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We're kicking off the year by introducing a new way to find the reservation you need. If no tables match your initial search, tap 'Find future tables' to see more options for that restaurant. Easily scan up to two months of tables in a new calendar view.

Cheers to good eats in 2014!

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OpenTable is the only app that helps you make reservations at over 20,000 restaurants in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Explore great restaurants, find available tables, and earn reward points for every reservation.

How it works:
Choose a date, time, and party size to see available tables in real time – near you or wherever you’re headed. Tap the table you want and it’s yours.

· Find a restaurant by cuisine or location
· Narrow your search by price, rating, or distance
· Browse helpful reviews and photos of top dishes
· Invite friends to dine with you
· Add reservations to your calendar

Additional perks:
· Bookmark your favorite restaurants
· Include special requests with your reservation, like “It’s our anniversary!” or “May we sit at the chef’s counter?”
· Earn reward points and cash them in to use at any OpenTable restaurant

We’d love to hear from you – if you need help or have suggestions on how we can improve our app, let us know at

Customer Reviews

  • Great except for one thing

    by RichmondRiddick

    I use this app for travel and to book local restaurants. Overall, very helpful except one important feature: the existing bookings icon doesn't work in the upper right, so I can't see my existing reservations. I can tap it 100 times but it won't open existing reservations (at least on an iPhone 5s). Very annoying. I have to get out of the app and go to the site to see my reservations, which makes it a one-star experience. The rest of the app is great so it averages three stars.

  • Excellent

    by JGGCRD

    Always able to get a table.

  • Awesome Restaurant Reservation App

    by David Memory

    I was able to reserve a table for the afternoon of Valentine's Day for a date with my wife at the new Black Angus in our neighborhood. She has been looking forward to The new restaurant opening. I also was able to easily send her an email confirmation to my wife, and was easily able to click to add to my calendar and then request my wife has an invite so it was then posted in both of our calendars. All this within a few minutes, wow awesome app!

  • Great app

    by Awil1247

    Easy to use. Very convenient. Make reservations from anywhere. What some people don't understand about open table is that it is a system that restaurants buy into in order to keep track of their reservations. Special information on guests including allergies, preferences etc. If open table doesn't have more restaurants in your area it's because the restaurant hasn't purchased open tables service. When restaurants in your area subscribe to the system then they'll be in your area. Great app.

  • Love it!

    by BabyGirlJaz36

    Last minute bookings, cancellations are so convenient and the options are awesome!

  • So easy

    by Taylorna2

    Easiest thing in the world to use. Search, tap, done. You just have to figure out that the heart icon is how you sign up.

  • Super user friendly but not many options in my area

    by LeonaVISA

    The app itself is a fantastic concept. Easily make reservations on ur smart phone and get reward points for doing it... Even without reward points offered this is a great idea. However ... There's not much in my area to choose from except the same old stale restaurants. Even after I set my range out 20miles I still get the same old drab places. I did make a reservation but only bc I needed to find a place quick. Making the reservation was quick and easy.. Just choose the number in ur party, time, date and ur done. Once u click confirm reservation u get a confirmation email. Quite a great concept .. I only wish more restaurants were available for reservations ..

  • Nice app

    by Will DP

    Hope the restaurant works out as good as the reservation process

  • Functional app

    by kewllewk

    While the locations covered is pretty good there are areas that still need better coverage. But, in the majority of areas I have used the app it works great. A really usefully tool to find a good restaurant that still has an opening.

  • First Choice

    by MrgpSF

    Open Table is my first choice for restaurant reservations. Just a couple clicks and they're in my calendar.

  • Great app!

    by Bryceydag

    I usually don't write much reviews, I was viewing locations to see if I could reserve for a valentines date for this, Friday.. There wasn't much luck with that , all locations are pretty much booked past 3pm- including Saturday/Sundays. I did however find a place available for Saturday which pleased me after searching for a long time. Useful app. It gave me the option of adding my reservation to my calendar.. Big props all around.

  • Awesome, obviously.

    by LisaG-NYC

    Honestly, OpenTable and Seamless make the world go round. Easiest, most convenient way to make dinner reservations where and when you need them, great UE.

  • Great App!!!

    by Dawolf21

    Love it!!!!

  • Love it!!!

    by Rara_x

    This is an amazing app and really makes scheduling a reservation very fast and convenient. For example, while on a 1 hour harbor boat tour, I scheduled a downtown restaurant dinner reservation within walking distance of the pier. Once the bots docked we simply walked to our awaiting table. It was great!!!

  • Great app

    by TSK70

    It's easy to use. Only thing is, I live in a small town and there aren't any options without traveling about an hour, so unless I'm going out of town for something other than dinner don't know how much use I will get out of it. I happen to be traveling in a couple of weeks and have made reservations using the app and it was easy peasy! Hopefully small towns will get some notice on apps like these soon.

  • Great app

    by Veronica Petrick

    Awesome app super convenient

  • Reejo Samuel

    by carbonr

    Greatly convenient app. It has almost every restuarant also.

  • Great

    by Wontonmon

    Nice app! I love the simple layout and the ability to quickly make reservations.

  • Easy to use

    by zgarl

    Good iPad app. In some ways easier to use than the website.

  • Just good

    by sthe

    And very useful

  • The New App does not Work

    by Brian75104

    The revamped app does not find the restaurants in my area of Dallas! This app is the worst. I would use yelp.

  • Clean and easy to use!

    by jhubb320

    Easy to use and helps me plan with friends where to go and easily book our reservations!

  • Open Table

    by speltwheat

    Outstanding, convenient, efficient, useful service!

  • Great app!

    by Kwag14

    Easy to use, lots of restaurant choices!

  • Disappointed in Design

    by AgostinoA

    I find the new design for the iPad app to be considerably less user friendly. It seem to be harder to navigate and, consequently, I had more difficulty both locating the restaurant I was interested in and then making a suitable reservation.

  • Nice app

    by Fixthisdamngame

    I liked doing this using a mobile app, very easy to use

  • Essential app for our busy lives

    by Gl0ba1citizen

    In today's day and age being able to do anything like order food, shop and make reservations without having to talk to another human being is downright essential and desired

  • Annoying prompts to rate the app

    by ufoundforest

    Don't bother me with your annoying alerts to rate your app. Enjoy the star.

  • Wonderful

    by Splatdotsplat

    Wasn't sure about the app but it was so simple to make a reservation. Then when I needed to make changes...just a click away! So easy!

  • I love this app

    by Balls McGeez

    This app is great, you can make a reservation at your own leisure without having to call

  • Easy and Convenient

    by Nardobana

    I use this app for all of my fine dining and special occasions. It allows me to review and select restaurants easily and conveniently on my iPad and iPhone. I also know that the restaurant has received my reservation, and I get an instant written confirmation.

  • Sometimes I have hope for society...

    by Scrutiny Fox

    Aesthetically pleasing AND useful?!?! So far I'm impressed, able to make a Valentine's Day reservation without moving from the couch. Will be even better when more restaurants register with OpenTable so there will be a larger selection (and I can get points from some of my current eat-spots!).

  • Great App

    by Clay16244

    Real easy to use. Easy to impress the wife.

  • Great native app, way better than using the website from the phone.

    by John Gruber

    Minus two stars though for nagging me to rate the app.

  • Awesome App!

    by CCC541

    I love this app, it was very easy to use and really quick for me.

  • Easy to use - great resource!

    by Tenngirl72

    This app really helps when I'm on the go - love it!

  • Great app

    by Lynda P.

    Have really enjoyed using the updated Open Table app and how easy it to make a reservation. It's come in handy when traveling throughout the country.

  • Simple. Great. App.

    by ManoloBlunts

    Easy to make a reservation anywhere you want, it's not complicated just download it!

  • Good

    by Kunalchavan1982

    Very easy to find and book favorites near by restaurants.

  • Works great

    by DM Dogcow

    This app does what it is supposed to and is better than ever for finding restaurants "near me" instead of by the name of a neighborhood. And it's great for discovery of new places.

  • Easy and fast

    by Lbv3

    I just signed up and everything went easy and fast as expected!

  • Very convenient!

    by John_in_Cincy

    So much easier than phoning. Not all restaurants participate and one of my favorite spots had connection problems for months (resulting in many lost points for me) but a good idea and app!

  • Very easy and clear!!

    by Wikipedia lover

    Great improvement in app. Thank you

  • Good App

    by Sc2015

    Great App. Easy to use, but wish it had more restaurant options in some cities. Took about 30 seconds to make a reservation!

  • Good

    by Robbiea42

    This app is better. But it's needs more locations in every state. Ya'll really need more locations near me. Like some restaurants I want to make a reservation at that I can't cause it says there are no results Near me. Or within 5 miles of my range. And not all high quality restaurants. Needs location s for irmo and this restaurant California dreaming. Every time you go there you have to make a reservation because it is so crowded. I thought this restaurant might catch your attention. Needs to be able to have reservations for restaurants a year in the future. I want to make a reservation at dicks last resort north myrtle beach. I can but only 90 days in advanced. Alot of the restaurants are like that. Some restaurants aren't like that. Needs town support instead of just city support. Y'all must dominate urbanspoon the app. Do even think of trying of going against google. I don't like to complain, but Rutledge cab co restaurant reservations is offline. Needs to be able to add locations.

  • Great

    by Noah1009soccer

    This is a great app!! Can't wait to use it!!

  • As an administrative professional...

    by cmwoltz

    I book tons of reservations for my bosses every week, and I heavily rely on this app... I hate that there isn't a drop down list of names to make the reservation under anymore. PLEASE fix this!

  • Such a convenience!

    by kemikal_D

    App is seriously easy to use. It's not just a reservation tool; it's a resource for learning about different restaurants, too. It is my go-to for making quick reservations for business dinners or an impromptu night with friends or family. I haven't dug into deep features of the app, but for how I'm using it, it's phenomenal.

  • Great app

    by Steve Shane

    I use the app a lot and this version has good functionality and it is easy to navigate

  • Very useful

    by Jaxson111

    This app and their service is such a time saver. This version of the app is much better than previous ones.

  • How to Ruin a Great App

    by Rockmor1

    I have been using this app since it was first introduced. This latest version is by far the most unfriendly app I have ever used. Filters don't clear and the user interface is counterintuitive. Please go back to the old version!

  • Reservations

    by Nancy in Chagrin Falls

    Making reservations is a breeze with this app; however, changing a reservation is not so easy! I usually just cancel and reschedule rather than try to update.

  • Easy to use and works exceedingly well

    by BonanzaFlyer

    This is a terrific app that mirrors the functionality of the OpenTable web site. The search feature works exactly as you would expect it to. And only a very small number of clicks are required to complete a reservation. It is one of my most often used apps.

  • Horrid usability

    by mjoaquin

    And it's suddenly buggy too. I can get at my list of reservations. Bug fix please! The newish interface was a 1 out of 10 to begin. Looks simple, but in fact it's unusable. Cannot get to anywhere easily. What a mess.

  • Mikes review

    by omegac0de

    Great app, simple to use and gets the job done! Love it!

  • Awesome app!

    by kpcwriting

    The open table app is really awesome. It was very easy to operate and the choice of restaurants are amazing. Immediately after downloading I made a reservation. I especially enjoyed the add reservation to calendar function. I highly recommend this app!

  • Utility degraded with latest version

    by Mr. Dookeyhead

    I have used Open Table for at least two years and love the service. However, the latest version of the iPhone app is about as difficult and counterintuitive as anything I have ever used on this device. It took way too long to figure out how to change cities and even how to do a search by restaurant name. It appears to have changed to be more of a restaurant advertising app, which I understand. But they sacrificed its user-friendly utility value in the process. Their previous version was far superior to this monster.

  • Don't care about restaurants in Vancouver

    by wyldbill220

    Nothing against Vancouver, but I live in Houston, and when I'm trying to make reservations for dinner I don't want it suggesting restaurants that are 3800 km away unless I specifically pick that locale. Opentable has screwed up a perfectly good app. I'll be uninstalling it.

  • Make dinner reservations on the fly!

    by jerlich

    It's a great app. Good way to find new restaurants too.

  • Can login to Facebook

    by CAY_415

    This is absurd I haven't even used the app yet and I can't login to Facebook. It say I need to turn on permissions and the permissions are on. Seriously please fix..

  • Great APP

    by Applerod

    Quick and easy way to make reservations. Would be 5 stars if all restaurants were included. Most are available but a few "chains" are not.

  • Super cool and easy!

    by Ahkomon

    This app is great. Really easy to use and great for multi-taskers!

  • Quick and painless

    by Antisocial1

    I was able to find the restaurant I wanted and make my reservation in under 2 minutes. Love it!

  • My go-to app for eating

    by JMBTX

    I travel a LOT! This is my go-to app when I want a nice meal in a new town, or even where I know my way around. It doesn't have every good restaurant in town, but it has enough for me to get a great meal where ever I may be.

  • Open Table

    by just sss

    Always a great resource for reservations!...Easy to use and the reserved table is usually a great table in the restaurant! all my years using Open Table...only a few lousy situations but that I leave to the restaurant itself and then my displeasure is found in the posted the point system and dining checks!

  • What happened?

    by bse_sf

    The old app was clean and easy to use. The new one is a god-awful mess of non-intuitive links and images that add no value. And why, when it knows where you are, why does it try to trick you into booking reservations in the WRONG city? I'm no longer a customer.

  • Love Open Table!

    by Robin in DE

    Great resource for scoping out what is nearby, how they are rated, what others say, current menu and finally reserving your table! Have never had a problem!

  • Dependable App

    by mechapreneur

    I use this all the time and exclusively for dining out with my wife. Really like the reservations menu that shows alternates if your requested time is unavailable.

  • Love this app!

    by Shestrong

    This app is easy to use and lets me know what restaurants have availability without going through unnecessary steps. I use it all over the country.

  • Good service

    by RansomGray

    While I am not a big fan of the new "improved" look, this is still a solid service that is very useful.

  • Agree that new version is a downgrade

    by RiversideJM

    Love using Open Table, but the required upgrade is awkward.

  • Best App

    by William Seabrook

    This is one of the best apps I have. It is phenomenal!! I use it all the time and have never had an issue.

  • Great app easy to use

    by Mecquet

    Deserves 5 stars

  • Great App

    by GA3

    Works great. Allows lots if flexibility!

  • New version is a downgrade

    by John,,,,M

    Overall the app does a good job of finding reservations for about 90% of the places you want but this new version is not as good as the last version. Wish I hadn't upgraded

  • Good but could be better

    by SomeXcook

    Has a wide range of restaurants for major US cities & OT reviewers seem pretty reliable, & it's so useful to be able to book a table on the go. But the iPad app is annoying because it keeps trying to make you reserve for right now, right where you are, even after you enter the restaurant name.

  • OpenTable App is Fab

    by Briggsie-Boyz

    Really enjoy the ease of making reservations through the OpenTable App. I can search for the restaurant, check out reviews, confirm location, book reservations for number of guests, send email to notify my guests and then place reservation on my calendar. Wow! Hard to believe making a reservation can be so easy and complete without having to spend time on the phone. Try it...

  • Fastest I've ever deleted an app

    by Tygria

    The interface is terrible and awkward to use.

  • Love app, not a fan of newest version tho

    by sara-amy nolan

    New version has been trouble. Overall, love finding restaurants on the road and getting good info in one place. Used open table to research restaurants in NY City for my wedding! Would have been lost without it! Keep improving, prefer old version.

  • Good App!

    by Niki dolcevita

    Takes a minute to figure it out, but then it's very easy to use.

  • The Best!

    by ericworships

    The only issue is a small database, but if the restaurant is on there, it's SO worth it! Love this app!

  • Worst Improvement

    by Studentpop


  • Great app!!

    by LuvIronman

    I use this all the time to find good restaurants. One of my favorite apps.

  • Use all the time

    by Busy vol

    Have used Open Table for years and love it. Always sad when a restaurant does not use it. Wish they all did. So easy.

  • So easy, love it

    by Flyboytraveller

    I don't write many reviews but opentable is awesome and really easy to use. I don't know what kind of idiots have written the negative reviews I just read. This is one of the easiest and useful products in the US today. Thx opentable

  • Great app

    by RetiredLadyInSouthFlorida

    This app does everything I need it to do. I've used it in my hometown area and all over the US and it's been great. I get my reservations and I get my points.

  • Love the service. Don't love the app

    by Me333333333333333333

    Original app was better.

  • Was this app written in the 80s?

    by Philliefanatic 235

    Your new app is one of the least intuitive apps I have ever used. Does anyone test these apps for iPad? Seriously what the hell were they thinking?

  • Counter Intuitive

    by SpfZero

    I feel old that I don't get this new interface. Went through most if the options before I figured out how to change the time and date of my request. It assumes I want a reservation immediately - which I like when that is the case. Love that it links nicely with my calendar. From Calendar I can send invites with all the info populated.

  • Great app

    by Tabacone

    Useful at home, really good when traveling!

  • Why did you ruin a perfectly good app by "improving" it?

    by Steve Terrell

    The original Open Table app was perfect. It did what I wanted, easily. It's organization was clean, simple, logical, and easy to use. The new "improved" app is an absolute puzzle. I have tried to make the transition. Unfortunately, I deleted the old version from my iPhone; happily, I retained the old one on my iPad! But the transition has been difficult. It is balky, has a hard time figuring out where I am, doesn't offer all dining options available, and is hard to make selections of date, number of diners, and time. It is the furthest from being an improvement that I have ever seen. Please, give me my old Open Table back!

  • Loved the previous version

    by Neckw

    This new interface is terrible. What was wrong with the old one? Also, the entire app locks up after the first search, even with latest iOS on new iPad mini.

  • Great app. Very usual

    by Papi415

    I love being able to access the site and get dinner suggestions, locally and for different city. I was even able to book a table thru OpenTable within a 15 minute window when the restaurant told us the wait was about an 1 hour.

  • Great app

    by Michael E 914

    Love it

  • Wonderful

    by Moffeur

    Does everything I want and more.

  • Great app, so convenient!

    by Cheeso42

    Works really well, I can make reservations any time! So easy!

  • A+++

    by Vp1980

    Awsome app for reserving a table at local restaurants or any restaurant. Awesome app

  • Great design

    by Mcmonky

    This is one if the best apps I have from a user experience standpoint. It does exactly what I need it to do - find and reserve restaurants - easily and efficiently. It's so refreshing to see great design and functionality like the Open Table app. Thanks!

  • Good app? Not any more.

    by JCWeasley

    Sigh.....yet another app ruined by an update, no doubt written by some young developer who frequents pubs.

  • Buggy

    by Geofferwok

    This latest Version for iPad of Open Table for iOS 7 freezes and blacks out frequently. The redesign is also counter intuitive in some respects. I find myself having to do work arounds to get it to bring up out of area restaurants. In addition, the restaurant categories are too limited and Zagat like and to many of the reviews seem to average about 4 stars at this point which limits their helpfulness.

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