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Take charge of slicing and dicing! Learn the essential Kitchen Knife Skills from a Food Network pro on this Betterbook, made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone.

Prop this up by your cutting board, and dive into 36 HD video tutorials, interactive guided tours, and illustrated step-by-steps. From tricky basics like cutting onions and tomatoes to the more complicated realm of poultry, seafood, and red meat, it's all here. “Kitchen Knife Skills” is the foundation for any aspiring home cook.

GIZMODO: “‘Kitchen Knife Skills’ is a beautiful app book made by Open Air Publishing, the same folks behind our favorite apps like Speakeasy Cocktails and Wine Simplified. Their app books are always expertly designed and useful.”

“Kitchen Knife Skills” is a book made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone, and includes:
► 36 HD video tutorials from Food Network veteran, Sarah Copeland
► Dozens of interactive guided tours and retina photo step-by-steps
► Extensive knife buying guide
► Quick-reference glossary and pop-up tips with key terms, definitions, and photos accessible throughout

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► Tackle Tricky Food Situations
With full videos and comprehensive step by steps, this is the ultimate guide to every slice, dice, and chop situation in the kitchen.
• Chop an onion without the tears
• Create perfect apple wedges
• Mince garlic for a perfectly seasoned dish
• Take the intimidation out of carving a turkey, cutting up a whole chicken, or filleting a fish.

► Safety First
Feeling tentative with a sharp blade? Creating stability and balance is key, and it starts with the proper grip. Learn how to hold the knife and prepare your food both safely and efficiently.

► Get the Right Knife for You
Technique isn’t everything; the tools are important, too! Learn the difference between European and Japanese knives, and with our buying guide, find the perfect knife for you on any budget.

• Cutting onions
• Tomato slices and wedges
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Avocados
• Pears and apples
• Oranges, lemons, and limes
• Mango and papaya
• Pineapple
• Peaches, nectarines, and plums
• Artichoke
• Carrots, parsnips, cucumbers, and zucchini
• Celery and fennel
• Hot Peppers
• Leafy greens like basil, kale and cabbage
• Leeks
• Potato
• Cutting up and splitting a whole chicken
• Carving a turkey, prime rib roast, or a bone-in ham
• Cleaning, gutting, and filleting a whole fish
• Butterflying shrimp
• Prepping lobster
• Trimming beef tenderloin
• Cutting flank steak

► On-Video Instructor: Sarah Copeland
Sarah is a New York City-based writer, food expert, and urban gardener, and her recipes and articles have appeared in Saveur, Food & Wine, and Real Simple. She was a long-time recipe developer for the Food Network and has published one cookbook, The Newlywed Cookbook, and has another to be published in 2013, Mostly Vegetarian.

► Author: Jane Kirby
Jane is a food writer and educator, and founder of the Vermont Cooking School & Farm. She has worked for Real Simple magazine, Glamour, Ladies’ Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and Eating Well magazine. She has authored several books including Dieting for Dummies and Eat Great, Lose Weight.

Customer Reviews

  • Short and to the point

    by Lyn Joneston

    This book is a no-nonsense approach to learning, and of all things, something crucial to anybody living without an in-house chef. The first chapter alone changed my abilities in the kitchen. The sections on each food item are stripped of any extra fuss and let you know what you need to know in both step-by-step fashion and a video. I can't wait to use the buying guide to purchase my next kitchen knifes! And to put a cherry on top, I love the design of every page. Seriously a must-buy app.

  • Fantastic app to improve your kitchen skills!

    by bluerain8

    The Better Book format makes learning very easy and illustrates techniques exceptionally. Both instructors do a great job of teaching different techniques for a large variety of foods found in a typical kitchen. The format is laid out very well and gives a good overview on types of knives you'll want to consider, how to use them and how to care for and maintain them over time. The videos and teaching sections are brief enough to keep your attention (2-5 minutes each) but comprehensive enough to cover just about everything a typical cook will tackle in the kitchen. Having taken a knife skills class once before (at the Chopping Block in Chicago--a great date idea, by the way), learning proper techniques definitely makes cooking more enjoyable. But the challenge exists when you go home to your kitchen and try to recall techniques weeks after the class. This app solves that problem since it can be a constant companion in the kitchen and the format is laid out very well for referencing any section on demand. The app is a great resource for anyone looking to learn knife skills, particularly for beginner to intermediate cooks/chefs. Having better knife skills means less time spent cutting and more time spent enjoying food and friends...definitely worth the $5 investment! Well done, Open Air Publishing. I look forward to purchasing more of your instructional apps on other practical topics as you publish them in the future!

  • Cut to the chase

    by stockdrover

    If you have never seen a knife in your life, have no idea what it is for, then this book is for you. There was precious little in this app that you wouldn't learn watching one cooking show. I purchased this expecting to learn technique and instead I got a tutorial that fell short of what I already knew. The video demonstrations don't fully cover, let alone expand on the written material. What then, is the point? A good deal of the book is dedicated to sending you to a major online retailer for specific brands of knives. This is what they call a "buyers guide". There is no discussion of those brands or why one might want to pay 10x as much for one knife over the other.


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