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  • Publisher: doapp, inc
  • Updated: Jun, 16 2011
  • Version: 4.9.3
  • Size: 7.53 MB

Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: DoApp, Inc.

The latest is always the greatest!
You can now get push notifications that open up the article directly! No more trying to find that article in the app.
We've also added a Notification Center which is where all pushed stories are in case you missed them.
We also redesigned the front page to have the extended forecast right on the front screen.
There are also some design improvements that just make the app better.

Send us suggestions and feedback as we want to make it the best news app for you!

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Your mobile source for up-to-date Conservative news.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App for Conservative News

    by ATOJ

    I have to say I've enjoyed this app and the news articles they find related to conservative current affairs.

  • About Time

    by Lon Warner

    Great conservative articles!

  • Excellent app!

    by MervNE

    Easy to use & time saver!

  • True American

    by Tea party guy

    Your site is awesome, we need to combat the left wing in this country by every means possible. Information that you put out is making a difference!

  • I like it.

    by Rabertsche

    Good app! Use it a lot.

  • awesome

    by logandes

    this help me educate my self even further in what I already had strong beleafs in , highly recommend to anyone who wants to further our country

  • Awesome

    by Storm rabbit

    Very informative!! Love it

  • One of the best

    by Rikbrooks

    I'm tired of the liberal news. This gives me conservative stories all in one place

  • Pretty good

    by Republic-no-Democracy!

    Update isn't great but it'll be fixed eventually

  • Emcee51

    by Sting444

    Excellent articles, concise and informative!

  • Great

    by D3g3

    Great,great,great app. Can not say enough good about it.

  • Bad update, great app!

    by I am John Galt?

    I loved the old style, but I bet it was some legal crap that made you change the style.

  • Wonderful interface!

    by robertthebigdog96

    Great app for all things conservative! Has a chat, and tons of great sources and networks!

  • Very informative

    by 0000000099999009990996420057

    Very informative

  • Informative

    by Perk0517

    Excellent app use it daily as my source for accurate,up to date conservative news perspective

  • Great app

    by Dominicx24x

    Great app every conservative should get it

  • Great news app

    by Nick859

    All in one source for the news I frequent most.

  • Awesome App!

    by Paul Musco

    It actually tells the truth!

  • All the Conservative news sources in one place

    by Gary Dewyn

    I have read tweets, blogs, and Facebook posts that reference some online news source. Now in one app I can find these sources and post them as well.

  • Awesome news app!!

    by MTinAL

    I use this every day on my iPhone. Easy to use, easy to read. Very current with what's going on, and what's not reported in mainstream media. Excellent app!

  • U have to have facebook or twitter

    by Mattman78

    When i went to post something in the chat, it said i had to sign in to facebook or twitter. Whats up with that. I dont have either

  • Thumbs down since upgrade

    by Woffojl

    Loved the old version. Now I can't find news articles from my favorite journalists. Go back. You have a unique product, but the upgrade is a complete fail.

  • No good now

    by Act Patriotic

    It used to have great content but is now useless. Will be deleting it if it doesn't improve soon. I miss the Levin pod casts. Although streaming would stop when the phone slept and you could not leave the ap. I'm back to using Mark's ap which works well lately.

  • Terrible update

    by Gone 2 OBX

    A+ before update..... Garbage now

  • Worthless now

    by Midwest101

    What happened to all the news? I even went back to the older version and now there are only 4 options.

  • Cool App

    by GTR3434

    Good app for right side information

  • Good News

    by Iessoteriaous

    Great app

  • One nation under God

    by #5564763

    I have grown so tired of the liberal media and their obvious biases, which are so transparent it's embarrassing, that I love having reading news yet to be tainted by the left's 'progressive' ideals.

  • Right wing conservative

    by Lift the veil bobbitt

    In a world full of biased liberal left media, this app is a found gem. Conservative, truth based news. Let common sense prevail!

  • Great App!!!

    by GlockPatriot

    Nicely designed, easy to navigate with!!!

  • Impressed

    by 2Wheelr60

    Nice addition to Drudge

  • Amazing

    by Travis059

    This app has made it easy to get quality accurate conservative news whenever I need it.

  • Review

    by tmrocks777

    Excellent app, I use it everyday.

  • Conservative news

    by Geezworld

    Awesome app, I use it everyday. It has several conservative outlets in one area and even has a liberal arena where conservatives destroy their liberal nonsense. Definitely recommend it.

  • Dismantle the Liberal Left

    by LayNDeep

    The only thing worse than a stinky liberal is Obama. Stay informed and stay vigilant people!

  • Raddman

    by Hoglicker

    I love this app!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Ace. II

    Helps me get pass the election!

  • Great resource

    by DeTork

    This app makes it easy to go to many of the top conservative sites without having to maneuver to each individually. If you want to get an overview of conservative thought in a quick way, this is a good way to do it.

  • Sappers!

    by Sapper623

    Great site and everything I need to check the days REAL NEWS!

  • Nice Work

    by Maninchrist

    Very informative. Simple to navigate. Surprisingly reliable.

  • New format

    by Prophet dopey

    Like the new format ! Why does Glenn Beck get prominence? Old news from his web site- need up 2 date info

  • Site good but phone slow

    by Chilcootum

    I enjoy what I can use of this site, but my I-crap phone frequently does not load pages or columns of content.

  • News

    by Bono⛳

    Great love the news need more articles

  • Excellent one stop news source.

    by Onehack

    Excellent one stop news source

  • DCMS

    by Aristarchus1

    Excellent app.

  • Conservative News

    by PCN35

    Great app for accessing multiple news sources.

  • Bob

    by Rmdolan

    It's an all-in-one application that I really enjoy having.

  • Great app!

    by wcmopackrat

    Saves a lot of time getting conservative news. A lot of info in one app.

  • The News

    by OregonMik

    I like the News block with its various feeds. Covers a lot of bases.

  • Love This App!!!

    by SonicArts

    I use this app EVERY DAY!!! Well worth your time!

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