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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: Vincent Delacourt

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-- Top 5 app in Germany, Austria, switzerland --
-- Top food app in a dozen of countries --

Wondering what “cervelle de canut” means on a French menu? With “Bon appétit” app you will quickly find out that it means “Fresh white cheese seasoned with chive, garlic, shallots, vinegar and oil (specialty of Lyon)”

USER REVIEW: Australia Nov 1, 2012 by Tracysays - 5 stars
"Brilliant - I love this app, very user friendly and love the audio of the selected meals. Much better than the old fashioned menu dictionary book"

Mme Engel, a full time professional translator resident in France since 1972, has led a team of professional translators and native speakers in each language to build this superb food glossary.

-- If you search “Agneau” Bon appétit will provide you with “Agneau”, “Agneau de lait sauté à l'oseille”, ”Agneau de Paulliac”, ”Agneau de pré-salé”, etc...
-- If you wish to find dishes suitable for vegetarians, just select the dishes with the vegetarian symbol or look inside the vegetarian category; for pork free dishes, select from those not indicating the pork symbol.
-- If you wish to learn basic expressions that you might need in restaurants and hotels, just go to the “useful phrases” page.
-- Vocabulary is focused on French food, but you can use the app to translate dishes and menus in English, German and Dutch speaking countries.

-- 6 languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Dutch
-- Thousands of words and expressions and growing.
-- High quality translation on this specific topic that no other free translation tool can match.
-- 17 categories.
-- Dozens of “must have” sentences for daily use and basic communication phrases centered around food and drink.

-- Works offline, no need for Internet connection once installed.
-- Easy to use interface
-- Save favorite terms into Favorites for quick retrieval.
-- Fast and easy search with translations directly visible to save time.
-- Vegetarian friendly: each translated term indicates if it is vegetarian friendly or not.
-- For non-pork eaters: dishes containing pork are clearly indicated by a pork symbol.
-- Choose between male or female voice for all six languages (the only function which requires cellular or wifi connection)
-- Share terms with your friends by email, Facebook or Twitter.
-- Recommend the app to your friends.
-- Propose new words or offer to add more details to the translation.
-- HD graphic (Optimized for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 retina display, also works on older iPhones and iPods)
-- iPhone 5S/5C/5 ready.
-- Perfect travel companion on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (works but still not optimized).
-- Purchase now and enjoy free lifetime updates!

-- Dagmar Engel, a full time professional translator who has lived in France for 40 years, supported by 7 other native speaking professional translators.
-- A team of great developers at PingguoYouxi Studio (

Customer Reviews

  • Live this

    by tptvox

    This makes it so mush easier to explore delicious French cuisine

  • Works almost

    by Onmyway to France

    Just downloaded app and speech does not work. Great concept and text, but disappointing the voice feature is a total bust. Want 1/2 my money back.

  • Volume control would be nice

    by Gunthar B

    I turned the volume on my iPad all the way down, but the app voice was still very loud. I'd be unlikely to use the app in public because of this. I had no other problems with the voice function. It worked every time. If this little app crashes your iPhone then synch it with a desktop computer, update the OS and delete some of the junk apps on it.

  • Useful

    by JessieD7

    Practicing up on my conversational French for When I travel this summer. Great resource! And the pronunciations help!

  • Please add Russian

    by Derisan

    I'd love to see support for menu items in Russian. It's true that most tourist hotspots in Russia/ Ukraine have English menus available, but usually they aren't current or contain many mistakes. Nice app, thanks

  • Wow wow wow!!!!!

    by Kicking goat

    To hear correct pronunciations as well as meanings of French cooking and food/beverage words is so extremely helpful!!!!! How liberating!!! Viva La France!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  • Great solution for travelers

    by Dgeronimopo

    I find this app great for people who travels and normally find the menus in native french, dutch or german language. For me excellent solution to know what you will be eating.

  • me likey

    by nappyrabbit

    nuf said.

  • Wonderful

    by Reitveld

    Fantastic app! I would like to see Mexican food added to the list please.

  • Great concept

    by Lettiemb

    Love it, works great on iPhone 5

  • Quick reference help during a meal

    by Katdragon17

    It is a cute and helpful app to help you understand what's on a menu and how to ask for something from a waiter.

  • Version much improved

    by The Angry Geologist

    The previous negative reviews must have been for an older version. I found this on AppGratis, and have been playing with it all morning, and noticed none of the impaired functions described in the review. If you're looking for an app that explains French cooking techniques, this isn't it. However, if like me, you are a bit of an adventurous eater, this will help you get a handle on what that dish you just ordered is supposed to be, instead of assuming the kitchen gets it right. If I had something like this years ago, I probably wouldn't have waited so long to try veal caponata again.

  • Good one but

    by Kiku60

    I think it would be a great idea to add there the recipe of the dishes, than this application will be ON TOP!

  • Very much needed

    by Rfowler

    I read a lot of cookbooks and this helps me tremendously and also when I go to a French restaurant. I now know what I'm ordering!! Thanks so much!!

  • Great app

    by Sportier

    Very user friendly, lots of items. Now all I have to do is actually go to France. Haha Would be better if it had some recipes behind those yummy looking names... :)

  • Love it

    by Dudeman78326

    Works perfectly and helped me find the restraint that I now love!

  • Unhelpful

    by Elyse Dewey

    I've been in Germany for two weeks now and I always try to use it at the restaurants but it barely has anything helpful It has entire descriptions for complicated sounding dishes buried you're just trying to figure out a word here or a word there it's such a waste of money I regret buying it

  • Pronunciation doesn't work

    by Panamamama

    Unfortunately it only plays the pronunciation on the first word... After that it doesn't work.

  • I like this app BUT..

    by Sandrafiorellam

    When i play the pronunciation sounds it only works once... It will rarely play it... Whats the point?

  • How does it have four stars?

    by Unit731rocks

    It wrecked my iPhone its glitches now I can't delete it I hate this!!!

  • Inaccurate translations

    by hwa3

    A quick spot check revealed inaccurate translations. Frites (Dutch for French fries) became rice... I will not be able to trust this app to help me correctly.

  • Works, Somewhat

    by Cisco Engineer

    Having living in 3 of the 4 countries that the app. translates for, I see it would have came in handy back then. It does not have Italian translation. Also, I got the spoken voice to work only once and never again. Hmmmmm The app was free today.

  • 中国人做的不翻译中文

    by offdare


  • does not work

    by cetar1234

    this app does not work….search results are unreadable as they overlay whatever was already onscreen…piece of crap

  • doesn

    by afasfafa

    App will not launch. running 5.0.1 on iphone 4s. Bad very bad. I want a refund. too bad it looked pretty good but if it doesn't work.

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