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Languages: English

Seller: Mowingo Inc.

- User Login
- Resolved battery drain issues reported by some users for previous versions
- Various user experience improvements
- Bug fixes

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56 Ratings
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Use McD App to get the most out of your McDonald’s experience! Find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, browse the menu, enjoy great deals and share them with your friends.

McD App offers are currently available only in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Greater Sacramento, Stockton & Modesto areas, Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe & Susanville, the state of Oregon, Western and Southwest Washington, the St. Louis Metro area, New England, and Albany, NY.

We will soon be expanding to other regions, but for now, you won't see offers unless you are in one of these areas.

Stay tuned: more regions will be added over time.

Customer Reviews

  • I love it

    by TUYTUY

    Excellent quality food, nice polite servers, clean atmosphere.

  • Love this app

    by N312K

    Very handy and easy to use!

  • Good deals, but gained too many £'s

    by H110283

    Wish the cashiers knew how to redeem better

  • Love It

    by bitkb

    Saved some money!

  • Great app!

    by starrman8

    No problems on install. Great offers

  • Love it

    by Sunyellow227

    Love it Love it Love it all fast food should have an app like this only bad things is all MC Donald's don't take it tear tear little sad other than that LOVE IT

  • McDonalds

    by MC Leo

    keep it up awesome app :-)

  • Easy App

    by KoolMom68

    Super easy & fun to use!

  • Good

    by Cededhu

    Get it

  • Great Deals!

    by Jolly0118

    Thanks for all the personalized coupons!

  • Great

    by Arnulfo yoo

    Better coupons needed

  • App works fine. I had no issues signing up and offer selection is good

    by Peppers88

    Great app,, great offers, only 1 mcds has said they don't accept the app coupons,,highly recccomend this app to anyone

  • 5 Star App for a 5 Star Restaurant!

    by Negrodoodle

    The True American Dream.

  • I love McD app

    by LochNessManster

    Great app, great coupons!

  • Oh ya

    by DonkeyJohn

    Im loveing it!

  • Overall it's ok

    by Dame30k

    It's good but when offers expire they should be replaced for new ones.

  • I love it!!

    by McLoveThisApp

    I'm in love..make more apps!! Helped me though tough times....

  • Me

    by MGC-B mom

    Easy to use. Thanks for making this happen!

  • Works

    by Tytegalmae

    Even though signing up with the email is a hassle it works. The email they send you just gets out in your junk folder so check that. Also try to "sign up" more that once because you may have entered your email in wrong

  • Used to be good

    by njd1234567890

    Why do we have to sign in??? It used to be quick and easy to use the app. Now, it takes forever

  • Lacking Features

    by Virginia Deb

    Where are the salad dressings? They give the calories for the salads with no dressings and the dressing calories are not listed anywhere. Also, in the nutrients list, they don't have a "sugars" category, only carbs. So when I look up the number of grams of sugar in a sweet iced tea, no dice. Also, it didn't list any McDonald's in my area, where there are at least 5 within a 15 mile radius.

  • Frustrating!

    by Lesleg20

    Took 5 tries to finally get the confirmation email. Now I got the email but the 'log in' button seems to be disabled. Can't even log in to see offers. Very disappointing.

  • Can't login after confirmation

    by Rateramongus

    I push login and nothing happens nothing

  • Delete

    by Pls666

    After signing up and giving all my info, I signed in only to have the app not open. What a waste. I deleted it.

  • Boo

    by Yo gurl gvette

    This app sucked. Wouldn't even let me log in at all. Kept saying that I already signed up with a different email but I never signed up. So it sucked.

  • Doesn't work

    by Drew Buell

    The app looks good and had some great deals, but when I went to use it at Mcd's it didn't work.

  • Nice concept, shoddy execution

    by SolCross

    Downloaded the app to check it out, since the offers are a nice incentive. It took about 8 tries for the "network" to register my account, and once I was in it still couldn't load any offers. Retried a few times and uninstalled, maybe I'll try again when they invest in better servers.

  • Sign-up first?

    by DMJ88

    Downloaded the app to just browse and see if it was useful. However it requires you to build and sign up with them first.. No thanks.

  • Tracking device

    by Greathrreat

    Ain't nothing but another way to track us Hungary individuals...

  • App was great before update

    by Blakedaking

    I really liked the app and offers were great. Now after update, I can not use app. Why do I need a log in? It is because of apps like this that I created a "dummy" email address. Goin back to burger king

  • No confirmation email renders app useless

    by Xiej

    Tried for a week now to get a confirmation email to be able to log in, but never gets sent. Not in junk folders either. Low score until fixed.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Amariehd84

    Never received confirmation e mail to start using the app. Tried several times. For such a large company, you think they would get it right.

  • Angry.

    by Rosemarie96

    This app doesn't send me my confirmation information to my email.

  • Crash

    by Bad terrible horrible777

    This app is bad, it crashed every time I used it. Don't waste your time with this app.

  • Sign up won't work

    by macchad128

    Same as other reviewers. Tried signing up but confirmation email never comes. Fail.

  • Hate The Update !

    by LesTote

    Me having to sign in/ sign Up made this App Completely horrible Just to be honest.

  • It Doesn't Work

    by Cat252

    I downloaded this app today and clicked on 'Open' and ... Nothing! I don't have an icon, I don't have anything to link to so I may register, I can't even find a way to remove it because nothing shows up on my phone.

  • App

    by Airborne57

    Works fine for me. Excited to use my coupons!


    by Travis1302

    Not getting confirmation email. App is useless

  • Mc Donald! Wake Up!

    by jkbabos

    Did not get email registration confirmation. It's my 2nd try one month apart. Uninstalled McD App! Mc Donald's doesn't want to lose $$ these days.

  • Jascan

    by Jascan1

    Same problems that everybody else had. Use to work but not now.

  • Great offers, and I love the new user interface

    by w0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0w

    The app is now more personalized. I love it! Great work, guys!

  • Total Fail

    by Eclectic45

    This app is a big disappointment !! Took away my offers before they expired and me using them! Great idea now fix it!!!!

  • Huge bug

    by Nurse W

    When I updated the app and entered my email address, like everyone else, I never got my confirmation email. I went back in to the app and clicked I forgot my password. The email that autopopulated into the form was wrong! It had added the first 3 letters of my address after the .com. Maybe this is why no one can use this worthless app.

  • Account required = fail

    by Super big cup of tea

    Enough said

  • Sign up

    by Mushade

    World of big data. McD. You can see where I am and market and advertise and track my purchases WITHOUT an email or any other personal info

  • It has become Completely useless

    by Dogganger

    No Email confirmation ever gets received rendering the app useless and Mc D's customers unable to access advertised coupons.

  • Update goofs up app

    by susie0514

    I did the update a fee days ago and now the app doesn't recognize my email address and I can't get to my offers. Tried to get the send instructions numerous times but that doesn't work either. Finally just deleted app tonight

  • App won't work due to no confirmation email sent

    by Josh Corbeau

    I loved this app til they updated it requiring to have my personal info which I understand and created only to not receive my confirmation email resulting in me not being able to open and use the app. McD's you have since lost my business all week to Burger King & Subway. Suggest you fix this ASAP before more customers fall off the bandwagon.

  • Couldn't Leave Well Enough Alone

    by Pongo1972

    It was not so much. I tried to log in... nope. Deleted and tried again...nope. Do yourself a favor, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

  • Fix the login!!!

    by Harper81af

    Doesn't work after update

  • Doesn't allow me to Log In!

    by Asap_Sepe

    Never allowed me to create an account needs to be updated very upset with this app!

  • Took away offers

    by PixelB

    I had offers that weren't used and had not expired. They "refreshed" my offers with new ones but took away the old. Logic would dictate any changes in offers should be in addition to what was already unused in the app. Thus, I went to use an unexpired offer only to find it wasn't there, changing my food choice while waiting in line. Boo.

  • Update

    by mary647

    After it updated and required a login I have attempted to register five or six times and it does not ever send me the email confirmation. Bad app

  • Sign in required ?

    by Homemadetunes

    I'm ditching this app cuz they want personal info... Screw it, worked fine before.... Now Deleted...

  • Need to fix the Jan. 2014 update

    by Mrs. Brio

    I just updated to the new one which requires a user to create an account with an email & password. The problem is I haven't received the confirmation as promised, so I now have an app that doesn't work because I couldn't get in. Hubby has the same issue, so he just deleted his McDonald's app from his iPhone. I'm giving them a chance though. Please fix.

  • Login Doesn't Work

    by hfthomp

    App used to be great but the new login won't work for me. Been trying to create an account all day and nothing. Bad work, McDonalds.

  • Not even able to register

    by FTLJohnson

    I though it was awful that they started DEMANDING personal info - but for me to willingly give it and then not even get the confirmation email THUS RENDERING THE APPLICATION USELESS!? Unforgiveable. I wish I could give a ZERO star review.

  • Requires Account = FAIL

    by Original MacRat

    Previously the app would just display specials every couple of weeks. Now it wants you to create an account. The specials are NOT worth the hassle. Don't bother with this app.

  • I did the update & now....

    by VicciR

    I did this recent update & now it won't recognize my email & password. I guess I need to delete it & start over maybe.

  • Required you to sign up

    by Jennafair

    I had this APP on my old phone it was great just download and it found offers. I got a new phone and after download the APP requires you to sign up with an email... Lame

  • Good, but one thing missing.

    by AniXiaN

    The application works fine and has a nice interface--that's great. (Why the user login, though?) However, a big feature that would be greatly appreciated if put into the app is Passbook support. There should be arch cards that could connect with passbook and be used in McDonalds.

  • Requires a signup

    by EKB-M


  • Ily

    by Gswed10

    Ily mcdanks

  • No offers

    by Isg Jack

    No offers for weeks if not months . North East Ohio not sure the app is even working. No offers on vacation in Orlando either.

  • Worst app, should be available in more places

    by Abrook99

    Doesn't work anywhere in nyc

  • McCrash

    by Mainefan101

    This stupid app, which does have potential, will not open

  • Useless

    by Rcaudio5150

    Find a restaurant does not show a single McDonald's. No offers available in my area???

  • Won't open, just crashes

    by DRLx2

    I can't even get the App to open, it crashes upon each attempt. I've even waited a day, a week, restarted my phone, nothing!

  • Poor App from such a large brand

    by Illinigldbear

    The Restaurant location feature is POOR. TAKE A LOOK AT HOW STARBUCKS DOES IT. I should see a list of locations near me and the times there hours of operation. It ask where I am so it should be able to show the nearest location on the map and as a list.

  • Doesn't show restaurants on map

    by merod

    I'm on a 4S iPhone, using iOS 7, and when I click the restaurant finder, NO McDonalds are located, in Los Angeles. Map is obviously broken. Is this an official McDonalds app? There seems to be another one from McDonalds?

  • Yasssss !!! ALBANY NY

    by buckeyyy

    Yasssssss !!! Love me some mcdonalds !!!

  • Awful

    by Jetster130

    Simply just a scam

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