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This release fixes a few minor issues.

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This first-of-its-kind app of the bestselling cookbook—How to Cook Everything® from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman—has 2,000 recipes, 400 how-to illustrations, and a host of features that appeal to cooks on the go.

This app is optimized uniquely for both the iPad and the iPhone, making the most of the size, shape, and capabilities of each. (Some features are specific to the iPad only.)

In the app you’ll find:

• The full content of the multiple-award-winning How to Cook Everything®: all 2,000 recipes and variations.

• Bittman’s no-nonsense cooking guidance: how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and meal-planning ideas.

• Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, including enhanced filters and the ability to browse recipes and reference information.

• Dedicated layouts for portrait and horizontal views, so the information and recipes are easy to follow—from any angle.

• Inspiring photos of weekly featured recipes (iPad only).

• Well-organized and email-friendly shopping lists that make it easy to buy ingredients—and whatever other groceries you need at home.

• The ability to bookmark particular recipe steps and jump with ease among recipes (iPad only).

• The ability to convert temperatures and quantities to metric.

• Handy built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps.

• A How-To section that provides convenient access to hundreds of illustrated tutorials on a broad range of topics (iPad only).

• A notes tab on each recipe that makes it easy to add your own recipe notes (iPad only).

• Select quotes from the book with voice-overs by Mark Bittman (iPad only).

• A constant-on button to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook (iPad only).

• The ability to print recipes and shopping lists and to add recipes to calendars.

• The ability to email up to 10 recipes a month to yourself or to friends.

• Cooking inspiration: Bittman’s Picks, Featured Recipes, Menues, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes.

• Feed your friends: Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows you to share what you’re cooking with your social network!

• Owners of the new iPad: this one's for you. We've updated the app to include a full set of retina display graphics and images to take full advantage of your high-resolution screen.

All recipe and reference content is embedded in this app, which means that you can use it even if you don’t have a network connection. The How to Cook Everything app is the perfect complement to the book, an invaluable resource and guide.

• • •

"The bells-and-whistles of this app are what make it a must-buy, from grocery lists you can email to how-to illustrations. Bittman also makes it nearly impossible to mess up a dish—each recipe step has a built in timer so there’s less chance you’ll forget how long your osso bucco has been cooking."

   — Bon Appetit

• • •

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Customer Reviews

  • Super App

    by OGilley

    This app is super handy and is a great source of both recipes and how-to info for all sorts of kitchen tasks. I enjoy just browsing the techniques to learn better ways to do things. And, there are tons of very well organized recipes to try.

  • Simple yet wonderful

    by ibchad71

    Easy to use, great variety!

  • Great

    by Baltimore ray

    Very easy to use

  • Well organized

    by irishstevieray

    Becoming a go-to source for me in the kitchen.

  • Refresh

    by Harukolovesapps

    Great functionality. Requires IOS7 update.


    by Erik of ~Anzeigen

    So very useful & BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE !!! Not "out dated" looking at all ☺

  • Awesome

    by Hosein Dp

    It's a best cooking app

  • Excellent App

    by Lovecharliebrown

    I find this app to be just what every busy working individual needs! The recipes are amazing and they're so much fun to do!

  • Gr8 app!

    by arjunebox

    Gr8 app!

  • Great Like this app

    by Wilkenia

    Offers easy and clear directions as well as a wide variety of recipes.

  • Needs VoiceOver Support

    by The Blue Indian

    Awesome idea, but NEEDS VOICE-OVER SUPPORT!

  • Still needs iOS 7 interface

    by B.L. Scott

    How to Cook Everything has plenty of good recipes, but its interface is outdated and desperately needs a refresh. What good is cooking, anyway, if it requires looking at an ugly screen?

  • Bittman is a fave

    by timmerritt

    There are many helpful tips and cross references in this hyperlinked cookbook/app. I have long enjoyed Mark Bittman's writing online and this app does a good job of bringing him into the kitchen with me. I don't need all the basic help it provides but many cooks might. The built-in timers and shopping list features are really useful. Enjoyable recipes, approachable tone - a really great app and a really great guide to cooking.

  • Great app

    by Daddy of 8 kiddos

    Great cooking app. Set up to work with google calendar as well. Nice overall.

  • Best cooking app

    by pollac

    Great app for anyone. Please update the UI to iOS 7.

  • This is a great app.

    by El roi7

    Don't have any thing bad to say about this App. It is a true kitchen companion.

  • Better than the book

    by jeffanon

    More than an electronic book, it's a quick, easy, colorful tool that's tremendously versatile. Couldn't live without it.

  • I love this app!

    by Kmoncure

    I am a huge fan of this app, and have recommended itto just about everyone with a smart phone or tablet. I love being in a grocery store and being able to look up ingredients, or get something at the farmers market and come up with creative ways to cook it. Plus I love Mark Bittman!

  • I use this all the time.

    by Krisvos

    I really like this app. The basic tips are great for a kitchen dummy like me!!

  • Bit cluttered, but good recipes

    by ThatGreyFox

    Should show a bit more recipes per screen instead of having to scroll all the time, but the food shown are almost all delicious.

  • Solid 5 stars

    by M_Princess

    Both content and execution are top notch. Great app.

  • Helpful For Novice Like Me

    by ex2bot

    I often reach for this app to help me decide what to cook. I can select an ingredient, and the app suggests meals I can cook. I've learned a lot.

  • Great App

    by Chil7

    I use it almost daily. My goto guide in the kitchen. I really like how Mark makes tricky recipes simple and I'm expanding my meal base all the time.

  • Great app

    by Ralphael7

    Yes I enjoy doing cooking. And I find this app to be very helpfu

  • Excellent how-tos

    by SelinasKitty

    Love that it has detailed instructions on many common cooking techniques, not just recipes. Great book!

  • Great all-around cooking reference

    by Fifteen handicap

    A great reference, nothing extravagant or fancy, a solid cookbook. Well organized and easily searchable. Bookmark your own favorites list. Add notes to each recipe. Contains recipe variations and "how to" tips for beginners. Covers all the basics and then some.

  • Love it!!!

    by Reggio3

    The only knock about this app is the lack of picture for many recipes. However, I use this app everyday for many occasions.

  • The go-to guide

    by Hogtrot

    Genuinely helpful. Ideal for the beginner. Down to earth and practical.

  • Amazing!!

    by BananaCreamPie89

    It's like an entire recipe book in my pocket. Really love this app couldn't imagine my kitchen life without it. Highly recommend it to all types of cooks

  • Maz

    by Themaz1

    Excellent app. Used some of the recipes this past summer for grilling and always great results.

  • Delicious app

    by Wie_gehts531

    This is now my go to app for dinner, lunch, parties, anything food related. Recipes are easy to follow. I love the built in timer. Worth the money!!!!

  • Five star for a good app

    by shrnc

    Very useful, deserve to get five stars, a good app to keep.

  • Really useful

    by Thfeeiyy

    I use this both for recipes, which have been great, and as a starting point for ideas. The app is easy to navigate, has a straightforward recipe and variation format, and, thank goodness, an automatic anti-dimming mechanism so you don't have to keep tapping the screen or restarting after you have stepped away for a while to chop onions, stir the pot, etc.

  • IMHO

    by wrnii17

    The best cooking app out there. Updated often. No buyers remorse here, get it now and begin to discover the best this app has to offer.

  • Great App

    by Cmcenroe

    Anyone who likes to cook this is the app for you. I just wish they would update for iOS 7. But that's not a big deal

  • Invaluable!

    by Anthony Tusler

    Bittman's How to Cook Everything is my go-to cookbook these days. This app makes that process so much easier.

  • Has me cooking again

    by hbookreader

    It has been years since I took the time to cook much, especially trying new recipes. This app has me doing it again. I enjoy the tasty but not complicated recipes and all so the ease at which you can look up techniques and see variations. I live that you can keep your own notes right in the app with the recipe. It really is a well thought out app and what I have always wanted in a cooking app. Also live that you get new recipes added all the time which you can't do with a hardcover cookbook.

  • Tasty!

    by bennyNYC

    Love this, a great use of the medium! I'm a beginning cook, and the writing style was clear enough so that I actually "got"several key basics right away. I only wish it could import the grocery list (generated from a recipe - genius!) to a number of these other grocery list apps. I invested a bunch of time into Fridge Pal, as I'm sure many others have done with other apps. It's but a quibble, but it would make it even more delightful! (I'm greedy that way.) All in all, worth the ten bucks!

  • Get this App!

    by GmmaV

    I've been cooking for 63 years and I regularly learn something from this app. The recipes are great and the technique tips are handy and useful! Gmma V

  • Disappointing

    by PowerWizard

    I paid $10 for this app and it doesn't even have the recipe for traditional coleslaw. Most of the app is pretty basic, and unless you can't boil water, it not worth the price. No appeasing or innovative recopies, just basic dishes. Real let down.

  • Inspirational

    by DarkStarRises

    Great graphics, and a good place to start exploring the world of culinary arts.

  • Worth the price

    by Boodlz

    Have used the "Yellow Book" for years to point of binding failure. Spotted stained & saturated with our comments, it's better ref than Joy. This ap is all of book and more. What really makes it is ability to add our notes and see variations in an easier format than book. Good search easier than using a print index. Finally, always screen on button is very handy (I'm on OS 6).

  • Great app!

    by WaFlyGuy

    I highly recommend this great cooking app.

  • Ad Central

    by Loomie239

    So after paying $10 for this app you get pop-up ads that won't go away. Oy FAIL!

  • Good app for new cooks

    by Theophanes

    Great app with lots of tips. The shopping list functions are really helpful. Its saved me a lot of time scouring the Internet.

  • Great starter book

    by g.SFG

    Very handy app for quick look up

  • App Rox

    by Todrox

    One could not ask for better information in a cookbook! It's gotten us out of our rut and back to enjoying new and delicious recipes. Thank you Mark. Hope you have another in the works.

  • Outstanding

    by Triple mad skills

    The app is well designed and has some really well thought out features. The grocery list is organized by type of food: produce, meat etc. as well as alphabetically. You can also edit the list based on items you already have. You can also use the search function to find recipes based on ingredients you already have, or ones you've never used before. I have the food network app and except for the cool "how to" videos this is a much better app.

  • Liked, but now annoyed!

    by iMatt611

    I really like the information in and accessibility of this app, but I paid for it and just had a pop-up add for another cooking app! Bad form!

  • Fab app. Use it daily.

    by RodBud

    This is the closest you can get to The Joy of Cooking for iOS. Excellent.

  • Best cooking app out there

    by SanTelmoLoft

    No matter what ingredient I'm hoping to cook, this app has it and the recipes are amazing. I also love the tutorials. My go-to spot for what should I cook today.

  • Love it!!

    by Gladys@@@@@@

  • Cookbook

    by Vicki1000

    I love this app. Thank you for doing so much hard work to provide us so much information to help us be the best cooks we can be. I am on a iPhone my daughter just purchased galaxy. I just tried to gift her this book. It won't allow me to saying "open" the app and when I do it goes back to my copy. I don't know where to send questions and issues the app developer sight simply says "it works" with no way to contact the developer

  • Is very useful

    by nelson serna

    One off the best apps

  • Delivers on its title

    by Mango Extract

    If I want to make something I can almost always find it in this book. There are a ton of variations on recipes too, giving me hints for how to make my own variations one day. User friendly interface. Clear instructions. Great app.

  • Good App

    by linda_c_houk

    Easy to use, very good reciped

  • Great app

    by Cristina Rutter

    Really great info for all levels of cooks, especially beginning aspiring cooks.

  • Just Buy It

    by AGLovah

    If you are looking to get started in cooking, there is no better guide in existence. Covers all the things every other cookbook assumes you know. Techniques, terminology, equipment. I have the print version, and as useful as that is (incredibly), this app is twice as useful. Everything is cross referenced, wiki-fied, and searchable. You will never find a more useful cooking app.

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