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1. Add Facebook Integration
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3. Corrections and Elimination of Bugs

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Favorite Recipes takes you on a culinary expedition like no other. Your taste buds will trek across nations and continents. A veritable collection of the world’s most loved and sought-after recipes is presented with this app, which enables users to explore international cuisines and the world's most iconic recipes. These dishes are guaranteed to bring untold happiness into your home.
The first publication of our new online series icook2day, Favorite Recipes includes 70 exceptional recipes skillfully presented by our own Chef Michael. This iPhone app is a global gourmet cornucopia, including – but certainly not limited to – several international styles like classic British favorites, delicious Caribbean delights, the finest Greek delicacies, sweet and sour Thai recipes, savory North African dishes, appetizing Spanish cuisine, zesty Oriental flavors, spicy Indian food, popular Italian must-haves, and tasty Mexican goodies.
Favorite Recipes is the perfect resource for those who love exploring new cuisines. With an attractive opening splash screen, it presents tempting images of mouth-watering recipes. All recipes include photographs of the steps involved in preparation, and of course of the finished dishes themselves. With close to 300 photographs and 10 cooking videos (with lively voice-overs), in which Chef Michael imparts valuable insights into cooking techniques, this app will inspire nearly anybody to take on the joy of cooking.
Favorite Recipes allows you to create a shopping list based on recipes you choose. Additional food items can always be included. The shopping list has great flexibility, and can be sorted according to either the recipe itself, or according to other cogent categories… even the departments in the grocery store! Those items which have already been purchased are conveniently checked off. We may be sending handwritten shopping lists to obsolescence.
Shopping lists and recipes are easily emailed or shared with friends via Facebook, and favorite recipe lists and menus can be created effortlessly. There is also an ingredient calculator that efficiently and precisely adjusts the quantities of different ingredients according to the number of portions desired.
These gourmet delights are sure to engage all your senses. They are tasty, time-tested favorites, and are definitely not to be missed. Go around the world in 70 dishes! Download Favorite Recipes today!

Customer Reviews

  • New Icon and Title but Same GREAT Recipes!!!

    by LaDanaWendy

    It took me a while to find this app again because of the new icon and title but when I opened it I knew it was still "iCook 2day", the app with so many great recipes, mouthwatering photos and helpful how-to videos!!! One thing is missing...the option to share recipes via Twitter. Hopefully it will be added in a future update as well as the option to save recipes in alphabetical order.

  • It's a pretty good menu

    by Jerry Chen

    Sure, why not?

  • A tip if you really love to cook!

    by Maurice Janmaat

    Today's Favorite Recipes app used to inspire me to cook something tasty. This iPhone app is really very handy! With the easy use of the app you're used to the app and you can start working right away, I immediately make some favorites, like pasta's there are very tasty, so they go straight into the list, of course, I also enjoy cooking and immediately take the handy shopping list to a list to get my shoppings. With the delicious menus in the app, you see also that the ingredients for 2 or 4 persons, it is useful to shopping ;-) By creating a shopping list you can either select all or if you still have the ingredients at home are, deselect it again. The ingredients you need are a recipe but can also be directly shopping aisle so you can see how much you need of each ingredient. For several menus are videos that can be admired to decide what you might eat if you have any doubts after this app ;-) The app also lets you put your hand all the way, there are menus to delete bookmarks, to link to a text in the menu to add, email it to your friends, and you can immediately place on facebook. What I miss is a twitter feature so you can start your delicious recipe to share with your twitter friends, it's also an easy app to work, and I made a delicious pasta, we eat it more often, with the ingredients from the app, it tasted just a little bit nicer! A tip if you really love to cook!

  • Stunning

    by Alli_Flowers

    This is a truly beautiful app. Definitely the kind of thing Apple had in mind for the iPhone or iPad. It gives you beautiful photos and video along with simple step by step directions. The only thing that would make this stunning app better would be more content. I'm looking forward to them adding some new recipes!

  • Beautiful Recipe App

    by EasLos8785

    This is an awesome recipe app. I love the hi quality images and their are tons of recipes. Also, the videos are really helpful; they walk you through the entire meal. The engredients export to shopping list is a very cool feature.

  • finally!!

    by Wichy_

    i finally found this app.. one of my friends allways tells me about it and she makes some good dish when she cooks. now is my turn get it you will love it just make sure to follow the steps for each of the recepies so they can come as good as they are...

  • Great!!

    by iPM5s

    Very easy to use great for people who like to cook. Many varieties of food to choose from and it gives you info on what ingredients you will need and also how to prepare the dish,all in all very great app I highly recommend it to everyone!!

  • Great all in one cooking app!

    by Si lver Bullet

    Upon opening this app you are greeted with a list of tasty recipes and all the tools to help you gather and cook the ingredients. There are many great recipes here, many that seem simple, but have a delicious twist to them, like brussel sprouts with bacon. One word, awesome. Within the recipe's, you have the option to add the ingredients to your shopping list or favorite it. The shopping list organizes everything beautifully, letting you sort buy recipe or food type. By tapping the ingredient, a line is put through it to show you've picked it out already which I love. This is a great application with wonderful features, but could be even better with more recipes and/or the option to add your own. I'm looking forward to further updates.

  • good for the occasional cook


    i really like how this app even gives you a shopping list, perfect for a busy guy like me. 5 star app, i use is regularly

  • Great app!

    by eleanorpyc03

    This is the go-to recipe app. Convenient. Timesaving. Variety of recipes ~ even vegetarian. An all in one - complete with shopping list, videos and more. I would highly recommend it.

  • YUMMY!

    by NyôX

    Seriously one of your best Works! amazing app! Great Pictures!! Very Helpful!!

  • Great iPhone recipe app

    by Ann Turton

    I really like this app. Compact for on the go...and it's compatible with iPad as well if you need to use the 2x screen. Video instructions are useful, short but explains enough in the important details. The recipes can be added to your shopping list which adds up all items at the end if you're adding multiple recipes to your menu. I really like that about this app. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone.

  • Useful!

    by hippotii

    It has all of the basic recipes you need, from chicken to pork to clams! I love how mostly each step has a picture to go along with it. Also, the extra tip videos are helpful as well. All in all, it does what it needs to do and helps you out in cooking! All that is needed is more recipes and videos! Not much diversity as of now.

  • Interesting

    by xxTULIPxx

    Has some unique foods to create, nice and easy to navigate through. When there are more updates that provide the user with more food choices, this app will be a mega hit!

  • The best!!!

    by Ryngb

    High quality photos, shopping list, video tips, detailed steps with photos - all that is amazing!!! This is the best cooking app i have ever seen. Thanks.

  • Great App!

    by wilbanksmatt

    Tons of recipes, easy directions and pictures to go with every step. Beautiful app, runs smooth. Great job!

  • Great reference for recipes!

    by vkalapp

    One of the best recipe apps I have ever tried. Very clean interface, and sharp images makes the app really colorful. Options like, shopping list and menu comes handy on my device. Definitely a worth buy!

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