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• Bug fixes - this is an important update to ensure smooth operation of the app.

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** New Cheese Related rewards system added **

Get some great rewards related to your love of cheese with our latest update!

** Cheese Platter designer **

Create great Cheese platters for all our favourite drinks including beer, whiskey, champagne, dessert wine, red & white wine!

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Ask The Cheesemonger is the ultimate cheese application for both industry professionals and cheese enthusiasts alike. The very best resource for all things cheese-orientated, with our extensive list of over 370 cheeses!! Improve your knowledge with the cheese quiz, match cheese to the appropriate beverage or "Ask The Cheesemonger" if you need help.

The full version will also have new cheeses added to the content at regular intervals.

Ask The Cheesemonger has been designed to simplify and demystify the often confusing subject of cheese and in doing so provides enthusiasts with the product confidence that will enhance future cheese experiences.

Download Ask The Cheesemonger for less than the price of a coffee!

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Ask The Cheesemonger is the ultimate educational, inspirational and handy cheese appreciation app available for your pocket.
A briliant practical resource to improve your cheese knowledge and impress your friends.

Ask The Cheesemonger has been developed in partnership with McIntosh & Bowman - one of the world's leading Cheese professionals.

- Beautifully crafted graphics.
- Select cheeses at Novice level or upgrade to Aficionado and gain access to over 320 cheese cards!
- Search by country, milk type, style, rennet, pasteurisation or name!
- Take the cheese quiz and improve your knowledge, then challenge your friends!
- Match your cheese to your beverage, or your beverage to your cheese!
- Ask the Cheesemonger your question and you may even be listed in the App!
- New and exclusive tools coming soon!
- New platforms coming soon!

This educational application profiles hundreds of cheese from around the world and comprehensively answers the most frequently asked cheese questions.

Impress friends, improve your cheese skills and become a cheese master with a cheesemonger in your pocket!

Ask The Cheesemonger will be a welcome addition to your food Apps!

Customer Reviews

  • Makes cheese course SO much better

    by Cheesemanger

    I never really believed the importance of matching cheese to wine. I wood happily pair any desired cheese with and whatever wine I felt like drinking today. A friend in the cheese business recommended this app to me (no doubt in an attempt to put me on a better path). I used it to create a paired wine and cheese course at a dinner party - it opened up a new world of flavour. Particularly gratifying comments from my guests about the "restaurant quality experience". I now use Ask The Cheesemonger regularly to select cheese, wine, beer at the supermarket, to put together gift hampers, as well as planning the cheese course for my dinner parties.

  • Crashes when trying to open app

    by \//\ 2up2dwn

    Crashes on my 4s with the new update.

  • Nice App

    by JNizzler86

    I've had this App for a while now, still comes in handy often. Always impressed. Really fantastic App. Very clean, easy and HUGE.

  • Suggestions

    by Gregh19

    Need a cheese suggestion section for parties. Maybe cheeses that pair together, cheeses that are bold, stinky, light on the palate, finicky cheese eaters, good starter cheeses, etc. Great app!

  • Well worth it

    by Chang52

    Free version is lot's of fun

  • Great app

    by Chheeaaaze

    Too many people on here want good things for free. Ad support, limited cheeses on the free version. Buy the app and you can find a good cheese for all that whining. Bought the app and it was awesome. Used the ask the cheesemonger and got a quick reply to my question. Its a great price for an awesome app.

  • Updated review as promised (01/22/2012)

    by Voyager13b

    I feel bad for the devs having to do damage control at this point, as the full app for .99 really is a treat! Do a revision of some sort to reset the reviews, as it really is a go-to cheese app now! My hat is off to the devs for listening to potential customers, and trying the .99 price point. True to my word, I bought the update, and I am very pleased with the result. This is a great basic reference for all but the most seasoned cheese nut. Like the "Cliff Notes" of the cheese world, it makes it easy (and fun) to add new varieties of cheese to your comfort zone, and confidently select the appropriate cheese to compliment food and drink. Wonderful, light, easy, and even a bit fun to use.... In the Cliff Notes tradition, If a particular variety of cheese really catches your attention, a simple web search will provide access to a world of additional detail. I like the concept, and at .99, everyone should have a copy on their phone when visiting their local market or cheesemonger. By the way, a more recent reviewer mentioned that $3 (the old price) is cheap for a cheese book at a bookstore. Well, this isn't a book, and the AppStore doesn't employ staff in every community around the globe to sell hard bound paper over the counter at retail stores... Over the years, I have supported many worthy devs to the tune of well over 500 paid apps. If they averaged $3 per app, I couldn't afford that level of support.... Thankfully, the devs have dropped the full app price to .99. Buy it, and you will be tickled with the effort!

  • Meh

    by jaasum

    Great if you know a lot about cheese already. But somewhat worthless to a novice.

  • What are people expecting?! Its less than a buck!

    by GrooveChamp1on

    Ignore all the poor reviews. People that are irritated that they need to spend .99 cents (less than it costs to add good cheese to a burger) to purchase premium features astound me. If you love cheese, want to love cheese or plan to love cheese at some point in the future, this app is sure to please. Contains tons of info. .99 cents well spent.

  • Very Nice

    by Sdfgcdrgvjkigfcd

    Interesting facts about cheese, great price. I just think its missing 2 things; option to "mark" a cheese, so I remember to buy it. And more search options, like say I'm looking for a mild soft cheese, I would love for the app to recommend some options.

  • Thumbs Up

    by Systemcat

    Good guide if you're a cheese lover and want back information before picking your cheese. Plus I find the extra facts very interesting.

  • Great app

    by William-A

    Not sure why all the low ratings. The app is well made and has great content. I happily paid the $3 to have the full list of cheeses to expand me knowledge. The price tag would not be deemed high were it a small book on cheeses at a book shop so why complain here? Great job devs!

  • Two thumbs up on this great new app!

    by iNydro00

    Was just browsing and saw this app and I must say it is quite awesome lol full of information with awesome pictures and it's very easy to navigate which is something I can't say about some other apps. Good job =P

  • Really good

    by Diesucka

    Very fun and cool

  • Purchase required

    by Sprdhed

    Good app, but to get all access, need to buy full version for $2.99. Not much available with free version.

  • Love this app

    by Mrs.bomber

    Now I am not totally useless when putting together a cheese plate for a get together. Great app, lots of info and fun to use!!!

  • Not worth the time to download

    by Jerry Owens

    Downloaded the demo which had 4 difficult to find cheeses, so nothing I could relate to. I felt so cheated I deleted. Downloaded Google and Wiki instead. All better now

  • Meh

    by Futterwackin

    Only 4 things to choose from. Expected a bit more to see if it was worth $2.99. DELETED

  • Disappointed

    by Cheesiermonger

    Not enough info to determine buying decision. What a poor strategy for a company. Wanna make money? Have an ad supported free version...

  • No ability to save or rate?!

    by Photo-G

    This app could be cool. But it has no benefit for those who want to try new cheeses and maybe- rate them. I can go to whole foods and get more info.

  • Deleted

    by Tkiley

    There is not enough info to determine if the $2.99 upgrade is worth it. Uninstalled.

  • Cheesy

    by SCWchestnut

    Every other navigation click stops to say Upgrade.This isn't even a good teaser - come on. There is so little free one cannot check out whether or not the upgrade is worth it.

  • Free app strictly limited

    by SuperShoeDiva

    This free app is so limited that it isn't worth a download. Every feature has a pop up asking the user to by the full app for $2.99. Some features don't work at all unless you pay. Sorry, I'd like to test drive more before spending money on this. I'm deleting this app.

  • I agree

    by Joshua J. Smith

    I agree with Voager13b.

  • Do not get this!

    by Ella2299

    Seems great, but isn't! You have to pay for full app if you want to look at anything worthwhile. Installed and deleted within 1 min.

  • Trash!

    by LavaBurns

    You get to look at 5 cheeses and then you have to pay.

  • Teaser

    by Tobysdad

    Just a teaser for the in-app pay version. Useless.

  • Very little

    by Max9890

    Seems like most of the info is in the app that you purchase. Misleading.

  • Seems Great...

    by moniwray

    This app seems great but every time I attempt to buy the full version I get an error and I've tried repeatedly since downloading it. And as some have already mentioned the free version is pretty pointless... I'd probably be raining praises if I was able to gain access to all of the features.

  • You get not much for free

    by Mvbum

    I think this is a great app idea but by no means is this free ..... Everytime it prompts u to buy the full version .

  • The free version is terrible!

    by Lovesj

    While the questions answered by the cheese expert are worth a look-see, non of the other features are really available in the free version. I love cheese, but not enough to spend three dollars. This is true especially since I can't really see how good the other content is. :/

  • Free version is less than useless

    by Paul Wells

    I tried a couple of not very obscure cheeses, then found that the free version has about a dozen listed and that's it - not enough to see whether it's worth buying.

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