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“Part cookbook, part DIY guide, it is an iPad app that will help you cook the most delicious bacon you’ve ever had.”—LIFEHACKER

From pig to plate, upgrade your bacon. Watch 20 video tutorials from master butcher Tom Mylan on how to make your own, and then dip into 31 original recipes from the top bacon-obsessed chefs in North America. You can even learn the history of bacon while preparing your own delicious cured pork.

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THE PRESS ARE EATING IT UP! (sorry, couldn't resist)

•• TIME OUT NY “With its stunning visuals and smart layout, this bacon-lover’s bible offers a glimpse into how tablets are reinventing the cookbook genre.”

•• CBS NEWS “I was mesmerized from start to finish while watching Tom Mylan demonstrate the process of where each cut of pork comes from.”

•• COOL HUNTING “Ramp up your cured meat game… Open Air has upped its game in this app, including a feature to allow users to zoom into pig parts.”

•• APPADVICE “Those familiar with the developer’s other apps will know how easy this app is to navigate... If you love bacon (and why wouldn’t you?), reach down into your bacon wallet and buy this app.”

•• VICE “We are happy to see that Tom Mylan and Ari Weinzweig have come together to smash pure pig skin down into tiny ones and zeros to create the no-BS app that stands as the definitive place for all things concerning bacon.”

•• GIZMODO “This week's best apps for iPad.”

• Tom Mylan
Tom is co-founder and executive butcher of The Meat Hook, a Brooklyn-based supplier to many of NYC’s top restaurants that specializes in local, sustainable meat. Tom has written for New York magazine,, and, and he is a former editor of Diner Journal magazine. He makes 150 pounds of bacon a week.

Tom Mylan teaches you how to choose the best cuts of pork, mix your own custom cure, and make five delicious types of bacon:
• Slab bacon
• Face bacon
• Canadian bacon
• Guanciale
• Pancetta

Bacon is not just for breakfast. Make it an integral part of your lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts and cocktails. With 31 recipes from bacon-obsessed chefs and bartenders across the USA and Canada, including:
• Heather Carlucci, Print, NYC
• Michael Scelfo, Russell House Tavern, Boston
• Stephen Collucci, Colicchio & Sons, NYC
• Paul Kahan, The Publican, Chicago
• Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, The Meatball Shop, NYC
• Tom Mylan, The Meat Hook, Brooklyn
• Fred Morin, Joe Beef, Montreal
• Marco Canora, Terroir, NYC
• Linton Hopkins, Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta
• Zakary Pelaccio, Fatty ‘Cue, NYC
• Stephanie Izard, Girl & The Goat, Chicago
• Gerard Craft, Taste, St. Louis
• Johnathan Sundstrom, Lark, Seattle
• Sean Brock, Husk, Charleston
• David Bull, Congress, Austin
• David Katz, Mémé, Philadelphia
• Bryce Gilmore, Barley Swine, Austin

• HOME SMOKER — Step-by-step guide and detailed video on how to make a home smoker to smoke your own meat
• BACON-INFUSED COCKTAILS — Learn how to infuse bacon into spirits like bourbon, rye, and kahlua (yes!)

• Zingerman’s co-founder, Ari Weinzweig, curates a list of the highest quality bacon that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Made in the USA at select sustainable local farms.

Customer Reviews

  • Better Bacon Book

    by seedwards

    I have been making bacon for about three or four years now, however you can never stop learning and I did pick up several hints and suggestions that will make my bacon ever better....while that is hard to believe! Very good tutorial for every level of bacon-making enthusiast!!

  • Wow this is great

    by Pastor JST

    What fun I'm going to have with all the recipes Thank you!

  • Yeah!

    by Supericefree

    This app is great for morning and breakfast lovers like me or even if you want a midnight snack go ahed this is some GOOD STUFF!

  • Outstanding read for anyone who likes bacon

    by Abcd556762

    A definite must read if you are a true bacon lover

  • Goo job

    by Fares Jasser

    What a fantastic app. Great job

  • I put bacon on my bacon

    by tgroomes

    The only thing that could make these bacon recipes better are more bacon recipes!!!

  • Very nice

    by QueenHavok

    Easy to read, well put together, love how you incorporated pics and videos so smoothly into it! If your a fan of bacon this is pretty cool, unique and love the recipes to try as well that actually look good!

  • Your "partner in swine" has arrived

    by himoversin

    Wanna-be bacon-mongers will now BE bacon-mongers. No more just reading about bacon from the sidelines, it's time to DO it. Besides, it's baCAN after all. So stop reading all this corny all-CAPS review and rock the jowl.

  • Prague Powder # 1

    by bassshadow

    Great videos and nice layout... But why is there no mention of the use of Prague Powder # 1 ( Pink Salt ) in the cure section?

  • Deserves more than 5 stars!

    by Missgnomer

    What a great and consider collection of information. I would happily have paid 10 times the price for a cookbook of this caliber. Time to cook bacon!

  • Can't wait to try them all!

    by Blkftid

    I love the app. I can't wait to try the recipes. Great information about bacon.

  • All you need to know

    by Snafuperman

    Very informative

  • Baconator

    by Hero Tombo

    Great app about bacon, with some very interesting recipes .

  • Exvellent for beginners and experts

    by Mowg Lellan

    This is well written, clear, not intimidating, and filled with photos that have clickable items for more detail if you require further explanations. It shows how to build your own smoker very cheaply, and explains some basic principles in a simple and friendly way. Love this app.

  • :)

    by lunayang1009

    Can't believe there is actually an app about Bacon! This app is very informatitive and i appreciate the recipes.

  • Love it!!!

    by Motomom73

    A book on my favorite subject bacon. Having the pictures and the information videos and lots of bacon facts makes this my favorite recipe book.

  • Awesome!

    by Finees

    This is a really great app, I did not know all these things about bacon. I'm going to try making my own bacon now. May I suggest an app about sausage too!

  • Good

    by Noottbbaadd


  • Bacon!

    by Angelp41705

    Great app. Everything you ever wanted to know about bacon and more. Can't wait to try the recipe's.

  • Five Stars!!!

    by Armando Rios

    If you love bacon, you'll love this app!!!

  • Great App!

    by TK-855

    Excellent primer on different cuts and types of bacon, demystifies the subject. Love the DIY smoker, but feel the curing process needed more discussion, from proportions to time-to-cure, and what to expect as you do it.

  • Good stuff

    by chezcooper

    Love the way this book is set up, very nice. Easy to navigate, photos and videos are clear and informative, and author is truly a bacon professional. Like his home made smoker idea.

  • Great reference start

    by miniditka89

    This app is a good start, but if you do some searching on the Internet you will find they leave out a few crucial steps. Such as after curing you should soak it to remove some of the salt and also let it sit overnight to develop a pellicle (crucial for smoking). Some of this may be subjective, but like I said some research beyond this app's basic info is helpful in making your bacon turn out better.

  • great book!

    by Jknoll4

    this is my first experience with making bacon and with an interactive Ipad book. So far the book takes an appropriate pace and I love the interactive content.

  • Sacproduction

    by Sacproduction

    Great app for the bacon lover

  • Better Bacon

    by LeopardLady11

    App will not update and will not allow me to delete. I have never been able to access this app!

  • Great content delivered properly

    by RobDomFoto

    This is what digital content is meant to look and act like; A great hybrid of still photos, video, commentary! I've been wanting to try curing my own bacon for a long time and the instructions in this book ar clearly written (or spoken) and the instructions are easy to follow. Now on to the recipes!

  • Not worth it!

    by Steamshipp

    Not worth the price. Very few recipes. They seem to put more into promoting their bacon thru Internet sales.

  • Amazing

    by Naomi Serna

    This is a quality piece of work! It's education, art, food, and video. I'm so happy I got this app, I've shared it with all my food lovers too! You must buy this app!

  • Very good app

    by Patrick Manning

    I am pleased with the clarity and detail in this app and the book. Everything is laid out in a well thought out manner, making this app great for the beginner.

  • Great app and book, very buggy.

    by Harrison.frazier

    It may just be an issue on iPhone 5, but when watching the embedded videos in landscape orientation and exiting playback, the top bar of the screen stays in landscape orientation even when the rest of the screen is in portrait orientation. It would also be nice if the book itself can be oriented in landscape mode. Aside from the a few other annoyances in the control method and glitchiness of the navigation of this app, the book if wonderful and I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing an update with bug fixes!

  • Great app

    by Dr. JAW

    This is my favorite book. I really love bacon in any form, this book is almost as tasty as a fresh, hot, bacon sandwich.

  • Fitting app for pork porn lovers

    by Mishclark

    Love the videos. This app is filled with excellent information that allows you to really choose the best way to enjoy pork.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!

    by Violinchef

    This is a truly outstanding app. It is full of very useful and easy to follow information, presented in a very interactive format. Short videos and pictures supplement the already well written steps. I really love this app and it is worth all 399 pennies!

  • Just great

    by Czar Dmitri

    Guide to bacon greatness.

  • Awesome detail in this book

    by Rogueprofessor

    We take bacon for granted sometimes. This book helps share some great info on this wonderful food and recipe staple.

  • Cool book!

    by Mike78787

    The writing is concise and to the point. The video tutorials are an outstanding added benefit.

  • So far, I'm loving this book

    by gigitoo

    Informative ;)

  • Love it!

    by Alabama slammer1111111

    Bacon is.............. Heaven!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome app

    by Nifty Ned

    This app is great! Lots of information and very well put together. I loved bacon before this app but now I have a different outlook on on quality and a greater appreciation for the pig and its many gifts!

  • BACON!!

    by NBshoeman

    A lot of great info and an easy to navigate format. Well designed and it's about bacon so how do you go wrong?

  • Great design!

    by ARobT

    This app is incredibly well design and works really well! Bacon!

  • Amazing

    by king_rush

    I have been a long time bacon fan and have never seen a better application than this one. Details and information regarding God's loveliest creation...Bacon. Bacon dessert, appetizers and best yet the different types of bacon. a definite buy for any bacon enthusiast.

  • This book is amazing!

    by Glock232

    I love to cook, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Never in a million years did I ever consider making my own bacon, until now. I wish I knee about this book the minute it came out! Having bought this for $2.99 I feel like a criminal and stole it. Everything in this book is priceless information and for a measly $2.99 it's grossly under-priced! Don't hesitate another minute, if you enjoy cooking buy this NOW!

  • Fun With Porky

    by Brad247

    What's not to love. Videos are worth watching the recipes are worth doing. And reading this will make you a culinary pork expert amongst your friends. Win Win Win.

  • Book is great, the drm, not so much

    by Midwest techie

    The book is worth 5 stars but the process of accessing it is not well thought out. Anyone else have create an account with the content owners to access the book. The DRM takes away 2 stars and has resulted in my recommending that people find other sources for this information.

  • Fail!

    by Phinszilla

    The app fails after one read. It won't open at all. Seriously?!!

  • Excellent book!

    by Canuckrunner

    I was a little skeptical about this book, but being a HUGE bacon lover, I thought I'd give it a try. It was so informative, and the recipes/techniques were well explained. I actually feel confident enough to try and make my own bacon (and homemade smoker!).

  • I love bacon!

    by jbabay40

    Read the title dummy it says it all

  • Won't even open

    by hawnpunch22

    I was really excited for the moments it took to pay and load this app. Then that excitement quickly faded as I have made numerous attempts to use the app and it won't even get pass the opening screen. Deleted and reloaded three times with no joy. Horrible.

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