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Scan your friends for their level of Drunkenness. Fun trick to play on your friends. You secretly control Drunk-Alyzer to go off when you point it at your friends. It pings like a radar as you scan your friends and you choose when the alarm sounds indicating the presence of a intoxication. It always gets a laugh.
The trick is so simple, but yet very difficult to detect how you make the scanner jump from low to high as you point it from friend to friend. Your friends will inevitably want to try it for themselves (thinking they know how to set it off) just to try it and not be able to figure out how you make it work. The motion to make it work is so simple and subtle it is virtually undetectable.
You can play the trick in many ways, for example, you could make your friends blow on the iphone or touch their nose to the iphone, or just scan their face for signs of drunkenness. You make up the story as to how it works and use the trick to set it off. All sorts of fun.

*** Nerd-Alert, Babe-Alert, & Hunk-Alert are also available from iCOOLgeeks.

****** DISCLAIMER: This app does not actually detect intoxication, it is for entertainment purposes only. ***

- Fun practical Joke to play on friends
- Super easy to learn the trick
- Difficult for people to detect how you do it (especially if their drunk)
- Makes them laugh every time
- Great bar trick
- Possible pickup line

Give it a try! You'll be surprised how much people laugh at it and want to try it for themselves.


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