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Thank you for your valuable suggestions. We appreciate your feedback and have some great new features for you!

New Features & Improvements:
- Utilization of the brand-new M7 processor
- New iOS 7 design

New in previous major update:
- 1,000 Step Beep: Audio tone every 1,000 steps
- Minor bug fixes

Enjoy the latest version of our app! We look forward to your helpful reviews in the App Store!

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The only pedometer that works anywhere on your body - download it now!

No configuration needed just push a button and start walking.

Every person should walk 10,000 steps per day, how many steps are you walking?

runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10,000 steps/day as recommended. iPhone, iPod and iPad friendly.

Why runtastic Pedometer Lite?

- Automatically records all your steps
- Works anywhere: pants or jacket pocket, hand or arm, in a bag or purse
- Calorie counter
- Speed calculation
- Distance covered
- Step frequency calculation
- See the last 3 activities on your phone
- Share your activities in social networks like Facebook and Twitter
- Works with iPod (listening to music is possible)
- Compatible with iOS 4 and high resolution graphics
- Compatible with – the Sports and Fitness site – where all your data will be managed
- You can also save your body data: weight and height for an accurate calorie count

With the runtastic Pedometer Lite app you can prove that you are the type of person who would prefer to use the stairs instead of an elevator.

Let the runtastic Pedometer app help you get there with a push of a button! Take the 10,000 daily steps challenge!

If you want you can upload and take a look at all your data on the fitness site -

Customer Reviews

  • Runtastic

    by TexJP

    Great App!

  • Like it

    by Geisen2

    Work pretty good so far! I love that it syncs along with my fitness pal an app I've used for a long time

  • How do i opt out of emails?

    by Ddhgyuifg


  • So far so so good

    by Ejg2528779

    I just started and hope to change my stars.

  • Good for lite

    by Haley Boli

    I wouldn't have deleted this, had I known you couldn't measure burnt calories unless you paid full price.

  • Good app

    by Gspno06


  • What!?

    by da_clown

    It says I sprint 3 miles an hour that is walking speed! And It always changes the distance I run it said a mile was 0.67 And when I ran two miles it was A 1.30 I have used this app on the iPhone 4 and it said different numbers. Otherwise good app

  • Ok app

    by DeeDeezzz

    Just recently downloaded this app, but it seems to track so-so! It's really not a true pedometer but overall it's ok

  • So far so good

    by Jlpsofarsogood

    I like it so far! And the reward thing is pretty cool!

  • Good app so far

    by Malsmom4

    I like the app and it is user friendly but I am not sure about accuracy. It seems sensitive and sometimes measures steps when the phone shakes and I am not walking.

  • Pretty good

    by Talia Ovard

    I like the app a lot but I cannot figure out mPoint apps.

  • Cheese

    by Antonyb5959


  • Very cool

    by Amberella88

    Nice app. Connects with others as well

  • Like it so far

    by Ifywuxucib

    I really like this app, wish you didn't have to pay to see your calories burnt but maybe after I use it for awhile I'll purchase. I can't get it to connect with MyFitnessPal though, been trying for awhile. I've looked into their others apps so I have stuff to do at home but I will not be paying $4.99 per app!

  • Keeping track

    by Chaworth-drake

    Love it!

  • Great

    by Plenckuse

    Love it!

  • by Liam6778985477(

    This is the best app ever!!!

  • Recommend

    by Rdcgr

    This is a good app! Nice colors. Really cool step counter...

  • Love Runtastic apps!

    by FoggyBottomGal

    Love the Runtastic apps! Accurate & reliable!

  • Great

    by Anoneemoosee

    This app is very useful

  • Counts non-steps

    by Csanich

    This app was counting steps while I was sitting still. I took about 10 steps and sat on the couch for 20 minutes and it said I had taken 500 steps.

  • Too much personal info required

    by SBslalomqueen

    I went to get started and got bad vibes. They want your full name, exact birthday - why? I stopped right there. I don't see why they need all of this personal data to count steps....

  • Runtastic

    by Run a Ton

    Very useful and amazing!

  • Obnoxious emails!!!

    by Alanakh

    Every week they send you an email, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the email to attempt to opt out, it says "if you don't want the fitness report you can deactivate it by going to..." Then you try and go to where it says, and the menu option doesn't exist! So you can't stop the spam!! Deleted.

  • This app

    by Yo2zz2

  • L-O-V-E this app!

    by PoppasGizmo

    I've been walking for a while and the park I go to has very confusing signage. I never knew how far I walk so I can only record my time. Now that I have this app, I know exactly how far I've walked and can see that my time is improving!

  • Too, Too cool

    by Misswalksalot

    This is by far my most favorite fitness app.! It does everything but my workout for me...I highly recommend it to all!!

  • Fantastic!

    by Takenby1

    As promised!

  • Nanny

    by Linds Lou Lou

    Have downloaded this app this morning and have really enjoyed the positive things

  • Good!

    by carsond420

    App new to me but so far so good.

  • Easy to use

    by trekker4ever

    Like it so far. Easy to use and I like the rewards

  • Rewarding app

    by Firehael

    Earn prizes for walking!!!

  • Works but.....

    by Jelyhann

    It seems like it might be a little on the sensitive side. Regardless it helps get me moving.

  • Good app

    by Bowtys

    Not bad sensitivity I like the points program.

  • Decent

    by Dorkichi

    It's a decent app, though I'm getting sick of having the pro version shoved down my throat. It tends to even get in the way while I'm running.

  • Jury's still out.

    by stephanie novinc

    Well I just walked the track for 1 hr at a pretty brisk pace. The pedometer registered 1/2 mile. Totally impossible with the amount of laps around it was moe like 2.75 miles

  • Great

    by Ruby Lin

    I love it!

  • Great app!

    by sjzewe1958

    This app along with my fitness pal, has helped me to lose 20.5lbs in 60 days. Well worth the download.

  • Awesome app!

    by Megjo94

    This app is awesome!

  • Famtastic

    by Cra84

    Love this app

  • No m7 and under calculating

    by Painzore

    Previous version worked fine. But this one on 5s is terrible. First if i turn m7 it stop counts if app minimized. And when m7 is off it works but it just gives wrong distance. Im fan of runtastic But they need to work on their apps more.

  • Good app

    by MrsP5192012

    I like that it syncs with myfitnesspal

  • Awesome!

    by Echidneagirl

    This was the best! Quite Accurate.

  • Really?!?

    by haileydavis108

    This morning I started it in bed, I didn't even move and it said 5 steps! 1

  • Good

    by Edn21


  • Love it!

    by BbyBlu2

    Fun little app to track your activity level and bonus points as an incentive! What could be better?

  • Cool

    by Keanu22

    It's easy to use and cool

  • Not to bad

    by snyperdave

    App is a tad to sensitive even after adjusting the settings. I like it because it is like playing a game and getting fit at the same time.

  • Great app!

    by Theerz

    I am very pleased! Thanks

  • New beginning

    by Chacharedeemed

    I love this app. I too hoped it had more settings. Would like to see how many calories I burned. Can anyone help?

  • Stops synching...

    by Jersey Reader

    I have this and the pro version. Both stopped synching to the site after a few days. Customer support wasn’t any help.

  • Great app

    by travismoffitt

    Great app. Easy and helpful.

  • Awesome app!

    by Libby1027

    Super easy and cool!

  • Nice

    by Mistryman14

    Cool app!!!

  • Love it

    by Jackie797


  • Great app

    by Terri Schultz

    As a nurse I wanted to see how much I walked in a shift. Now I know why my feet hurt so much !!! Great app

  • Requires online account registration

    by Cc3216579

    Why do developers continue to come out with apps that require some kind of online registration. As if we don't already have enough accounts to keep track of , and enough gateways for privacy violation in our lives. No thanks, can't see a reason for or enough feature enrichment to justify another online account for a PEDOMETER!

  • Needs to run in background

    by Rawfoodnfitness

    Before I got iOS 7 this app ran fine in background, but now it closes any other program including my music when I start a workout. Needs to be fixed.

  • Love it!!

    by Wandito

    It is just a little to sensitive to movement.

  • It was ok

    by Timmy33636636272)3@:9&:)3'gd

    It was ok ,but it is simple

  • Love it!

    by Busystrawberry

    I use this app when I am walking indoors and I use the regular runtastic app when I walk outside. I love both apps.

  • This app falls short

    by j maji

    I was looking for a basic pedometer that would automatically tract my steps from day to day without me having to interact with it. This one only has manual mode...nothing is automatic

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