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* 70+ Drinking Games;

* Favorites so you can save the ones you liked the most;

* Random game chooses a game for you if you don't feel like picking.

Customer Reviews

  • Beerpong?

    by Body shots

    Missing the greatest game but still a lot of new games to learn which is fun

  • Great!

    by Chewmieser

    A bit pricey when I bought it, but awesome nonetheless... Thanks :).

  • Hmmm

    by ccasey3524

    Great ideas, but I really expected there to be more games than what come with it being it costs 2 bucks, honestly I've come up with better off the top of my head, and they're free!! Would LOVE am update with some more games!!!

  • Love this

    by gixxerdude

    I use it all the time!!

  • A hit over the weekend!

    by nerdassaurus rex

    I hit a couple of parties, and some friends liked it so much they bought their copy then and there from their phones. 'Nuff said.

  • Party Saver!!

    by vivekusc

    This is a pretty cool app. I was at a party that was kindda dying down, so I started checking out the app store for some entertainment. So I ran into this app, started checking out some of the drinking games, and sure enough we spent all night playing some of them. We already made plans to get together again to play some of the other ones! Good stuff!

  • Lots of drinking games but most are kinda dumb!

    by Caliman707

    This app does deliver what was promised though.

  • Worth it

    by B. Buckthorn

    If you've EVER run out of drinking games... Definetely worth it

  • So glad I stumbled across this!

    by carrieabby

    So it's Friday night and I could not b happier to have found this app now. It's the perfect resource for anyone who enjoys drinking with friends or entertaining people. I personally enjoy the abcs of sex game and feel like I gave an endless supply of fun at my fingertips. It's easy to navigate thru with a great user interface. I'm def looking forward to using this app frequently!!

  • Life of the party!

    by zGrinch

    Awesomes games and LOTS of them! Cheaper than a 6 pack and it will last A LOT longer.

  • It's good but not great

    by A-Tkid10

    The beer pong game is the correct way but not the more fun way. What you need to do is set up the cups in a triangular form starting with 4 cups in the back 3 goes next then 2 and 1. 2 ppl per team. If u make both balls you get them back. That's the basic rules

  • Party Hit

    by Jewel04

    We've spent quite a few nights playing different games. Great selection, lots of fun.

  • These games rock!!

    by Mobius Trip

    Thanks for writing this app! Can't wait to try these out with the ladies!

  • Great way to liven up a party!

    by Wavicle9

    This app was lots of fun at a party last weekend. Read through the game before you play it though, we switched to quarter-shots instead of full shots because we didn't want to end up in the hospital. Lots of fun though. "Monopoly" was hilarious fun (but seriously, use smaller amounts of alcohol!). Cheaper than a 6 pack and way more fun!

  • No.

    by LeviHW


  • Cool

    by Antone253

    It's cool

  • Missing Games?

    by Darth Den

    Where's Ring of Fire? Thumper?? Would be great to have these, as they're classics and I always forget the rules while drunk. ;) Porfavor!

  • Piece of $&@#!!!

    by 585 113 730

    I have spent several hundred dollars at app store and this app is only crappy app I feel that I got ripped off. I have never written any review after app purchase but I must write this review to tell everyone this app is high way robbery. This app is text ONLY!!! App have no part in drinking game besides testing how wasted your by trying to read tiny text description of game you want to play. If you have iPhone then you have data service, so use it to google drinking game for FREE instead of giving thief 2 dollar. I cannot believe this developer have audacity to undermine ipone/itouch capability and its users, AND charge $2 for it!!! Crazy guy....

  • Idk what to even say

    by BuddyBoy88

    It's an ok app but I bought it with the intentions of actually getting to try out the games by playing them on the ipod AND getting the instructions of how to play the game. It's not worth the 1.99 don't waste ur time and monney

  • How can this cost money?

    by Odjerrie

    There are about 20 drinking games on here. I have played many drinking games. None of them are on here. There is most likely a website with more games. If I find one I'll add a link to my review. Good idea lacking the drinking game part though

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