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Welcome to the Applebee’s official app, designed to help you find your nearest neighborhood Applebee’s; browse our menu so we can See You Tomorrow.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Eiffel7801

    Best app I have. Use it daily.

  • App does what it says

    by Jeff in Texas

    Quit whining that the app doesn't work. The app does what it says. Nowhere does the description say the functionally to order food from the app exists. Menus for Applebee's are regional but has a core set of items that are included in the app. Prices vary by location too so until ordering from the app is available don't expect to see prices. Carside to go isn't a button! It indicates the service is available at that location. GET A GRIP PEOPLE!

  • Ok app. Nutritional info now included.

    by Galileoismyworld

    Nutritional info is now included - just tap the bar that says nutritional info. That being said, you can't customize the nutritional info - e.g. Take the onions and sauce off, add tomatoes, how does that change the calorie count. Would be nice if they did something like that, a la the Red Robin customized app. That one rocks.

  • Great!

    by sperryfevr45

    I agree that the people who are whining about this app are nit pickers and forget what it is about. This app gives the locations and menu items...what more do you need? Pick a location and the address and phone are right there. Perfect if you're on the road. If you are one of those people that needs to count calories, that will be on the menu inside. Good app!

  • Nothing but whiners...

    by Lawsz28

    Everyone on here leaving their reviews of this app sound completely ridiculous to me! Boohoo you can't order from the app... Or you can't see calories and the one person who wrote they wouldn't re-download the app until they give them what the want is proving my point! Get a life, you can't always get what you want... Everyone's so dependent of technology that they forget that the simple things in life, like actually calling to place an order or going inside and ordering is the normal thing to do... The important thing is, they show the location of the restaurant...

  • Ok

    by SDS123SDS

    Good locator, ordering to go world be a nice addition.

  • App does everything it says

    by Fightbusteddorks

    You can't online order from Applebee's, why would you be able to from the app? You can get the number from your closest location from the app and order. It will be ready when you get there.

  • Not the worst...kinda

    by Supersobi5

    Well, at least I can say it is better than I was expecting based on the other reviews. From a quick scan they seem to have decent descriptions on their two for $20 items but the rest of the menu is lacking even a basic listing of the items. Locate a location feature is handy but could be accomplished just as easy with any location searching app. I'd give this two stars but I'll add a half a star for potential and be generous and round to three. If they add items and the descriptions of every item to the menu and add a to go ordering feature it would probably be at least a four star app.

  • Good App

    by Apcayer81

    App does everything it says it should.

  • Update!!!

    by Giovanni Perez

    Must update their stuff

  • Seriously - a web app?

    by cruddell001

    This is nothing more than a web app. The tab bar scrolls up with the page! That on top of a low functioning app = crap. Hope they didn't pay more than a couple hundred bucks to get this POS made.

  • Don't bother

    by Mmr-food

    This app will help you find an Applebee's and not much else beyond that. Many of the menu categories were empty. Still no nutrition info. Deleted it already.

  • Useless

    by Jobo4ed

    They should really use something better like appay, which can do everything this app can plus it has ordering capabilities and iBeacon support...there is even an app for franchises/businesses to create their menu and view incoming orders

  • Worthless app

    by 555Anne

    What is the point of this app? Can't order car side to go from it, no nutrition info. Totally worthless. Deleted!!! I ordered from Chili's instead.

  • Updates and fixes seriously needed!

    by Queer bait buy

    Menu sections subject to change, based on current franchise locations, are not available on this app! Online ordering is also impossible to do on this app! These are two vital areas that sorely need bug fixes and updating ASAP! Until then, I can only give this app at least two stars – and that's my being generous!

  • Horrible

    by Kingplatinum

    It's good for nothing doesn't even have all the menu and delete

  • Useless

    by Nailz81

    Full menu NOT included. Car side to go shown but doesn't do anything. Like others, I'll keep it, hoping for updates. Glad I didn't pay for it.

  • Misleading pictures!

    by Engrgal

    Found no nutritional information at all! Extremely disappointed with the misleading pictures advertising this app. Please update!!!

  • This app is worthless!!!

    by OnPartyBusiness

    Only a couple of the menu choices show. If you're trying to check out their menu on the fly, it just doesn't work for iPad. Totally useless.

  • Useless

    by Tam80

    I was hoping the app would give nutritional info for the menu items, but no such luck. This app has only three functions. 1) location finder, 2) menu, 3) gift card balance/purchase.

  • Agreed. Delete it

    by MW6432

    Waste of space. Useless. Make it so you can order food. Duh!

  • Useless

    by Beekeeper1

    I agree with other reviews. This app only provides directions and location. Wish the carside option worked.

  • Where's the Nutrition Info???

    by IndyJan

    Sitting in Applebee's trying to decide what to order. Downloaded the app and guess what--there's no nutrition info anywhere! I had to go to the website to find what I wanted. Promptly deleted the app--why waste the space??

  • Can't rate lower than one star

    by P.O.'ed in Ohio

    Worthless - can't do anything, can't see many menu items - only keeping it w/ hopes it'll get some fresh updating

  • I just now D&D'd it.

    by Ben Massey

    (Download, delete) (I just now came up with that) go ahead and claim it as your own app rating language, heck everybody else does!! I don't need any recognition for my unique and catchy style of communication to feel important on this planet, especially when the whole world is watching and they all care so much about how cool I am. That just makes me crave attention even less. Ha! Yeah I'm cool because from this day forward, D&D'd is going to be standard app rating language, but you won't catch me asking for credit! I don't care if you think Santa came up with D&D'd. I don't even know why I'm writing this review!! Lol oh yeah, this app is worthless to me. I just downloaded it, and deleted it. Try it! You'll see why

  • Terrible

    by Qui Est Faba

    There's literally no reason to download this app.

  • No ability to place carside order

    by Gurt409

    I downloaded the app thinking I would be able to browse the menu and prices and place an order with carside to go. It didn't have either of those options. I expected so much more from a franchise this large. I ordered chipotles instead with their app.

  • Where's the nutrition??

    by MandyKayePatt

    I downloaded this app thinking that Applebee's is a restaurant for the calorie counter, the weight watcher, so how awesome would it be to download this app to easily transfer my info to my calorie counting app ( not all of Applebee's menu is on my cal. Counting app- grrrr). This app is useless. I will be removing it from my phone but checking back frequently to see if they FINALLY read these reviews and give me what I want!!

  • Worthless

    by kcwookie

    This app is absolutely worthless. It doesn't contain information that it needs to contain, and also lacks the prices. You can get more information on Applebee's products are going to the website. If you download this app expecting to find nutrition information, it's mostly not there. I was extremely disappointed with this app, and promptly deleted it. Don't waste your time. Frankly, if Applebee's thinks this app is going to bring in business, it will probably do the exact opposite.

  • Terrible

    by City lit

    Just go to the website. Don't waste your time.

  • Ummmm

    by ADB1982

    Can you REALLY NOT order from the app?!? I hope I'm just being spacey for Applebee's sake!

  • Meh

    by InvaderDoomSongRigby

    You click on the menu items to view and it doesn't how you anything under the appetizers I didn't even bother looking at anything else

  • Why was this app created?

    by sallylm

    What is the point of this app? Give me complete menus, give me calorie counts, give me something useful.

  • Less than minimal app

    by Vandraedha

    Missing whole sections of the menu, no prices, descriptions, or nutrition info on most menu items. No online ordering. No gift card/coupon storage. No passbook integration. No ability to designate favorite restaurants or menu items. Frankly, the Safari website is of more use. Unfortunately, I can't rate this app less than one star. I sure hope it improves.

  • Horrible

    by Srushmore

    Very limited, poorly executed app.

  • Worst app ever

    by 3267

    We order curb side frequently. It is easier to use safari than the app. It won't find locations accurately (kept trying to send us to a kansas location from pa. Can't view menu accurately.

  • App does NOT work

    by PrivateCowBoy

    Menu does not load and worst of all... you cannot order online!!!

  • This app is a joke

    by X'BEAN

    Nothing in it even a link. Order online? Kidding me???

  • Terrible

    by Gates02

    Can't view menu or order from app..what's the point of this ?

  • What's the point?

    by Frustrated690

    You cannot look at any menu items or order anything. At least let me look at the freakin menu or don't list it as an option!!!

  • Why Bother!!

    by Jnan4243

    This app does nothing, except locate a store. YP does a better job! Would be nice to order "Carside" on my way home.

  • Lame

    by MrsJudy

    Can't view the menu or order car side. Would be nice to have details on every item. Needs an update!

  • Where's the menu?

    by HungerMe

    I wasn't expecting to be able to order from the app like other reviewers, though that certainly would have been nice, but at a minimum I did expect to be able to view their menu items. All that comes up are categories (entrees, desserts, sandwiches, steaks, etc.) one would logically assume tap the category to get the menu items in that category. But no. Tap the category and just get a cheezy phrase about tasty juicy sandwiches. How about a listing of your juicy sandwiches so I can order one of them. This download was a severe disappointment and a waste of my time. I can't believe Applebee's is actually promoting this app on their website. It's a joke. And incomplete at best. Try again Applebee's.

  • I love Applebee's, but...

    by 27_notes_dance_in_ink_34

    If I could give this app zero stars, I would.

  • Useless app

    by Vgsgrl1

    Couldn't view the menu or order. Don't bother with this app

  • Nothing

    by Nate_Dawg_87

    Couldnt view the menu. Only items viewable were the sizzling entrees nothing else would come up.

  • Nothing

    by Tamberlin

    It literally did nothing. Blank screens. Just the logo. It's not even an ad. Empty.

  • Can't order to go from app

    by Tortuga Pimp

    This is more or less an ad to promote Applebee's. You can't order Carside to go.

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