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— New iOS7 design improves readability and ease of use.
— New version specifically designed for iPad.
— Updated Top 100 Wines for 2013, containing our editors' latest list of the world's most exciting wine.
— Added "Value Sparklers for Special Occasions" to Picks section: This selection of Champagnes and global sparkling wines—all with great scores at fair prices—is just right for celebrations.
— Added "Extreme Values" to Picks section: These wallet-friendly wines, priced $12 or less, are perfect for large parties and everyday drinking.
— A new video explains all that the app has to offer, in both the free download and the monthly subscription versions.

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Wine Spectator WineRatings+ is a free download that includes a mix of free and paid content. The free content includes comprehensive vintage charts, educational articles, videos and daily news. An in-app subscription gives access to all of Wine Spectator’s wine ratings; our database currently includes around 300,000 reviews, with more than 1,000 new ratings added each month.

If you have any questions about the app, please visit

WineRatings+ includes a wide range of free content to teach you more about wine:

• Vintage Charts: Covers 55 of the world’s principal wine regions and grape varieties to help you assess the overall quality and character of each region’s wines and when they will be at their most enjoyable.

• Learn More: Helps you explore the fundamentals of wine with authoritative articles and educational videos.

• WS360: Gives you a timely view into current wine culture, with an automatically updated news feed of the latest reports and insights from

Wine Spectator’s ratings app gives you access to around 300,000 of the world’s most authoritative and reliable wine reviews—with definitive ratings, detailed tasting notes, release prices, current auction prices and recommended drinking windows.

WineRatings+ is automatically updated (no download required) with the latest Wine Spectator reviews. At least 1,000 wine reviews are added each month. Each review is written by an experienced Wine Spectator editor according to strict blind-tasting methodology to ensure fair and reliable results.

WineRatings+ helps you look up Wine Spectator ratings for even the most difficult-to-spell wines and wineries. The app provides instant results as you type, while the powerful filtering options help you find wines by name, producer, price, score or region with precision.

Looking for expert advice on which wines to purchase? The Picks section in WineRatings+ delivers wines recommended by our editors. For great buys among the most recent reviews, turn to “Classic Wines (95-100 Points)”, “Newest Reds and Whites $20 or Less (90+ Points)” and "Extreme Values $12 or Less." Or explore "Value Sparkler for Special Occasions," “Blue-Chip Collectibles” and our "Top 100 of 2013"—the most exciting wines of the past year.

To help you remember the wines you enjoy, we automatically save your recently viewed wines to the app’s home screen. You can also “favorite” wines for the long-term.

Share your favorite wines and articles. Subscribers can post Wine Spectator wine reviews, as well as links to news and feature stories, to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or send them via email.

Wherever you are and whatever your expertise, Wine Spectator WineRatings+ will help you find your perfect wine at the perfect price. Download the world’s premier wine app today!

The premium version of WineRatings+, provided by Wine Spectator, requires a monthly subscription of $2.99, which is auto-renewed. Payment will be charged to your iTunes/App Store account at confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes/App Store account settings; you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period to avoid being billed for the next cycle. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active period.

WineRatings+ is a new product from Wine Spectator and must be purchased separately from our other products.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very good

    by Zhuwei12345

    Very good

  • Absolutely worth it

    by winehussy

    Can't tell you how many times I've pulled this app out when I'm in a restaurant trying to pick out a bottle of wine. Find it so helpful!

  • Very useful app

    by Brooklyn Wine Geek

    This app rocks! Now I can look up wines from the list when I’m in a restaurant or wine store. Reading the review/description of the wine really helps me decide if it’s the right wine to go with a dish on the menu, so I make better wine selections. Love the new iPad version.

  • Nice app for iPad

    by Garino619

    Well done app, easy to use. Good search capability for reviews, it's easy to find the wine your looking for.

  • Worth the $2.99

    by crankin5

    I find that I use this app all the time—saves me so much time when I'm ordering wine in a restaurant or picking something up at the store. Sure, it costs a little each month, but I figure that's a small price to pay for NOT wasting my money on bad wines!

  • helpful

    by lewison8923

    The articles are useful..helpful informative app!

  • A good learning tool!

    by Ballet dancer bud

    This is a great way to learn about wine.

  • new iPad version is great

    by TRM3

    The new update adds iPad functionality that makes the app even more user-friendly.

  • Not bad...except for paying for ratings

    by est77008

    I actually like this app but I have found others to be more useful. I would like to discontinue my subscription the wine ratings but I can't figure out how to do so.

  • Good app

    by Bcp111

    But where is the 2013 top 100? It's been out on for weeks. C'mon guys, we're paying monthly for this app...

  • fast and complete

    by TRM3

    No other source gives me so many ratings, and the app is easy to use and fast.

  • Good reviews but needs...

    by Hihosteveareno

    I like this app because in general I can see their rating and make purchase decisions based on them. I also like to read their taste tests and see if I can taste the things they do. But I find searching difficult, and often cannot find what I'm looking for. Label scanning, as us used in other apps, should be added to this one. And although I think the $2.99/month subscription rate is fair, I think I should get more for the money and have all the access that I would get on their website. Wine reviews need to be updated more frequently.

  • Convenient reference tool

    by Pmylae

    W.S's content is great as always and being able to access it from anywhere makes this app a very powerful reference tool. As a wine aficionado and heavy traveler myself I just wish it was more interactive. Perhaps in newer versions users could also record and keep their own tasting notes and scores. Imagine being able to sort by user score in addition to W.S.'s scores. W.S. imagine making available to the entire wine industry direct feedback from their consumers...mmm

  • Just what I needed

    by MizGreenJeans

    Love love love this! Especially love the best buys and bargains, allows me to find fun new things to try.

  • An essential tool

    by Hasid

    I use this App every time I need to make a decision about the wine lists in my Restaurants. A professional tool.

  • Missing something

    by Trackin Traveler

    Am I missing something? This app is user friendly and a good source of information, BUT I have one complaint. Why why why is there no vintage information for California Pinot noir?

  • A very useful app

    by redwing00

    The updated version is fast and makes it easy to look up ratings. Love the value picks. Ideal to check for wines in a restaurant or wine shop.

  • ChefPaulM

    by BVI Cindy

    Restaurant wine lists are always evolving, and this is a great app for researching new wines and vintages

  • Extremely useful

    by mamaccd

    I love this app! I use it when I am shopping or dining; it gives me the information I want to make good choices and discovery new favorites.

  • Lover of all wine

    by Bacchus 7

    Best app I own. Love it.

  • THIS IS PIECE OF GARBAGE, USELESS!!! Don't waste your $$$

    by ImmaNinjaaa

    This not very useful, it crashes and it doesn't help! Do not waste your money to this! Just wasted my time for downloading this!

  • Not worth it without subscription

    by garrett.huddy

    Can't do much without paying to subscribe.

  • Awful

    by David Teter

    Deleted it within 60 seconds of installing it. Do not recommend.

  • Limited use to loyal print/digital subscribers

    by cftc

    You can open Safari on your iOS device and search for wines using your existing account. To use this app to do the same, they want more money. Insulting.

  • Waste of time

    by Operasam

    Not one wine listed. App requires you to sign up for additional subscription before giving any wine names

  • Nickeled & dimed

    by LAJones

    I am really tired of WS charging a la carte for everything. I have to pay for the print mag, the digital version,, and now the app. I'll save the $36 a year and go to, log in and get my ratings there. When they figure out the can make more money by offering their loyal readers a discount for a package price I'll consider it.

  • Ripoff

    by Jg90069

    Requires $2.99 per month to even search for wine.

  • Useless

    by ReallyNoNicknamesLeft

    You have to pay $2.99/mo. just to use the search feature ( at least I did)

  • No sound with videos?


    App look compelling, but I don't have sound when viewing the videos. Ideas?

  • Review

    by Jlg357

    Use a lot. Works well to plan business entertainment.

  • Almost perfect

    by Winedrinker27

    This is almost what an app should be - access to a vast database at exactly the time you need it: in a restaurant or a store. My only quibble is that it seems to take a bit too long for the database to be updated with new ratings from the magazine. Fix that (and improve the search function a bit) and it really will be perfect.

  • Use it all the time!

    by LivinTheDream17

    There is no other wine app out there that has all of this content. Although I am already a subscriber, I am happy to pay extra to have all of this info in my pocket at all times!

  • Use this app often

    by Wineslayer1

    The wine ratings are a great way to check out what's worth drinking. Love to use it in restaurants and retail stores.also great to check out wine prices and not overpay. Use it almost every day!!!!

  • Ok App.

    by tetsuo773

    This app is ok. I enjoy the videos and the news, but I believe the wine search could use some improvement. Sometimes it's difficult to find or not find whether a wine you're researching has been reviewed or not. All in all ok, but not flawless by any means.

  • Subscriber won't pay a third time

    by Al R of Pennsylvania

    I subscribe to the magazine and to the online service. Why should I have to pay yet another fee to access content that I can reach using my Safari app??

  • Lame

    by Girlabttown

    Just downloaded this app. Maybe I'm an unfair reviewer because I develop apps for my job and my husband is a Som. But this doesn't seem to offer anything worthwhile as a "tool." Generic descriptions of vintages with "drink or hold" ratings, news (who cares?), and "wine education" (who uses an app for that?), and you have to pay to upgrade to Search (search is a standard feature everywhere else, and doesn't warrant an upgrade). If you want to remember wines you taste, see what others say and catalog them, this app doesn't do it. Deleted.

  • Not worth downloading

    by AppUser12345678

    This app is useless without paying for the subscription. Not worth 2.99/month.

  • Wine lover

    by Orthowino

    Very easy to use. I finally don't have to guess which wines to buy!

  • Very Useful

    by Blinget

    This is a great app. Provides a wealth of information in a very easy to use format.

  • Delivers

    by Two ton anchor

    It's hard for me to find places relatively nearby that sell wine besides a few local wineries. While I love my local vineyards it would be neat to incorporate a "where to buy" suggestion or two. E-shopping is a bore. I'd rather drive a few hours and pick up a case vs sitting at home. Weird, I know.

  • Good app

    by lwtavares

    Realy interesting App.

  • Good app ... Great resource

    by RDavis2528

    If you regularly purchase and drink wine, this app is for you! For me, it is well worth the monthly charge.

  • Wine ratings

    by WagnerJB

    Good flexible app, especially for searching for a particular wine. Worked wonders to help me pick a great wine when in the supermarket recently.

  • Great tool when buying wine!

    by Timbers2

    This is a great tool to compare wines when in a restaurant or store. The data base is comprehensive.

  • Sad

    by RLR/SLR

    I too am a subscriber and I feel it is very unfair to make your loyal customers pay again for similar content in a different medium. Corporate greed at its worst.

  • Good no nonsense app; useful info

    by Les pavots

    Great app

  • App crashes

    by Jolmunoz

    App crashes after the last update was uploaded. Disappointed.

  • Crashes

    by sethNRBQ

    I just updated to the latest version and now it just crashes on startup. Every time. Please fix!

  • Wine Spectator

    by Cgny1

    Decent vintage charts but the current update causes the app to not load. Deleted and reinstalled - still won't load.

  • Solid content from WS

    by ThirdCoastTurk

    As you would expect, Wine Spectator delivers its usual high quality content. The app is generally well organized and accessible. I'll bump my rating up to 4 stars as soon as they optimize it for iPad. C'mon guys, it's not that difficult to do.

  • Old School and Out of Date

    by Veteran209

    Too many emerging wine appellations in California are missing. Deleted the after 5 min!

  • WS Rating App is a Winner

    by Cali Preferred

    I like looking up wines that I find in the store. This will give a rating and a description. A very good value!

  • The average below 1 star

    by frankdf19

    Can't believe the average shows anything more than one star. Look at the reviews from all of the versions. Simply greedy. Greedy!! To draw you into an app then charge you a monthly fee as exorbitant as this, especially when many of us already subscribed to the print or online versions, is just ridiculous. And somehow the average shows greater than one star. Look close. This cannot be possible. If I could give it zero I would. Most people would… Just awful.

  • Maitredgreg2

    by Maitredgreg2

    Great for the new wine student for vintage references.

  • Love it

    by mt57

    I've had it since it came out. It's been great so far.

  • Solid

    by Mutchmb


  • Not impressed

    by sneaker22

    The visited 3 local stores and very few wines are included in the database

  • Excellent app for wine geeks like us

    by Smugglers007

    Easy to use and complete. I enjoy the share function for Twitter. I have messaged the developers and they have promised more social amenities such as include photo and location with Tweets.

  • Great Reference

    by Rex0353

    I use this app on a regular basis. It's easy to use and can be used as a guide toward a new wine or confirmation for one of your favorites.

  • Great!

    by Ronaldo M

    It works fine. Very usefull.

  • Very Useful App

    by Condolawyer

    I find this app very useful when confronting unknown wine list offerings.

  • Carol

    by The beer doctor

    I had to pick out wines for a wedding rehearsal dinner for 70 guests. The domestic Chardonnany & Merlot were easy. But I was stumped finding a red toscano and a New Zealand Sauvignon blanc. I was able to go thought the state wine store and find one if each with a 90 rating in my price range. Great App!

  • Awesome

    by Fernandoxs


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