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Seller: Hui Jun Jiang

add 9 new toppings :-)
(red pepper, green pepper,chicken, shrimp,chocolate ball1, chocolate ball2, raspberry, pea, almond)

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*****Free for only Three days********

Aha donuts, makes your favorite donuts in your iPhone or iPod touch. Everyone loves donuts, right? Now you could make a personalized donuts by yourself.

*Choose a lot of different shapes of your donuts.
*Choose all sorts of toppings to make your own donuts.
*Send the picture of your donuts to your friends by EMail.

Customer Reviews

  • Trhe

    by Poih

    More realitic topping different types of donuts and the chocolate powder is sprinkles. Have the update ready by Thursday or I'll kill you

  • Suggetion

    by Oufdhh

    Needs a filling mode

  • Alright.

    by CandyUnicorn

    I do like this app, but it needs more. I think there should be sprinkles of different colors like pink, red, yellow, and purple. What would make it really cool is if you can cook a donut of your own. You should have different shapes instead of circles. I also think there needs to be more topping. For the use of the shrimp and chicken I think there should be a dinner choice donut, made out of yeast. I hope you read this I have a ton of ideas up my shelf I'm a creative girl.

  • Good

    by Peanut Hamster

    Cute app. Needs more donuts and toppings. How about using bagels too? After all, who wants chicken and peppers on their DONUT? You need to be able to choose from the two glazed donuts, a bagel, a cake donut, a donut hole, and a donut without a hole (assume it's creme filled) For toppings: -candy -glaze (for a spread, so u can sort of erase any mistakes) -peanut butter -banana -sprinkles -other fruits Also, u need an undo button!

  • Mistakes

    by Mermaidmarina1234

    The "chocolate powder" is really sprinkles and powder is icing

  • Good but...

    by Mrs. Giggly wiggly

    It need ALOT MORE STUFF!!!! I like it but needs more donuts, candy, frosting, you can pick your own table cloth and plate, and you can put your picture on the donut. Other than the fact that there are way to many things I would recomend it. Thanks!!!!!

  • Boring

    by Aful

    More toppings. More doughnuts!!! They say there's alot. Li What in the world is matcha?????

  • not enof!!!!

    by Shoper girl

    there is practicly nothing 2 do!!!!!! ughhh!! :-( it is annoying!!!!! I don't really <3 this app but I gess it takes time wen ur bored. NEED MORE UPDATES!!!! please get updates!!!!!

  • Aha doughnuts

    by Pj berry 110

    This game is very stupid! You only get 5 options for toppings and only 2 choices of doughnuts

  • Needs alot of work

    by Nat1231232

    I like mavericks apps alot better they have more choices of toppings, flavors and shapes

  • Ick

    by Cupcake8589

    Accidently bought it. BIG mistake

  • Ugghhhh

    by Bbtjjcshilvcykn

    I bought the app and it was the same as the free one. I think there should be mor choices of what kind of doughnuts and the toppings.

  • :( so mad

    by Shorty Mc Short Short

    I got the full version 99 cents and there was an update just today how it has more toppings and it was free so I just wasted a dollar errrrrrr and the free version has the same toppings as the full one but more errrrrrrrrrr

  • Good but needs more !!!!!

    by Fyybdt

    This game is a lot better than more donuts it is the same $ But u need lots of updates like More donuts More things to put on like more fruit , frosting , candy lots of candy like bears ,chocolate , jelly beans , ice cream , that is all I can think of but u need to think of some on your own I got bored of it in 5 min

  • Um...

    by Frog452

    Not enough toppings or donuts! It says lots of different donuts and there's only 2! I like it but it needs more to do.

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