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Languages: English

Seller: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc

* Support for 4" screen.
* Increased minimum supported iOS version to 6.1.
* Bug fixes.

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Whether at home or on the go, Smoothies is the ideal guide to making refreshing, revitalizing, and restorative drinks right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Chock-full of innovative recipes that have been carefully selected by food editors and dietitians—plus handy features, organizational tools, and extras —this app has everything you need to start blending your way to wellness.

Features include:

•Six smoothie recipe bundles: Essentials, Meal-in-a-Glass, Allergen-Free, Detox, Weight-Loss, and Immunity Boosting
•Comprehensive Food Glossary detailing the health benefits of more than 50 smoothie ingredients
•How-to videos, nutritional information, and space to add your own notes
•Helpful tips on buying organic versus conventional produce, detoxing, seasonal eating, and more
•Extensive search functionality
•A place to collect your favorite smoothie recipes
•Send-a-smoothie feature: E-mail a friend or share the recipe on Facebook

“… this publisher understands the fundamental visual and tactile allure of the platform. The [Smoothies from Whole Living] images are large, simple, detailed, and luscious.”

“… fuses a collection of smoothie recipes, high-quality photographs, tips, and how-to videos.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Great app, needs some fixing

    by Pop pop 543

    Love how well the smoothies are written with colors and text. However, every time I try to search my favorites and open videos, the app crashes. Every single time! I would love to have access to my favorites to show others and see videos for fun.

  • Amazing Recipes

    by SmoothieLover

    This is such a great app! I've had it for a couple of years now and it's never failed me. I have no glitches with this app on my iPhone 4S, it's always worked smoothly over the years that I've had it. Highly recommended!

  • Resourceful on healthy living!

    by tennisproha

    Great app. The recipes are great. But besides that it has how to videos, healthy eating tips, and info about benefits of different foods. Get it.

  • IN LOVE. Swoooon.

    by Elenncam

    Love the app, especially the section where it shows you smoothies with common ingredients. Saves me so much stress when buying ingredients!

  • Excellent

    by Hokie2013

    Love it! So much variety. Each of Martha's apps makes cooking fun and simple. Perfect for my busy schedule. Thanks for such a great app.

  • Iphone 5


    Please update this app to support the iphone 5 4"inch ratina display :)

  • Awesome

    by JarJar1010

    Get it.

  • A Must have!!

    by ZairaV

    If your a smoothie fanatic or a newbie to smoothie making this is the app for you!!! Super friendly user! Has great videos on how to and great pointers. I have been looking for something like this to help me create and follow a healthy life style. And I was getting bored of the same old recipes I was using... Learned allot from here! Super happy!!!

  • Extra Recipes for free?

    by CrexB81

    I just downloaded and haven't really used yet, however I was trying to download the extra recipes including Detox, weightloss etc, but now they don't even show up as an option? What gives?

  • iPhone 5 support

    by themattman7

    Great app, but needs iPhone 5 support! Thanks!

  • Love this app

    by tribearatops

    Great recipes, better than any recipes I've found on the Internet. App is easy to use and gives accurate nutritional info.

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Random player for coins

    Great app with LOTS of good, tasty, simple smoothies. I'm using this one as the basis of my New Years resolution weight loss plan :). PERFECT! One suggestion: add calorie counts please? Would REALLY be appreciated!!

  • Best app!

    by Love..109238

    Best smoothie app I have ever used. AND IT'S FREE!

  • Best Health App Ever!!!!!!

    by Louis Minh Vuong

    I came across with this app. How luckily. Nice appearance. Full videos and recipes. It is free. I am a smoothie addicted-er. It would be nice if you could add more recipe about Detox. There is not much information about this type of smoothie on the web. Must Download Apps in my list. Great work and Thank you Developers. Keep moving 4ward. : ) Happy new year : D

  • Best Free App

    by MachoNacho358

    I bought it thinking it would have a couple of good ones and then make you buy the rest but it has many great one all for free and extra information on what each fruit and ingredient does for your body, when it's best in season, videos, tips, and each type of smoothie is categorized so you know what each smoothie can do for you such as weightless or detox

  • Great!

    by Nessabean1

    This is a great app to get you fit and healthy and the best part is that it's free!! :)

  • A must download app

    by Dealerbrokerage

    If you own a blender. Download it. What a great free app!!!!! Not a compliant in the world here! :)

  • Fantastic

    by Pom 20

    Best smoothie app!

  • I LOVE IT!

    by johnees

    thank you for this great app. I LOVE IT!

  • My favorite app

    by Nleo73

    I have never taken the time to write a review for an app, but for a free one, this deserves five stars. Tons of ideas, I'll never get bored with my smoothies!

  • iPhone 5 support please!

    by Shagans

    I wish I would have bought the iPad version. It's at least full screen. Please, please add support for iP5!

  • Support for iPhone 5

    by Osvaldo B.

    It needs full screen support for the iPhone 5 screen.

  • Slow and buggy

    by drew772

    Several blatant bugs. Can't read certain text because of colors. Makes sounds even when my phone is silenced so don't use it when you need quiet. The app is over 200 mb in size and kills phone memory. There are much better smoothie apps out there.

  • The Update Duplicated Recipe Sections

    by Maiasatara

    And I have no idea whether any actual new recipes were included. I read reviews for the Cookie and Cocktail apps and the exact same thing happened with those. I would hold off updating until this is addressed.

  • Great but …

    by jacob_______

    I love this app. It's the perfect partner for my new VitaMix. But… I NEED IPHONE 5 SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    by Whirlpearl

    Seriously this application has everything you need for smoothie making! And all of it is free for a limited time. Health facts,nutrition info,food glossary,tip. It's insane how awesome this is.

  • Great Smoothies

    by Emurray35

    This is an easy to use app with some great recipes.

  • Yay!

    by Darkq14

    I love it! I love making smoothies. This app has some great ideas.

  • Smoothies

    by Hannb90

    It's great!

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