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Take a complete wine course with world renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson. Learn about wine tasting, fermentation, harvesting, weather, wine brokers & merchants, the wine industry, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Champagne and distinctive wines. All while traveling the world.

In this five-hour, multi award-winning tour of the world of wine Jancis Robinson gives us a basic understanding of wine: how it is made, how to appreciate it, how to properly store, open, and drink it and how to best pair food and wine. Robinson is an expert in the field, Master of Wine, co-author of Wine Grapes and The World Atlas of Wine, editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, and daily contributor to This application is not just about the drink; just as interesting is her look into the people behind the wines. Each subject introduces a new locale and the people who cultivate the grapes and turn them into nectar. Robinson never speaks down to her viewer--she points out that wine should not be a serious subject, that its point is to provide pleasure--although she is frequently a bit condescending to the vintners in her interviews, making the show all the more amusing. Some of the best moments occur when she offers a winemaker a taste of the competitor's wine--somehow they never think it is quite up their own standards. She revels in revealing the scandals and failures of the wine world, providing a gossipy feel.

- Matching hundreds of foods with wine with interactive search
- Five hours of instructional video (titles listed below) originally broadcast as an acclaimed tv series in 1995
- Complete White Wine Grapes defined
- Complete Red Wine Grapes defined


- University Days
- Wine Professionals
- Tasting
- On Grapes
- Fermentation
- Wine Oscars
- Decline
- Make or Break

- Liquid Gold
- Brave New World
- New Methods
- Burgundy Spirit
- Harvest
- Farming Water
- Wine Barrels
- Worldís Favorite Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon
- FÍte de la Fleur
- The Aristocrats
- American Roots
- Chilean Cabernet
- Bad Weather
- Madame Descaves
- Brokers & Merchants
- Pricing

Sauvignon Blanc
- New World Wine
- Variable Climate
- European Restrictions
- Wild Man
- Flying Winemakers
- Passing Fads?
- Chile
- Refreshing

Syrah a.k.a. Shiraz
- Treasure
- Guigal
- The Right Grapes
- California
- Shiraz
- Peter Lehmann
- Wine Industry
- The Chairman

- Frozen Grapes
- Difficult to Sell
- Corks
- Austria
- In the Cellar
- Noble Rot
- Willi Opitz
- Eastern Europe

Pinot Noir
- Burgundy
- Henri Jayer
- Queen of Burgundy
- The Japanese
- Bio Dynamism
- Oregon
- David Lett
- California

- Napa Valley
- Dan Duckhorn
- Hard Times
- A Plague on the Land
- Merlot Land
- Prohibition
- Down Home Farm Product
- Wine is Special

Grapes & Gas
- Bubbles
- Mr. Champagne
- The Tunnels
- Champagne is Alive
- Image
- To California
- Nullabor Plain
- A Test

Grape Invaders
- Distinctive Wines
- Angelo Gaja
- Dog Kennels
- In Spain
- Tempranillo
- Home in France
- Randall Graham
- Getting Better


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