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Seller: Quintal Technologies, Inc.

Version 1.3.3 has import bug fixes.


★ We had an ongoing bug that is FINALLY resolved with this release. If a Bar Profile was added with a single or double quote in it (e.g. Dave's Bar) the app would crash the next time you started it. This had to do with the quote causing a problem with the database look ups. A reinstall from the App Store (free) fixed the problem before but you lost your customization. If anyone is having that crashing problem now and hasn't reinstalled the previous version, this update will allow you to access the app and all your data again. You will need to rename the bar profile causing the issue before setting it to your active bar profile by going to 'More -> Manage Bar Profiles'. All ingredients in the bar profile will remain intact.

★ Updated the sharekit framework to address several issues.

★ Please email us at if you have any issues. The input we had from a customer with the quote problem helped us solve it for everyone. Thanks Dave!

Version 1.3.2 has tons of new drinks and ingredients.

★ Just in time for the 2012 professional football season, InMyBar now has over 70 football themed drink recipes. Pick your favorite team and try out one of the fun drink recipes.

★ Added 38 other new drink recipes including the Bahama Surprise, Black Cosmo, Headless Horseman, Left Handed Screwdriver, Liquid Carmel and the Sex Machine.

★ Added all ingredients requested by our customers on our web site including Absolut Boston, E'Dolce Amaretto, DeKuyer Apple Barrel Schnapps, Jose Cuervo Classico Tequila, Stirrings Simple Syrup, Cherry Coke, Moxie, Three Olives Vanilla Vodka and the Cruzan Rum types Aged Dark Rum, 151 Rum, Aged Light Rum, Citrus Rum and 9 Spiced Rum.

★ Added a total of 200 new ingredients including 10 brands of Bourbon, 22 brands of Brandy, 3 brands of Coffee Liqueur, 6 brands of Gin, 10 brands of Rum, 22 brands of Scotch, 24 brands of Tequila and 32 brands of Vodka.

★ Some of the new brands are 1800 Coconut Tequila, 99 Whipped Cream Schnapps, Bacardi Black Razz Rum, Bacardi Black Rum, Bacardi Wolf Berry Rum, Coconut Jack Coconut Rum, Indiana Vodka, Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon Spiced, Malibu Red Rum, Mount Gay Black Rum, Patron XO Dark Cocoa Liqueur, Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka, Seagrams Citrus Rum, Seagram's Raspberry Twisted Gin, Skyy Infusions Coconut, Skyy Infusions Raspberry, Smirnoff Coconut Vodka, Southern Comfort Cerry, Stoli Hot Vodka, Three Olives Vanilla Vodka, Vincent Van Gogh PB & J Vodka and Zephyr Blu Gin.

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42 Ratings
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170 Ratings
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InMyBar is the best drink & cocktail app available because it can tell you what you can make with what you have.

InMyBar is a Drink and Cocktail app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who want to know what drinks they can make with the ingredients they have and what they need to make their favorite and popular drinks. InMyBar is designed around a feature called My Bar with three main categories: What Do I Have, What Can I Make and What Do I Need.

Similar to some other cocktail apps, you can use InMyBar to look up drink recipes for almost any drink out there. But why just have a drink recipe catalog like so many others when you also can have a great a way to find just the drinks you can make with what you have? That's right, unlike other bar apps, InMyBar allows you to select the actual brand names of ingredients that you have and can display only the drinks that you can make based on those specific ingredients. Select the spirits, mixers, fruits, juices, etc. and InMyBar will tell you exactly what drinks you can make with detailed instructions on how to make them. Every ingredient and every drink has a picture of the actual item and you can click on any picture to see a full size version of it. Almost all drink recipes can be made without any specific brand name ingredients so even though InMyBar has brand detail selection, the drink recipes seldom require a specific brand. The What Do I Need view tells you what you are missing in order to make your favorite and our top rated drinks. It even lets you add items to a shopping cart so you have a list of what to buy.

InMyBar offers you the ability to add your own ingredients and your own drink recipes to our list of more than 1,350. Create a drink with the ingredients and measurements exactly the way you like to make it and even add a photo of the drink. You can also clone a drink recipe so you can copy, rename and edit your own version.

Ingredient Specific Features:

* 2,154 ingredients to choose from including spirits, mixers, juices and others
* Includes pictures of every ingredient (the bottle, can, fruit, etc.) to visually help you find the right one
* Browse or search all ingredients
* Search an ingredient for drinks that contain them to find out what you can make with some of your less common spirits
* Delete an ingredient if it is something you would never use
* Add your own ingredients if you find something we missed
* Add an ingredient to your shopping cart

Drink Recipe Features:

* 1,334 carefully selected, manually edited and spell checked drink recipes
* Includes pictures of what every finished drink should look like
* Recipes for virtually all of the most popular mixed drinks
* Includes every drink from the International Bartenders Association (IBA) Official List
* See what you need to make the Top 50 drinks
* Recipes for 657 cocktails, 191 martinis, 141 shots, 140 themed drinks and hundreds more
* Browse or search all drink recipes
* Delete drink recipes that you don't want to see or make
* Add your own recipes to make a drink just the way you like it
* Flag drink recipes as favorites to make sure you have the ingredients for them
* Add all ingredients needed for a drink to your shopping cart

Extra Features:

* MyBar feature tells you exactly what drinks you can make and what you need
* Shopping List feature
* Facebook, Twitter and Email features
* Pick or Shake for a Random Drink
* No advertisements taking up valuable space on your screen
* Bar Profiles to track the inventory for multiple bars such as your home, a friend’s house, etc.
* No Internet connection required
* Includes an FAQ section for reference
* Free future upgrades with more ingredients, drinks and new features
* Full app help, which is especially useful for learning how to add your own ingredients and recipes
* Web site AND EMAIL support for questions, comments, suggestions and to report any problems (

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS with your new bartending skills

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by becclestonjr

    I really like this app. I've discovered dozens of drinks I would've otherwise never have heard of. Definitely a must-have app for anyone that enjoys the spirits.

  • A few improvements

    by Kavi1906

    I love this app compared to many others I've tried. But, a few tips-- 1. There should be a user log in. I switched phones, or I get updates, and it wipes my bar out. It's frustrating when your bar is pretty extensive. 2. Ability to request the add of brands by barcode. Or even liqueur name. I have two or three ingredients that aren't listed under any other brands either. 3. Unless I've missed this, the ability to send a drink recipe to a friend via text. You can't get the whole thing in a picture to show up.

  • Greater app

    by Creedlake82

    Need to make an iPad version

  • I make drinks...LIKE A BOSS!

    by Tom S in Ohio

    Great app. Best home bar database I've found on App Store.

  • What's not to like...

    by Dr

    I  this app rather I'm @  or trying to think of a to order @ a bar.

  • Awesome bar app

    by MyBuddy8

    I love this app! We just finished a rather large residential bar. Not being a professional bar tender, I wasn't sure what I needed to stock the bar or how to make many drinks I don't normally make. This app tells you what you need, gives you a shopping list so you won't forget when you ge to ABC store, and gives you so many recipes and instructions. It's never crashed or given me any trouble. Highly recommend it!!

  • Great can always get better

    by Rockford1962

    Would like to see a expanded search of drinks I can make with existing ingredients. Perhaps by time to prepare, sophistication, cold weather – warm weather, etc.

  • Amateur bartender

    by V3GETASSJ

    Helps me have a fun evening.

  • An Alcoholic's Best Friend!!

    by GeeBee II

    We've made many great cocktails together.

  • Awesome

    by Tfow better

    Great app. Good recipes. Easy to use. What do I have feature is awesome if you take the time to use it.

  • One of my favorite apps.

    by Bumble vee

    Now I know what to do with the liquor in my bar. My one stop for all my cocktail needs.

  • Love this app!

    by Tahb3

    If you want to know all the fun drinks you can make with what you already have at home, this is the app for you!

  • Awesome!!!

    by 49er - Boy!!

    I pull this app up atleast 8times every Friday and Saturday night I sit at the bar. Love trying new drinks. Keep updating guys!!

  • Great job!!!!

    by Dj rubixx

    Easy to use, no problems, simple but effective !!!!!

  • Everything you could think of

    by Doc5540

    Is helpful when mixing, shopping, or sitting at the bar wondering what you want to try

  • Great way to figure out what to make

    by Black Bowler

    I like the random drink selector. Updates are fairly frequent and add more brands and recipes each time.

  • Solid App

    by BroManGuy


  • Great organizer and recipe app

    by ckane123

    If you like to make tasty beverages you'll like this app.

  • Great app!!!!!!!

    by DaMostGuNNiN

    Super easy to use, I add what I have and it gives me a list of what I can make. Love how it tells me what drinks I can make if I'm only missing one item also. Awesome app worth the buck!!!!!!

  • ;)

    by Knj1977

    Finally a cocktail app that shows you what you can make with what you have on hand, thank u, much better than the other apps I've tried


    by Shayla426

    I'd give it zero stars if I could. It looked like it would be a cool app, but it crashes upon opening. Please fix!!!!!

  • THE Best Bartender App

    by NorthKoria

    I cannot say enough good things about this app. You can go through your fridge and cabinets, and find and make drinks you wouldn't have even thought of. You can search drinks by individual ingredients, make shopping lists, see what the drinks look like, know how to make em, and impress your friends. It's amazing!

  • Pretty Bi***'in Cool

    by pixikittygypsy

    I have become quite a good little bartender ^_^

  • Love this app!

    by Baker2000

    I always wanted to have parties at my house. I just started setting up my bar recently, and I did not know what types of drinks I could make. Having this app help me purchase the right type of bottles to get, and how to mix the drinks. Thanks

  • Awesome

    by Dbow1989

    Works as promised. Love it

  • Good not great

    by munkeyfuk

    Needs a mechanism to submit brands not included, perhaps via barcode scanning. Good for what is available, decent drink selection and like the customizable aspects a lot.

  • Great!

    by Lyndw

    Works as advertised. Tells me what I can make.

  • Not very happy right now

    by Sweetlady76

    This is normally a great app, but lately it’s been constantly crashing. I would like to delete it and reinstall it, but I’m afraid I’ll lose all the drinks and recipes that I took time entering. Is there a fix for the constant crashing in this app?

  • Best app yet

    by Stwslim

    This def worth the money and effort. One of the best apps yet. Just scroll through and add what u have in your bar and click on the "what can I make" tab. It also has a "what do I need" tab. So if your lacking one two things from making other various drinks it will tell u what u need. It automatically saves your bar too, u can add and take away ingredients as u use them.

  • My Bar

    by Ldrailer

    Awesome app! Allowed a more diverse and creative mixing for me and my friends. It was fun discovering what we can make and the various flavors of each drink!

  • Absolutely great app!!! Fun & Useful

    by Pelotonnut

    It is a great icebreaker (no pun intended!) just to talk about it with company, no less use it. Roll of the dice is super fun. Would be nice to roll after the picking of a type or two of alcohol. More on a wish list For future editions: 1. IPad & IPhone synching. Once I input on one, I have it on the other. iPad is more user friendly in a crowd. 2. More user friendly way of picking a type of alcohol (eg. Vodka) or any ingredient you have in your Bar (want to get rid of all those soon- to - be - too - ripe strawberries?) and getting drinks with that type. Perhaps a "preferred ingredient(s)" choice in "Drinks I Can Make". Perhaps next to "View by Type". This can be done now but not as intuitive as I like ( I forget every time!) No matter, still deserves 5 Stars! Get it and enjoy it!

  • Highly recommend!!

    by Still sober......

    Awesome app!!! Working my way thru one by one!!!

  • Best bar help

    by Kroo5

    Most amazing app! Love how I can do multiple bar set ups! I would love it if they could make an update with seasonal/holiday drinks.

  • Drink up

    by mspeer

    Perfect for the hostess with the mostess... Love it

  • Pretty cool app

    by Ozzy90999999

    Very much worth the money; tells you what you can make with what you have. Very helpful

  • Can't open anymore

    by NikkieLynn

    I loved this app when it worked. I created a 2nd bar today, then renamed my home bar to my name. When I went to switch to that bar the app crashed and I can no longer open it. I've tried everything. I hate to uninstall and lose everything I put into this app. Tried to post on the forum but the Captcha phrase does NOT appear so I can't even access support that way. Very disappointed. I invested a lot of time adding my favs, ingredients and lists just to lose them all.

  • Drink up!

    by KoolKK

    This is a well made app with great cocktail recipes for drinks that is in YOUR bar. I even purchased a few specialty drinks and made some exotic drinks for family and friends. They thought that I am a pro at this!

  • Great app

    by jediobiwan

    This is a really good app for figuring out what you can make. Most people don't have every single type of alcohol at home so it is good to know what your options are with what you have.

  • Great!

    by Larry Atari

    It's an Erector Set for drinks!

  • Cool app

    by BonnieB22

    Didn't realize I could make soooo many types of drinks with what I already had at home!! Definitely one to download

  • Excellent app

    by Danimal5100

    Very comprehensive AND easy to use. Great job, y'all!

  • You can add to it

    by Crazycc1

    Tried many apps like this. Finally one I can customize!!!!

  • Great app, useful.

    by NigelBlue

    Getting there on liquor inventory possibilities. When adding new drinks, should have credit, or options, and a better photo edit. Overall great quick reference; and coding. Click user dream.

  • Great app

    by Charps25

    Just the app I was looking for. I am able to organize my bar and have more fun drinking. Def a good one to DL

  • Premier Digital Liquor Cabinet

    by E-MONEE

    A complete drink concordance! The fact that it's customizable adds to it's perfection. I just shed a tear as I wrote this review. Buy it! :-))

  • No Contact Information

    by vbphil

    This is the best app I've found so far for managing your home bar. I like the interface for adding ingredients to the home bar where you can immediately search for the item. Others I've used, like Mixologist, require you to know what category it is in and then you have to search through a list. It had everything in my bar except for a couple items; no Maderia and very limited on Sherries. The What Can I Make section is very, very handy as well as the What Do I Need. You can tell that the authors of this app have actual hands on experience with drinking at home and an interest in trying unknown cocktails. What I'd like to see is a way to communicate to the authors. There's no way to provide feedback either through the app or the web site. I tried joining the web site forum but I couldn't register my email address. I guess it doesn't like a ".us" domain. The; no feedback email contact and the forum not registering my email got it a 3 star rating otherwise a 4. If it had barcode scanning for looking up and adding ingredients it would have got a 5 star.

  • Review

    by Shelly131

    Works great. I love the my bar. Really helps to find drinks to make with stuff you have at home.

  • This app is an add for brands of booze

    by AO!!

    Why so many brands of the same kind of liqueur? I think it's crazy, this is a useless app. Better mix apps are available.

  • Works great.

    by Mellow Fellow

    Great drink recipe for any and all choices.

  • The best bar app

    by The Wag

    Love it.

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