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Need a quick dinner idea? Want an easy recipe the family will eat too? Choose from 600 easy recipes, that can all be on the table in under 40 minutes.

• Search by recipe type: eg. chicken, fish, pasta
• Choose if you've got 20, 30 or 40 mins to cook
• Save favourite dishes to make again later
• Compile a shopping list to take to the shops
• See beautiful photography with every recipe
• Use the step-by-step cook-a-long view to help you stay on track!
• Share your favourite recipes to Facebook or Twitter

Never wonder what's for dinner again with this handy little recipes app. Download today to start cooking!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app but.......

    by Angelina Wiegers

    If this app wasn't metric it would be perfect!!!! Love all the choices & time variations!! It would be nice if you could choose between metric & imperial

  • Great

    by Hartwe8

    I have only tried a few recipes out but really like this app so far. The recipes are easy to follow and tasty

  • Mixed Measurements...3.5 STARS

    by LaDanaWendy

    I absolutely luv "What's For Dinner" -- the design is perfect!! I can move recently viewed recipes into "My Favourites" as well as rearrange them in alphabetical order, search for recipes by an ingredient or by the recipe type and share via Twitter, Facebook and email. That being said, measurements are mixed, US imperial and UK metric and that needs to change -- the option to view recipe measurements and oven temperatures in either imperial or metric would be MOST helpful!!! If this change is made in the first update, I'll definitely increase this app to 5 STARS!!!!

  • Pay $4 and still get ads?!

    by EditDiva

    While the app has some nice features, it's RIDICULOUS that after paying $4 I have to suffer through flashing ads obscuring the bottom of the screen (which means when scrolling through a list of 99 Chicken Recipes, I can only view three recipes on screen at a time). Sure, I understand ads in free versions of apps, but c'mon! I paid four backs already!! Another negative: the recipes use a several different types of measurement (some have both ml & tsp, but most just ml). The biggest issue I have is that most recipes call for weights (grams). For those of us in the US who are used to measuring in cups and not grams, these recipes all have to translated, which for me negates the reason for having the app: simplicity. Some of the nice features are: photos of every recipe, a built in timer within Step by Step recipe view, the ability to share recipes with others (via email, Facebook, Twitter), well laid-out and designed (easy to navigate and solid, no crashes) and it has an automatic Shopping List. But the shopping list is odd too. When you click "Add to Shopping List", it adds each recipe as an individual entry onto the Shopping List. So when you add more than one recipe, all you see is in the Shopping List is a sub-list of the Recipes and not any items. You have click on each recipe individually, which then generates a sub list of the actual shopping items. Does that make sense? Like, for a week of shopping for 7 dinners (7 recipes) you have 7 individual lists that you have to switch back and forth between while you shop. So every time you go to a department in the store, say, Dairy, you have to click on Recipe 1, check the Dairy list, then click back to the master shopping list and click on Recipe 2 and scroll down and check that Dairy list, go back and click on 3… and so on 7 times! And there's no way to consolidate the lists into one master list. So unless you shop everyday for only one meal, this odd multi-list Shopping List makes the feature unusable. There isn’t a way to import recipes or make your own. You can export their recipes and put them in another shopping list or app, but then what’s the point of spending $ on this app? The recipes aren’t that unique. All in all a dissapointment. Especially for $4

  • format

    by Iowa Sue

    It won't run in landscape, so you can't see the list of ingredients. I'll leave it for now, and hope that you can fix problems.

  • Format issues

    by Mr. Chode

    The app doesn't work in landscape mode. To make matters worse it chops off the recipe text when you are in portrait mode. I gave it a chance but this app is lousy. The recipes might be great but it does me no good if I can't read everything on the screen❕

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