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Hello fellow Chinese food enthusiasts.. Learning to cook Chinese food on your iPhone and iPad is fast and easy with these authentic and easy to follow mobile recipes.

Learn to cook from one of China's most renowned master chefs. Li Hua's family has a tradition of of producing top quality Chefs that spans generations with her father once being the personal chef for Chairman Mao! Owner of some of China's finest dining restaurants and the landmark "Dragon Boat" in Hangzhou China Chef Li shares her expertise and knowledge on how to create authentic yet simple Chinese dishes that we have all come to love. The recipes are organized by region and flavor and detail the ingredients needed with simple and easy to read instructions that allow even a beginner to create wonderful and tasty Chinese dishes. If you enjoy Chinese food learn to cook at home with this groundbreaking and convenient mini recipe book app..

This app is CONTINUOUSLY updated (on a regular basis) but because this app links to a web based database you will not be bothered by constant app updates. As the recipes are added they will become automatically available to your Chinese cooking app. Good luck!

你好 中餐爱好者!透过我们可靠和易于理解的iPhone/iPad移动食谱 你可以轻轻松松地从一位中国知名厨师—李华师傅学习烹饪中菜。

李华师傅出生于烹饪世家 几代为厨 名厨辈出。她的父亲曾是毛主席的其中一位私人厨师 她名下有数间驰名中国的精品餐馆当中包括位于杭州的龙舟。

李华师傅会在此分享她的烹饪知识和多年的入厨经验 让我们能轻易做出人人都会喜欢的中国菜。为让初学者也能做出美味的中式菜肴 本食谱会根据地区和风味分类详细列出所需的材料 扼要清楚地说明每一道菜的烹饪程序。

如果你喜欢中国食物又想在家里做出一顿精美可口的中式菜肴 这一突破性的iPhone/iPad移动食谱絶对是你的不二之选。

Customer Reviews

  • Fun Fun Fun

    by Skikey Girl

    我買啦這個app, 它不緊簡單有用,而且便宜。買過其它app,還是覺得這最好用,而且它還有其它國家的菜譜,多一點選擇。

  • Love Chinese food and Love this App

    by Dean_hk

    First, unlike many apps, this one is updated regularly. That means each week there are new recipes that you can access, which is pretty cool. I went to China two years ago as an exchange student and loved just walking in the kitchen and watching the chefs cook. My interest in Chinese style cooking led me to this app, and it has a large amount of common and not so common Chinese food recipes. I have not tried some of the more exotic dishes, but with a trip to my local Asian supermarket, I was able to get everything I need to make a great meal, and I use the iPad right in the kitchen with me as i cook. Yes, I made Cha Shao Bao dim sum and my own Cha Shao pork too.....its awesome if you really want to learn to cook. I suggest you choose a few favorite foods and try them a few times and then you will get it right. My buddy just had a birthday party last month and my spring rolls were all the rage. This app is probably about 10 Chinese food cook books at least!

  • . If you love cooking Chinese food, I seriously recommend this app

    by Joey Plotz

    I found everything I needed in the Asian food section of my local grocery store. The recipes are detailed and provide easy to follow instructions. If you want to try cooking Chinese food, I strongly recommend this app for beginners.

  • Good

    by Fayi Yi


  • I deleted it!

    by Cassey's

    This app is definitely not worth $.99. It's not even worth the bother if it were free.

  • Probably good if you are used to cooking Chinese

    by Jedi game player

    These recipes seem ok, but many of them contain unusual ingredients and the amounts are not listed in American units. This makes cooking the recipes difficult for an American cook.

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