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• iPhone 5 support
• More drink photos

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Free drink and cocktail recipes at the spin of a dial. Browse the list to discover new drinks, or search for a specific one.

Quickly add and remove cocktails to favorites to easily find that drink you liked the next time.

Working with a limited bar? Enter what you have on hand and it will remember and suggest only what you can actually make.

Instead of 1,000's of recipes you've never heard of, Drinks and Cocktails hand-picks and edits each recipe to include only the most valuable drinks and keeps instructions simple and concise, avoiding bar tender jargon and confusing units.

Drinks and Cocktails offers recipes using ounces, millilitres or centimetres, using your device's GPS to automatically select the correct units for your country.

Customer Reviews

  • Muy bueno

    by Servargas1

    Felicidades muy buena aplicación!

  • Useful app

    by F.Soha

    Adds great variety to any night out on the town! I have loads of fun just trying all the new drinks! :-)

  • Great app, to the point

    by Niyen Iredia

    Great app

  • Great app

    by Karolinka1

    Accurate drinks!!! Awesome

  • Great!!!

    by Mr.V.M.S


  • Great!!!

    by Mr.V.M.S


  • Great

    by Skyclad5656

    This app is great! Like having a bartender at your side. So easy to use, you can do it buzzed...

  • Nice

    by bigsloth

    Easy to use and does what you want it to.

  • Very useful. Get it!

    by Picaso T

    Great recipes. Unheard. You will be amazed.

  • GREAT!!!

    by Mr. Ewell

    Great app for trying something new

  • Best cocktail app!

    by NorsiteVt

    Simple, easy to use, comprehensive. Provides recipes with pictures as a bonus.

  • Good by me

    by Donald Byrd

    Good app, very useful with easy to find search items.

  • Drinks

    by Mycrazychild

    Very good. Helps at the bars

  • GOOD

    by Lilian Majano

    Love this app..

  • Outstanding

    by Jwjbug

    Comes in handy

  • Awesome

    by Titangecko99

    Very handy!

  • Handy reference!

    by LabLuvver

    My phone is always handy so it's easy to look up recipes for infrequently made drinks at home or to order something unique at a bar. I've used it since I got my first iPhone!

  • Best drinks app in my experience

    by Roobadenov

    I need this ha ha (Read or watch 'Three men in a boat' to understand)

  • Fun, easy and useful!

    by TrevorLaR

    This is a great app, especially if you want to try new drinks. Love it !

  • one of the best

    by ng517

    one of the best mix drink apps i've seen so far

  • Not great for filtering by ingredients

    by detroitquattro

    So so

  • Refine feature

    by Samiamtall

    I love the refine feature of listing what is in your liquor cabinet, and then it creates all the cocktail drinks available.

  • Drinks

    by Madonna fan forever

    Awesome! Using it right now in a bar!

  • Great app!!

    by Cjp46

    Could have more martini recipes : )

  • Neat app

    by ultraaman

    Simple and easy

  • muy buena facil de entender very helpful

    by Olimr

    muy buena facil de entender very helpful

  • Andes Mint Rules!

    by Old man245

    Who thought milk and vodka was a good mix?! With chocolate and mint it is!

  • Gulp gulp gulp

    by Bubbagordo


  • Ok set of drinks

    by Calvin Carr

    Would be 5 stars if you could add drinks to it.

  • Nice app

    by Chandra_R

    Lots of choices

  • Great app

    by Dr. Yucatan

    Excellent well done! An easy-read practical guide to any drink you wold like to know. :D !!

  • Excellent

    by U&B

    Excellent app and easy to use! Great for parties

  • Love it!

    by tvamb

    It's like having your own bartender. Great way to try new drinks.

  • OK

    by Ssezi

    Suggestions aren't spectacular but the drink list is cool.

  • Bartender

    by Half Lounge

    Great app. Easy to use. Perfect for behind a bar or just having around to make interesting drinks for friends... correctly.

  • Good app

    by Studafoo

    Good app just needs more info an type of glasses maybe substitutes for different drinks

  • Good enough

    by Carlos V cr

    Really is good enough.

  • Love it!

    by Neekster1234

    The only thing that could make this app better was if there were pictures included for ALL of the drinks :)

  • Good drinks, good times

    by Nic-k

    Easy to use, great selection, I like it.

  • Good stuff

    by ATeXasFBall

    Not the best out there but it's pretty good.

  • "Cheers"

    by Hector Quezada

    Best and more complete drinks "recipe"

  • Great Assistant!

    by Pub Master

    Fantastic app, makes you look like you know what you're doing when hosting a party!

  • Very Useful For Some Variety!

    by keltub

    I find this app very useful. Whether you frequently go out, host dinner parties or not then this app will add variety to your drink menu. Whenever I go out I never know what to order, and ended up getting the same drink time and again. However, with this app I get to have a little variety. Plus, I get to select my drink based on type of alcohol depending on my mood and type of restaurant. I highly recommend this app!

  • Useful

    by P Rice

    It's a useful app if you're feeling like a drink and have the necessary ingredients

  • Awesome & Helpful App !!!

    by abaka_72

    Thanks for having this app!! So helpful when deciding on last minute gatherings, or simply looking for more variety in drink recipes...

  • Connaîsseur!

    by Cloclo26

    Sweet app! Makes you feel like a true connaîsseur!!!

  • Good on the Go!!!

    by Mr Philo49

    This is an App that u can use anywhere and anyhow!

  • The best

    by I think it's great

    The best

  • Good

    by Ceeon101

    Works for me.

  • Best go to guide!!

    by Brizzy0622

    This is a handy App to have in your phone!! Especially for girls night out!! Fun to scroll through and order something you've never had before.. Definitely interesting when ordering a drink and your telling the bartender how to make it!! Lol. Best go to guide to drinks by far!!

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