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Seller: Rainfrog, Inc.

• Resolves an issue that could prevent Roastmaster from opening a database if iOS was unexpectedly restarted, or if the device was restored from an iCloud or iTunes backup
• Resolves an issue where curve templates would erroneously be set to Celsius in a profile or program generated from a Roast that contained Fahrenheit curves

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The key to roasting great coffee lies in the ability to build on your recent triumphs and learn from your past mistakes. Index cards and roasting logs do a fair job of recording details, but Roastmaster puts that data to work for you in each roasting session — giving you the freedom to experiment and see your results in a real-time graph of your past and current roasting data.

Equipped with the optional Data Logging option and a supported Thermocouple, Roastmaster is a powerful automatic hands-free roast-tracker.

In short, Roastmaster is a digital toolkit for the home or professional coffee roaster...

It's a full-featured database that enables you to easily track, organize and quickly retrieve information about your beans, blends, roasts and cuppings...

It's a faithful roasting assistant with a smart timer — at your side during a roast, showing you vital details about past roasts, and the progress of the current roast...

It's a roast alarm — alerting you when your roasts are reaching important stages. Simply drag the interactive alarm marker around the roast gauge to set an alarm — no calculation necessary!

It's an inventory tracker — faithfully keeping your green bean database inventory in sync with your actual green bean supply — automatically. All you have to do it tell it when you buy more.

It's a profile library — maintaining a comprehensive archive of all your roasting profiles and programs, and the roasting curves they contain, linking this information to the graph in each roasting session.

Of all the things it does, though, Roastmaster's main goal is amazing coffee, and helping you to maintain consistency between roasts. It's equipped with a smart gauge that automatically displays the estimated time to first crack, second crack, or a pre-determined roast degree, based on the cumulative data of your past roasts. It also shows you this information in a live timeline, based on criteria you choose, complete with your first and second crack data, durations, and roasting curve data - both past and present.

Designed for both home-roasting enthusiasts and professional roasters, Roastmaster is always ready to help by launching context-sensitive knowledge base or help files from anywhere in the application.

Need to maintain multiple databases? Roastmaster has you covered! Those who roast for friends, family or work will appreciate Roastmaster's ability to keep all of this data and inventory completely separate.

So what are you waiting for? If you're tracking your roasts with a card file or notebook, chances are they aren't as accurate as they could be with Roastmaster.

Customer Reviews

  • MonJava

    by Johnnie No5

    Oh, Danny. The new baby is BEEOOTEEFULL! I can't wait to play with all the new toys and gadgets, and . . . Blahblahblah! Nice work again! John Just following up after a few weeks; this latest update is the bomb! A cut above the rest! From the delta projections, to the ability to follow saved profiles with absolute consistency, I can't give enough praise! Great app! All the new features in the active roast console are unbeatable. Best $$ I've spent in a long time!

  • Very comprehensive roasting app w data logging

    by Akiley

    I home roast with a Hottop roaster which I have added 2, (K-type) thermocouple heat probes through the bean chute. I purchased the Thermoworks BlueTherm which my two probes plug into. The BlueTherm sends the temps via bluetooth to my iPad running Roastmaster to log the two temps as the roast it in progress. This works very well indeed. Also the myriad of features Roastmaster sports. Inventory, cuppings with time stamp, blending. But the roast in progress graph page is outstanding. You can watch delta rate of temp rise, time since first crack, temp projection markers for temps, you can scroll through pervious roasts which will underlie the current roast in progress for comparison. I also have fan and power settings I can add on the fly with a handy pop-up keypad. This keypad also works with no data logging for temps. Tops scores for me. Incredible connivence having my entire coffee world on the iPad. I roast almost every day.

  • Wonderful App

    by Tuggnet

    Great app for recording your roasts. Never had a problem, and I roast at least once a week. Keep up the good work.

  • Excellent App - Great Support

    by Newt Pootywinkle

    We use this app to manage our inventory, log our roasts, blends, cuppings, etc. The interface is clean and easy to use but the app is super powerful and has a ton of features under the hood. We’ve been manually logging which is easy and intuitive but we are in the process of updating to data logging via thermal probes and wifi. The app developer has been incredibly helpful in setting up our system. We are having a roaster custom built and he has communicated directly with the manufacturer about all the details to insure everything works perfectly. In addition, the developer is active on his site and responds to forum posts and emails quickly and in detail. The app continues to have new features added and just gets better and better. We researched a bunch of other options before deciding to base our entire system around this app and are very happy we did!

  • Amazing

    by Puginator31

    I use this app for all our data logging at my small roasting company! We have it set up for both our production and sample roasting and could not be more pleased. I highly recommend this app to everyone!

  • Great app with a few small issues

    by Narcolanza

    Really good app for coffee roasting. I really like almost everything about it. The only problem/request that is have is that you let me type in the time for the timer instead of using the frustrating ring slider thing to set the alarm.

  • Creatively Designed and Functional

    by Comm Guy

    I've been home roasting for several years. After tracking everything by memory or notes pinned to the bulletin board, Rainfrog's Roastmaster is an absolute treat. Creating blends by percentage, tracking settings and results for each roast, and having the inventory automatically adjust with each roast are all time-savers, and worth the little bit you'll invest in this useful app. If you roast - get it!

  • Great app

    by G. Gavaghan

    5 star app, plain and simple. My new favorite feature is 'Copy'. It has saved the day more than once already, and makes entering multiple batches a breeze. 500+ roasts and going strong!

  • Roastmaster

    by Jp Java

    A great tool for roasting, inventory and history. After 180 roasts With this app I cant think of 1 thing I would change

  • Amazing

    by pemlushki

    Been using this app for a month. I roast for myself, in my home. This app has helped me to become consistent, resulting in better coffee, with a less stressful roasting process. The one time I had a question that I could not find an answer to, my email was answered within hours. The depth of this app is stunning. It has been a useful tool with my ongoing journey to Coffee Nirvana.

  • Simply Stunning! Does everything I could hope for, home roaster gone pro.

    by dave2bass

    Roastmaster is an absolutely excellent app! To be honest, I was pretty sceptical and never pay even close to $10 for an app... ever. I thought that the screen shots were pretty but I feared that the app itself would be just 'pretty' without being a robust and scalable tool. I was totally and completely wrong. I started home roasting several years ago and am now in the process of launching my own coffee roasting business. I used Behmor Thing for a long time since one of my roasters is the Behmor. While that application is good and provides many similar functions(roasting, inventory, cupping etc.), Roastmaster is 1000X better. It is scalable and flexible - all data can be edited (in real time for the most part). I needed something that would help track roasts (obviously), track inventory, track tasting from batches (or groups of batches), handle blends, etc. Blends can be created from green beans or roasted beans either by weight or %. You can create temp curves, profiles, add vendors & costs paid for beans. I can't image much that a home roaster or small shop roaster would need that this app does not provide. I've roasted <30 times with it and every day I find more I like it more and more. Aside from the roaster itself this app has become an essential tool for me. Little parts of the UI that I didn't realize were functional... are. I found a little roast timer today by accident that you can set on the fly anywhere in the roast cycle, useful for multitaskers so you don't miss a critical moment like 1C. I love that there is integtration with Dropbox. This means that with a few very simple steps I can roast with my iPhone even though typically roast with my iPad. Simply export the current database to Dropbox (from the iPad), then navigate to dropbox and open it on the iPhone (It promtps you to open it replacing the current data on that device or open it along side) and you're off and roasting with your other device. Brillant! This is quite literally the best $10 I've spent in recent memory. For the record I am not employed or affiliated by the developer at all. I'm just a happy roaster =)

  • A must-have for roasting enthusiasts

    by berk27

    I've been roasting coffee for a few months now, first in popcorn poppers and now in a Behmor home roaster. This app seemed like a good addition to my toolset. After having used it for several months, run 40+ roasts through it, logged 30+ cuppings, etc. I'm still finding awesome features! It amazes me how thorough it is. Almost every piece of my roasting/brewing operation can be managed with Roastmaster (the only thing it doesn't have is a brew timer feature – but there are other good apps like Bloom that can give you those features). I have to admit, as a web/user interface designer, I was a bit skeptical about the app's design from the screenshots. After having used it for a while, though, I've fallen in love with the interface. Believe me, it's VERY well done. Most features are very discoverable and for those that aren't, you can browse the voluminous help documents available from within the app. One of my favorite things about this app is the way you can associate everything together. For instance, I can log a cupping and associate it with a specific roast (not just a bean). As I roast, it tracks my green coffee inventory to let me know what I have left "in stock." The relational database model they talk about is super effective and well-implemented here. If you are a hobbyist (or pro) and want to take your roasting up a few notches, buy this app! It's worth every penny.

  • 300th Roast with Roastmaster!

    by Georgia_Steve

    Tonight we roasted our 300th roast, it was some Kenya Safari Ridge. We have used this app since July 2010 and the software keeps improving time after time. We can't roast without it now since it tracks our inventory and every single roast detail we want. If you roast coffee for fun or semi pro you should have this app. Big Thanks to the developers, and great work!

  • Really great

    by Kevtich

    If you roast coffee, you're cool. If you're cool you will love this app. I have been a Sweet Maria's junkie for a whole bunch of years now, this app is the second most important ingredient in my obsessive hobby. It's easy to jump right in and reap the benefits of this app right away. I'm on my third week now, and it still never ceases to amaze me. Very through, it has bean innovatory , the roaster variables are never ending, this is fully customizable for any set up. For me I track my roasts, rate the cups, know when it's time to order more, it really has become the digital center of my coffee roasting enterprise. Flat out the best money I have spent on my endeavor for perfect coffee. Thanks to the people behind it.

  • Wow

    by PapaVito08


  • Nice App

    by Vinny P.

    I use this app often, roasting multiple times a week. It's great for simply tracking your roasts. Timing, first crack, etc. I would like some upgrades though. It would be very useful if it were easier to input data during a roast. I like to make note of when the coffee hits certain temperatures. It would also be useful to be able to view and compare roasts graphs post roast. Other than a few improvements this is a great app.

  • Beautiful graphics, right data, lousy interface

    by Jfutral

    This app does what it supposed to do, help you log your home coffee roasting info and track/compare roasts. While the graphics are stunning, unfortunately they make usability a nightmare. I guess the video game-like look of the interface is supposed to make me feel like I'm using my Wii to roast beans. It's never really clear where you INPUT data, vs. where you RETRIEVE data. Even after going though the "Crash course" tutorial (the existence of such a tutorial alone for an iOS app should be a red flag) it was never really clear what each mode was for. Don't get me wrong, I think beautiful aesthetics go a long way to providing a pleasant experience. But they should enhance usability as much as make an appealing interface. If I wanted to play "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" (for some reason that is the game that came to mind when I saw the graphics) I would buy the game. For $10, I expect an app to have a more focused interface. Right now it is a confusing mess. If all you want to do is log your roast, use iRoaster. It's $9 cheaper and marginally clearer to use. Joe

  • Flawless!

    by auntkitten

    This is the most I've paid for an app, but believe it is worth every penny. Very well done. Really takes advantage of the ipad functionality and takes my home roasting to a new level. Now I can throw out my notebook, index cards and spreadsheets and keep all the data in one place.

  • Sublime

    by Jazzedpianist

    Roastmaster is a slick, well written app. Hats off to the developer. I've been eying this for weeks, and finally downloaded. I'm just beginning to utilize the power of this program. Looking forward to the updates!

  • Truly Great App

    by Reedje

    I love this app. It's a great example of what apps can be. Someone spent their time and implemented the very best tools you can imagine for the home roaster. It's totally worth the money and I'm usually skeptical. This app has refined my home roasting and helped take it to a whole new level.

  • Roastmaster

    by philhart

    Don't waste your time. It takes longer to use the program than to roast coffee. Create your own in numbers. Way faster doing it your way. Thumbs down

  • Love this app

    by In Minn

    Great app. Great customer service in response to questions and suggestons. Cannot wait until this comes out as an ipad app.

  • Perfect app for home roasting / data geeks

    by Joe in CA

    Very very thoughtful application, and what great timing as I've just upgraded from hot air popper roaster to behmor 1600. Really, it is extremely well done and well deserving of $10. The commitment shown already will surely continue to use great features in the future. One thing Iight suggest is the ability to create blends by combining beans before the roast. It currently seems to work best for roasting individually and then combining afterward. Great job!

  • Awesome!

    by drumasaurusrex

    Excellently useful and well-thought application to augment the fun and rewards of home-roasting! Worth the $10... which is saying a lot in the world of apps these days. Thank you!!

  • Complete and Beautiful

    by userReview63

    This app turned out to be everything that I've ever wanted/needed. I've kept a journal for years outlining all of my roasts and now it's completely obsolete. Funny how technology is slowly creeping into every corner of everyday life. Thank you for creating roastmaster. Best money I've spent on an app since I first got an iPhone three years ago!

  • Fantastic roasting App!

    by Azsureandrew

    I have never paid more than a buck or two for an app but this one just looked too good and it has delivered big time. I have used paper logs to log all of my roasts up until now. Roastmaster has taken the place of my big 3 ring binder full of logs. No more digging through to see how that last fantastic Burundi was roasted. Just look it up and all the info is there!! With my Gene Cafe, repeating results is easier than ever!! I also love the inventory tracking. Actually, I love every aspect of this app. It was so worth the $$!! Awesome!!

  • If you roast- you NEED this ap!

    by Neo442

    I was sitting at home this morning meditating on the full city+ Sumatra I roasted last night thinking, you know, I should make an app that let's you keep track of your roasts, so you can duplicate the art you just created the day before. I, however am not the programming type, so I figured I should see if there was "an app for that". Indeed, there is! This program is a must for any serious roaster. The UI is polished, and shinier than the finish of a French Roast out of the oven. It let's you track what kind of beans you have, how you have roasted them in the past, cupping scores, and stuff I never thought about, in a simple to use way. Now I can stop using my iPhone timer to keep track of what I consider vital information. Keep up the good work! And thanks for nit releasing a half-baked app!

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