't register wth

  • Great

    by zacoes

    I love this app I just wish it could be a little more intense

  • Good app

    by Manyonge

    Sensor needs some work but otherwise good

  • Good app

    by Paul Ingold

    The app is really good. Minus one star for the annoying "rate us 5 stars!" alerts.

  • Lovin it!

    by Hhkrizbbgsf

    I'm up to 22 pull-ups now!!!

  • Very good

    by fix for washington

    I have this and the push up and sit up apps and have been using them for two months now. Of all three the pull ups is the least accurate at counting but over all very good.

  • Doesn't work

    by D S S

    doesn't count your reps at all through the motion sensor. Need to shake the phone after every rep to make it register. As of now it is useless.

  • Great App!!!!

    by Taylor's, SC

    This is a great app!

  • The Best!

    by Spetznaz1

    Simply the best app out there when it comes to pull ups.

  • Great app!

    by Hermes the wrestling doctor

    The only thing that is wrong with this app is that it will spmetimes not count your pull ups

  • Incredible.

    by ScorpioAAA

    I work out a lot and this is the first app I've ever like to use. It has a good built in routine and gets you motivated. Definitely a good app for anyone wanting to stay healthy.

  • Great app

    by Trauma190

    Ilove this app the only thing I don't like is if you download the sit-up app now you have two apps it should all be in one.but all in all it's great

  • Me gusta!

    by LonoRising

    Very good way to track progress. A bit lacking in its tracking. Occasionally doesn't register a rep. Mostly credits you with an extra rep when you drop from the bar.

  • Great app

    by JoseDiBasilico

    Amazing app

  • Good

    by Johnnykevgen


  • Just great

    by vov44ik

    It's just such a joy to use this simple app. Well done, keep it up!

  • Great app!

    by musicfan8525

    Has really helped with increasing my reps!

  • PullApp

    by OneShotToxic

    Is a awesome app

  • Great

    by lolakzs

    Awesome workout

  • Needs manual input

    by Thehomerun

    Tracking pullups using the accelerometer is a neat trick, but it doesn't always perfect capture each pullup so you have so sit there shaking your device until it counts the correct number of pullups (to say nothing of using this on an iPad). It needs some method of manually tracking pullups. With that addition the app would be perfect. It is very frustrating to use right as it is now.

  • best fitness app!!

    by usernameisme


  • great

    by Zach Sowa

    helping me develop that V-back!

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