Amazing Fat-Loss Secrets Food & Drink App Review (iOS, $19.99)


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Seller: Jacky Swift

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The Stubborn Fat Solution.

Some contents in this App:
Your Hormones Can Contribute to Stubborn Fat
Estrogenic Foods Also Affect Men
How Dieting Affects Fat Storage
The Stubborn Fat Reduction Plan
Overview of the Plan
Stage 1:Eat Anti-estrogenic Foods and Estrogen inhibitors
Stage 2:Additional Foods That Promote Anti-estrogenic Hormones
Stage 3:Foods That Serve as Cofactors and Promote Liver Detoxification
A Three-week Plan
Stage 1, One Week
Stage 2, One Week
Stage 3, One Week
The Importance of Exercise
Increasing Your Activity Level
Incorporating a Formal Exercise Program
A Simple Circuit Program
The Real Secret to Stubborn Fat Loss

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