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Stop guessing when it comes to your health! The Runtastic Nutrition Quiz app was created for you, as a fun, interactive way to bust common myths when it comes to fitness, nutrition, diet and health. Download this engaging & useful app today!

Is wheat bread healthier than white bread? Does non-alcoholic beer contain alcohol? Does restless sleep lead to weight gain? When it comes to the subjects of nutrition and healthy living, we’re provided tips and hints from a variety of sources - but which ones are actually fact and which are simply myths?

With the Runtastic Nutrition Quiz you’ll bust common myths and misconceptions, and you’ll also uncover exciting, intriguing facts that you've always wanted to know! These are just a few of the engaging quiz categories awaiting you: Fattening Food & Alcohol, Nutrition for Men & Women, Calories & Weight Loss, Functional Food, Sport & many more!


- More than 600 different facts & myths
- 11 unique categories, 3 available in LITE version
- Valuable and practical advice about general nutrition, diet, vitamins, health & fitness
- Browse facts only in Browse mode
- Test your newfound knowledge, learned within the interactive quiz, against the clock
- Share your progress with friends, challenge them to download the app and take the quiz
- Compare your results with friends or the world average
- Statistics provide customized data on your current state of knowledge
- Hold on to particularly interesting facts in Favorites
- Share the most intriguing information with friends
- Refresh your knowledge with daily reminders
- As a registered user, you receive up to 55 additional facts
*** Some app features are limited in LITE version


- Gain access to 8 additional categories
- Compare your results with friends using the customized leaderboard

Remember: Don’t keep your smarts to yourself! Share your quiz results online via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Download the Runtastic Nutrition Quiz app today to uncover useful lifestyle facts and test your knowledge in Quiz mode. In the process, you’ll surely learn little known truths about a myriad of topics which are important to your health, happiness and overall well-being!

Customer Reviews

  • Super fun!!!!!

    by crystal morin

    Love this, can't seem to put it down! Love learning

  • Informative

    by Mamaofgap

    Informative and fun app

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    by Jazzy-Jay

    Very helpful information!!!!

  • Great app

    by Roheetsp

    Great app love the knowledge from it

  • Good app

    by Guilee

    The information is really helpful. Learned new facts about foods that I never knew. Now I plan my meals with more thought.

  • Fantastic

    by desmondlewissmith

    Fun app

  • Not sure

    by mal52

    Let me review their sources

  • Very informational

    by Pnd

    Love this app..very health friendly & fun.

  • Great app!!

    by Damian Morales

    Awesome job! Very informative app. I really enjoy it!! Thanks and keep up the great job!

  • Awesome

    by Crazy train2013

    It is fun to see how much you know about health facts.

  • Fun way to start my day

    by mark holm

    I learn a little every day right when I wake up

  • very helpful

    by Me encanto la revista

    it's a very interesting app

  • Fun

    by jimDingo

    Fun and informative :)

  • Nutrition Quiz

    by Snow_Angel_

    Addicting and very informative! A lot of these facts I am learning are so interesting. Who knew acidic foods increased your mood?

  • :)

    by Nic515

    Love this app!

  • Me gusta mucho esta aplicación

    by Edgar Belzu

    Me gusta mucho esta aplicación.

  • I'm interested

    by Quinnburz

    Some questions it was easy to tell what the correct answer was but definitely a good time.

  • Good app

    by juan5931

    Great app

  • Awesome

    by Enasmommy

    Love this, learning new facts every day!

  • Fun!

    by Takenby1

    And you might just learn something!

  • Better informed

    by Not a mindless consumer

    This app is a joke. Their information is poorly misguided. Just waiting for it to say "vitamin water" great source of nutrients...

  • Very fun, very informative

    by jjohnstonia

    I recommend this app. :)

  • Great

    by Isaac1014


  • freat

    by AllexStarr

    I usually do not play this kind of apps, but I've found this one kinda enjoyable

  • Fun, while doing a #2

    by Mark used to be Fat

    And you get to learn about digestion!

  • Fun & Educational

    by JoyceMurphy

    A fun way to learn

  • Good

    by Wolflash

    Fun and helpful

  • Great App!!

    by Tfrog3764

    I enjoy learning what is fact and what is myth!!

  • Too easy. Just an advertisement for Runtastic

    by ghstcl

    This app is plastered with ads and it bugs you to install Runtastic. The questions are kinda easy. Most of them are nutrition facts turned into the negative, hence very leading and easy to guess.

  • Fun and educational

    by M0n1b

    I've already learned a few things and I just downloaded the app a few days ago!

  • Wonderful Information!

    by Nikki367

    I love this quiz! It provides you with a lot of information .

  • Get this App

    by GreatWhites

    Fun and informative. As a college student I am able to learn useful information in a fun way. -Boone Macaw

  • I love it!!! Do more! :) I can't get enough:3

    by Fabulous1234456678

    I love it ;)

  • This is great!!

    by Jean-Paul Reveyoso

    It really does teach me a lot!

  • Interesting and informative

    by ShantaraJ

    I've only taken two quizzes and I realized that some things I thought were true were actually myths. There's a lot of information within this app and I'm excited to see what else there is to learn.

  • Eat food as medicine

    by Taryarone

    This App help healthy life for us

  • Excelente

    by Juanita Rodriguez


  • Lots of info

    by Very informational

    I like this app! It's very informational

  • Good info

    by Google lover


  • Informative and Fun

    by OwlHoot8

    I love educational games with a purpose. If you like eating healthy and enjoy learning new lifestyle tips on wellness this is the app you have been waiting for.

  • Mrs. Kav

    by Runner1542

    Fun to play!

  • Fun facts !!

    by Tcooke0320

    GreAt downtime learning !!

  • Neat & Informative

    by Yogi 212

    This app is easy to use & has nice features. I really enjoy the facts & myths. It's amazing what you can learn at your fingertips.

  • Fun

    by M Ranck

    Fun game/quiz!

  • Cool

    by katyperryperry perry


  • Ms J

    by Simply Grateful Fox

    I love this app!

  • Runastic

    by Rlyndonmoore

    Awesome, fun I recommend the download!

  • Learn about food just playing.

    by Florencia Potter

    This app is fantastic. You can learn about the food you eat just playing. Or increase some new ingredients to your daily diet.

  • Fun & interesting

    by Cobe245

    Great app

  • Have fun and learn too!

    by Seya111

    OMG!!! I've had so much fun with this app. Download ASAP and you'll understand how you learn while having fun.

  • Soooooo Coooool

    by Karen Lewis

    Real Cool

  • FAN-TASTIC!!!!

    by Joyll Cambridge

    Can't express how much fun this app is & how much great information it provides for proper nutrition!

  • Informative

    by Dougtallone


  • Good app!

    by Tessasmom

    Lots of interesting facts to help you learn about what your body needs to function at its best

  • Learned so much already

    by Aj567890

    Just got the app and have already learned facts about foods. My diet is defiantly going to be better thanks to this app

  • by Omar Al-Turki

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