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- By popular demand, we have added back the Most Recent and Top Rated categories.
- You can directly tap on uncategorized recipes to categorize from the main list again.
- Added an external setting that lets you take a backup when launching the app.
- Fixed a few state restoration related bugs.
- Fixed a few issues that could cause authentication errors during syncing.

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Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. With web importing, grocery lists and meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchen companion. If you love to cook, Paprika will be most useful app you've ever downloaded!

Use Paprika Cloud Sync to wirelessly sync between your devices and take your recipes with you everywhere you go! (Please note: the apps are sold separately, and the cloud sync service is free.)


• Create and modify your own recipes on any device.
• Automatically download recipes from hundreds of websites with a single tap.
• Integrated browser clipboard tools help you clip recipe information from any website.
• Smart recipe view: cross off ingredients when you're done with them, highlight your current step, and keep the screen on while you are cooking.
• Tools to help you cook: start multiple timers, pin active recipes to easily switch between them, and scale ingredients to your desired serving size.
• Timers are automatically detected in your directions: simply tap on one to start!
• Store nutritional information (automatically saved from sites which provide it) and personalized notes for each recipe.
• Find your recipes in a flash with our powerful subcategory organization and advanced search tools which let you search by name, ingredient or source.
• Intelligent grocery list automatically combines your ingredients and sorts them by aisle.
• Use the pantry to keep track of what ingredients you already have.
• Save time and money by planning your meals by the week and month! Create reusable menus from your favorite meals.
• AirPrint and email support for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans. Support for multiple recipe print sizes including index cards.
• Share recipes via AirDrop or email (that other Paprika users can automatically import).
• Import existing recipes from popular desktop apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.
• Export your meal plans to iCal and your grocery lists to Reminders.
• Manual backup and restore keeps your recipe collection save.
• Offline access. All of your data is stored locally, no internet connection is required to view your recipes.
• Paprika Cloud Sync. Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans seamlessly synced between all your devices!
• Bookmarklet. Capture recipes from your web browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.


"However, the Paprika Recipe Manager app for the iPad is all about managing your own recipes. And, it does this brilliantly." -

"With Paprika, I can browse recipe sites to my heart’s content and download them with the touch of a button. This is simply magical." -

"The bottom line is, if you cook often and need to sort through recipes quickly and efficiently (not to mention generate shopping lists on the fly), Paprika is a terrific app and well worth the price." -

Customer Reviews

  • Great recipe organizer

    by J's Ma

    This is one of the best cooking apps I've ever had. It is very comprehensive. You can search a recipe online, and save it on the app, in Paprika format. Great features like scaling a recipe up or down (adjusts amounts of all ingredients); time increments mentioned in recipe is underlined- you click on it and it sets a timer. Paprika is a blessing to cooks who want to stay organized. Love Paprika!

  • Get what you pay for...

    by RWightman

    Yes, this app suite for Mac, iPad and iPhone is more of an investment than others. Here's the truth. After using all three for several months, I'd pay even more for them. Paprika Recipe Manager is absolutely awesome. Intuitive, easy to use, powerful and always in sync. I love this app. My iPad sits on a recipe stand, Paprika open and hard at work. Want a full featured powerhouse recipe manager. Download this on.

  • Use it every day

    by eargasm-lover

    This app is a joy to use. Saving recipes from the web is usually automatic and, if not, is relatively simple. Can easily tag my favorites and quickly search for and find what I'm looking for. Grocery list function works well and everything syncs seamlessly between my devices. Developer has continued to add features that are useful and well designed like integrated timers and a "pin" feature to keep multiple recipes on hand for easy switching back and forth. Love it!

  • Best meal planner/recipe manager

    by Retainedkitten

    This is the first app I've ever been compelled to review. After my old recipe manager app stopped being able to import, and no fix in sight, I decided to try this one. So So happy I did. I'm not kidding this app is 100x's better than any I have tried. Synching between devices is seamless. Importing recipes and meal planning is effortless. Best money I ever spent on an app. Seriously love this app!

  • Excellent Application

    by Rahbeks

    This app is by far and away the best application I have used for my iPhone/iPad and I have used many hundreds! The design of the user interface and the intuitive features are second to none. The process of importing a recipe from the internet is about as seamless and easy as it could possibly be. The features present in this application are full and robust. Frankly, I wish the development team for this App was designing half the other Apps that I use. The only thing that this App does not currently do is cook the food for you, but I am sure that is coming.:-)

  • Love this App!

    by Wineyum!

    I looked at a lot of recipe management apps before settling on this one, and I am so happy that I did! It is VERY easy to use, easy to read, and is able to directly download recipes from a large number of sites. I have entered about 50 of my recipes so far, and I have only had to "cut and paste" about 3 so far that have not been available on a supported site. The screen view is visually pleasing and I have no trouble preparing recipes directly from the screen. The timers built right into the recipe are SO handy. Like that I can also just click and email recipes to others. Cloud backup was a requirement for me, which is why I eliminated some other apps with otherwise solid reviews. Very happy with the app.

  • In love!!!

    by Otter005

    I've had this app on my computer forever and loved it!! Now being able to have on my new iPad!! Even better! I love being able to have handy at the grocery when shopping for the week. I love being able to have all the recipes I love in one place! Totally worth the price!!

  • Among the best apps out there

    by leemuro

    It's rare to find apps of this quality on the App Store. The amount of features packed in this app is amazing and they are all super polished and easy to use. Thank you for creating this app!

  • Love it!

    by Khallnurse

    I love being able to keep all my recipes in one place. I have been downloading my personal recipe collections that are on paper as I cook them. I take pictures of the dishes and download them, also. Usually when I am looking for a new recipe, I look at several and then tweak it to make it my own. With Paprika, I can download the one I like best and then edit it with the changes I make. Before Paprika, when I cooked a recipe I had done before, I always forgot what changes I made. I love that I can keep my changes and make recipes my own. Being able to copy and paste URL's of recipes I find, and then download them into Paprika is awesomely easy!

  • Best digital cookbook

    by Bugtrapp

    ....we've found to date. By far the best apple compatible one. The categories and the search make sense. The recipe grab is very simple, and quick. It syncs effortlessly across multiple devices; which means my husband and I can communicate easily about meal planning.

  • How did I ever manage recipes before?

    by Rich2277

    This is an amazing application for managing and organizing recipes. It's perfectly stable in iOS 7 on the iPad air. I am very impressed with the ability this application has to import recipes from multiple sources. The ease in building menus, shopping lists and export capabilities are the icing on the cake. Best $4.99 I have spent in ages.

  • Love it -- Easy to Use

    by RetiredLB

    Initially I had downloaded a different recipe management app. Within an hour I was so frustrated and knew there had to be something better. After doing some research, I ended up downloading Paprika. I am so glad I did! Paprika allows for easy import of recipes off the web. I have a lot of existing recipes in Word, Pages, and PDF format which I was able to cut and paste quickly. I can cut and paste a whole list of ingredients in one shot, which Paprika can then recalculate the quantities if I need to resize the recipe. This application is very intuitive and I look forward to getting the rest of my recipe collection transferred.

  • The BEST recipe file on the market!!

    by DB4641

    I've been using this program for a couple of years. I love it! I've tried several of the well known recipe programs and none compare to Paprika. If you need/want a recipe file that makes the recipes easy to cut and paste... Well you found it! I bought DVO's "Cook'n" programs and wasted my money... I would highly recommend Paprika!

  • The Best Recipe App!

    by StellaBeatrice

    I have had this app for a while and absolutely love it. So easy to use and easy to download recipes! This is by far the best app I have!

  • Favorite functional app

    by Kellmachelle

    Updating my review since the pantry feature was added. So happy to see it. It was the functionality I was hoping Paprika would offer. Not sure how to use it yet. Would like to see an explanation. I'll look on you tube. I can not say enough good things about this app. Just noticed that the developers have created a link for the timer which is embedded within the actual directions. Not sure how well it works, but looking forward to using it.

  • Like, but not perfect

    by Schoolrn

    I did not have the earlier version so I cannot compare. I like the app itself but there is one big flaw for me. I would love to be able to add something to my menu that I don't have a recipe "leftovers". There are several things I make that at just recipes I know or do by taste.

  • Best Recipe Manager

    by Sharon P.

    This app is everything I wanted in a recipe manager, and even more. I have it on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. When I put in a recipe on one, it appears on the others immediately. The app is very, very good at downloading recipes from the Internet. At times, due to the way recipes are displayed on the internet, I need to help it a little. But the app makes it so easy to copy and paste the ingredients, directions, photo, etc, just takes a minute. This app is where I keep all the recipes I use, plus I put on recipes I want to try. I appreciate that the app did not come with a bunch of recipes I never asked for, making me search through them to get to the ones I actually use and want. It can even re-calculate the amount of ingredients if I double recipe. The app has it's own browser to download recipes too. It is clean, organized, just the best. I can also send recipes to others. Oh yes, and the meal planning is suburb. I love to look at the grocery store sale paper, plan my week, and I almost feel like I have "help" with meals all week long. This is one of my favorite apps on any of my devices!

  • New Version

    by Ctpb

    I use to give it 5 stars now only 3 because it's problematic now! Gee, I'm not liking this new version. Too much going on visually. Tuck some of it away. Loved the old version. Remember the old rule: "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Too many wrong things to press. Please do something!!

  • Love Paprika!

    by Kingdaddy2000

    My favorite features include: 1. Photos can now be clicked on and enlarged - I've been waiting on this feature a long time! Thanks! 2. Sync across iPad, iPhone, iMac, and MBP. 3. Download recipes from websites. 4. Layout / intuitive ease of use. Opportunities for continued improvement: 1. Ability to add more than 1 photo 2. Ability to add or link in videos.

  • Excellent recipe app!

    by ArtZRae

    This app does it all. It organizes your personal recipes that you enter manually and in seconds, you can easily add recipes from almost any cooking/food website and later edit them to your preferences. There's an in-app timer and converter, automatic scaling and a shopping list feature. All of this, and the ability to mark your current steps and cross off ingredients make the prep and the cooking easier. I gifted this app to my mom and now we can easily share recipes. They can be imported right from the email! Best app purchase ever!!!

  • Horrible update

    by Zukeypur

    I wish there were some way to go back to the previous version. I loved the app before the last update, but I avoid using it now. The last version was very intuitive. The updated version is horribly non-intuitive, and words have been replaced by icons. Saving a recipe used to be a easy touch of a button, now it requires multiple buttons in different places. I regret that I have wasted money on all three versions of the app.

  • Must purchase separately for iPad and iPhone to sync

    by Tired of broken apps.

    When I read that the app works on iPhone and iPad, I thought I would be able to have my data on both devices. Nope. You have to pay full price for both apps to have it work on each device. They should have included this in the cost, but perhaps the developers are greedy.


    by Ndybb

    You have ruined an app that I used to love. Much harder to navigate. I think I have to remove a few stars.

  • Not so great

    by Xandyduncan

    Bought the app from my iPad air, opened it up to start using it and it froze up and won't let me do anything. I want my money back.

  • Constantly crashing!

    by sh0ebox .

    Currently unable to use the app at all because it is constantly crashing when I try to open recipes. Looks great but that doesn't do much when it won't function

  • Longtime user now searching for a different app

    by LuvsUGA2

    As others have said, this used to be one of my favorite apps until a recent update. Now it's hard to navigate and it doesn't allow me to just add non-recipe foods to my weekly menu. Very disappointed considering I've bought the ipad and iPhone versions of the app. Thank goodness I saved myself the money and didn't bite the bullet for the Mac version! Please listen to all of the longtime users here and give us our old app back! What could be a 5 star app is now only a 1 star, simply because I can save recipes relatively easy. HATE that I have to purchase a different app to keep up with my weekly menu.


    by RebDi

    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I used to love this app. Have been using it for years - by far the best recipe app out there. Now, It's a disaster. - they reduced the real estate for the recipes by about 50% - it is completely unnecessary to have the categories permanently displayed on the left of the screen. What you use most in this app are the recipes, that's where you want your real estate to be. - even more unnecessary and annoying is the grey bar on the far left. It takes away MORE space from the app. It is insane to redesign an app by taking away space from what you need to see. - The red header bar, which before blended nicely in and didn't visually distract from using the app is now one HUGE, BRIGHT RED EYSORE that distracts you from using the app. Plus, it is huge, so takes vertical space away. All in all - a complete disaster. They took the market leader app and screwed it up so badly you won't want to use it anymore. I'm shopping around for an alternative. Never thought I'd say that. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP, and if you already have it, DON'T UPDATE IT, but stay with your old, elegant, functional version.

  • Upgrade ruined app

    by CatSprat

    I used to love Paprika. It was very user friendly. It is now cumbersome and frustrating. Why fix something that was not broken? Will now need to search for new recipe app.

  • Recent update

    by jbpilot

    Love this app prior to the recent update. It was easy to copy recipes that couldn't be downloaded. Organization is still very good. I use it for everything we try and love.

  • Used to be my favorite app, until last update

    by Michael Westerfield

    This used to be my favorite app, using it almost daily. It had a great look, really functional, easy to use. This last update has ruined all that. I now despise using it and if I didn't have everyone in my house on it I would have migrated from it already.

  • Marvelous

    by freetoremix

    Paprika is literally everything I was looking for in a cooking app. The recipe important feature - a crucial component - is very well executed. As is the grocery list functionality with pantry considerations and grocery-aisle organization. The thing that makes parka so great is the attention to little details of the app: pinning current recipes for quick access is great, but what really gets me is the app's ability to recognize cooking times in the directions of a recipe and make a timer straight from them. Lovely. I would adore an OCR recipe import feature allowing me to digitize my favorite recipes from cookbooks.

  • As good as it gets

    by K.brooke

    I've used this app for a couple years. It keeps getting better. This is the most intuitive app I have on any device. The way it so easily imports recipes from web sites is magic. GET THIS APP!

  • Pretty good app

    by Jbushee

    Does grab more recipes than it tosses errors, but can manually add them. The sync feature would be nice, if I didn't have to spend ANOTHER $4.99 to get the same app for my iPhone How about letting us buy it once people!?!

  • Excellent

    by SRaile

    I love this app! I use it all the time, and it's so easy to add recipes! Pricy ? Yes, but worth every penny!

  • Fantastic

    by Monicat

    This app is the best I've ever used. It is so simple and it even loads the photo of the dish...if it's available. It's actually fun downloading my favorite recipes from terrific sites...without having to type. I would highly recommend this app to those who love to cook and who search for great recipes on the web, as you'll have a great spot to capture your finds. You won't be disappointed. The latest updates add wonderful features. A+++++


    by EODjody

    I really loved this app, and I still want to use it, but it crashes constantly and is infuriating, time consuming, and frustrating.

  • Great app update with the printing options I requested last year.

    by MikeAugu

    Update 12/2013 The latest update (finally) provides great support for printing, thank you! A five star rating would include separate cookbooks. It would be very helpful to completely separate certain collections of recipes. I purchased Paprika for the iPhone and thought this app could be a potential replacement for Mastercook and Handy CookBook. The major drawback was, and still is, the lack of printer font support. I contacted support and was told "We're definitely planning to add printing customizations in the future." That was in December 2012. I purchased the iPad version after this shallopw promise. I know, she did not give me a date but this seemd to be an empty promise.

  • Excellent app

    by PAYankeeChick

    I love everything about this. Portable recipe database between my Mac and mobile devices, easy to search and import - no more stacks of un categorized printouts!

  • Best Recipe app To Date... BUT flawed by Update

    by Beach3um

    Use to be the cat's meow. They updated it and moved "cancel" just barely off the data area in the upper left corner. Now when you are trying to re-place your cursor to type ingredients or directions, the Cancel is so close it is always accidentally getting touched... CANCELLING ALL PREVIOUS WORK.

  • Screen View

    by HKG Foodie

    Pls bring back the old view on the iPad. There are too many things on the screen now. I'd just like to see the recipe lust as before. If I want to see my categories, I'll click on the category button. I don't need it to show all the time. It takes up too much screen space and makes it too busy to look at. I loved the app before, but now the interface is no longer clean and simple.

  • Very pleased

    by StudioPeg

    My first recipient app and it's great. Love how it is organized and how easy it is to enter new recipes. Very pleased.

  • Most recent

    by Trabs33

    I miss the most recent category because when you have a lot of recipes it's easier to find the new ones

  • Update is Terrible

    by kindertsf

    I have used this app since 2012 and used tolove it-- It had 5 stars. However, the new update completely ruined it for me. I wish I never downloaded the update-- the fixed categories menu now blocks the recipe names and there is an annoying stripe in the browser window. Really disappointed...

  • Best cookbook app

    by yertle38

    I use this on my iPad while cooking. Also very useful to be able to add new recipes from any browser. The grocery list is also helpful. The app keeps getting better - grab it now and support them!

  • Worth Every Penny

    by kritter217

    Like others have said, I had a hard time spending 9.99 for an app. I spent several days deciding between this app and a cheaper one but I kept coming back to this one based on the positive reviews. I finally took the plunge and I haven't regretted it. This app is VERY user friendly. Everything I want it to do, it does. Definitely a case of "you get what you pay for.". Get off the fence and buy it and start enjoying!

  • My favorite app

    by Mej1963

    I use this app more than any other. Planning meals, creating grocery lists, using recipes, finding recipes online and importing them with the touch of a button... I use this every day. I tried several other recipe apps, but this one is by far the best. Great support with updates.

  • Paprika

    by Leblanc222

    Great app for storing and sharing recipes. For some reason, though, I can no longer use the microphone to enter recipes instead of typing the info in. Please bring that function back! Otherwise five+ stars!

  • Useful, easy to use

    by Wwfplayer 112233

    I love this app, I use it almost every day. I tried several other recipe apps before I found Paprika - it's the best. Love that it syncs with other electronics, love that my grocery list is always on my phone, love that I can browse and save recipes from anywhere online, love that I can organize and create my own recipe collection..... Great app! And thank you for continuing to update paprika.

  • Worth every penny and more!

    by Mom 2_5

    I have used Paprika for a couple years now. It is by far the BEST meal planning recipe manager out there. And it just gets better! This little app makes my life so much easier to plan, shop for, and cook 3 meals a day for our "large" family. I love being able to create a weeks worth or more meals, and so simply creating a shopping list from that. Then importing the meals into my iCal for day to day planning. I also like to print out my plan so the kids can see it and get a jump start on helping with the prep. I have created my own categories for each day of the week to simplify my planning. There just isn't enough good I could say.... I love Paprika! If you invest a little time to set it up, it can change the way you look at the chore of meals.

  • My cook

    by DeutschMann

    I love this app, especially since there is a iMac version it can sync with. I especially like two things: I can go to a recipe on a web site and have Paprika import the recipe. If a friend has Paprika, I can email a recipe that is automatically added to his or her Paprika.

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