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Love fast food? Why not make it at home? Fast and easy takes on your favorite fast foods!

Rezepte der beliebtesten FastFood-Gerichte! ...Was gehört auf so eine Pizza eigendlich drauf? Und wer hat sie überhaupt erfunden?...Wie macht man die perfekten Pommes Frites?...

Customer Reviews

  • Forget This one!

    by Dr. Metz

    Yes, it's all in German, but don't wait for the English version, unless you want: "Hot Dog: wiener on a bun." "Pizza: dough with tomato sauce and other stuff on it." -- and other information like this (okay, this is an exaggeration, but not by much.) This is not even close to a serious app.

  • What in the world??!!

    by appr8er

    The entire thing is in German!! You can't read a word!! Why in the WORLD would they put the name and preview in English if not a word of it is in English? There's not even an options section that would offer another language!! Every new product we buy comes with a user manual that is fifteen billion pages thick to accommodate every speaking language spoken, and this app can't return the favor by adding the English translation? Yet they have the audacity to name the app in the American language and describe it in the American language. Why? If Americans can't read the app, why even offer it to us?? Developers, take your app and give it to your own people and LEAVE AMERICA OUT OF IT!!! And if you LIVE in America, SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE OR MOVE TO A COUNTRY WHO SPEAKS YOURS!!! I'm sick of people like this! SHEESH!!


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