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Seller: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

The award winning My Recipe Book is now ready to take on iOS 7. We've overhauled the visual design to bring it into the modern style, while still keeping a firm handle on our roots. The result is a graphical change that is at once fresh and clean while still very familiar.

Beyond just the visual we've also been hard at work improving the sync architecture and fixed dozens of little bugs that had crept in.

Last, but not least, we also have added the ability to add and edit your recipes directly on the iPhone. You can now manage your Recipe Book wherever you are.

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My Recipe Book is ONE place to store and organize the recipes you find and tear out of magazines, bookmark online, store on faded recipe cards – in a format that can be carried & used directly in the kitchen.

Our favorite features:
- RECIPESYNC, an iCloud enhanced syncing solution that lets you seamlessly synchronize your recipe catalog and grocery list between all your iOS devices.
- IMPORT recipes directly from selected websites into the app
- SORT recipes by keyword, category, ready time, or dietary restriction
- GROCERY LIST to make sure you have all ingredients - now add your own custom ingredients!
- SERVINGS ADJUSTER: modify your recipe servings easily, and save the modification to use in the grocery list now!
- SURPRISE ME decides what to make for you
- FAVORITES button for quick reference
- QUEUE button to add recipes you want to try
- SHARE recipes with friends via email - and now they can automatically import it into their Recipe Book App!
- NO INTERNET connection needed to view recipes saved in the app
- CONVERSION tools including temperature, weights and measures, and metric to US standard

iPad only Features (for now):

- Multiple KITCHEN TIMERS built in - now they work in the background
- Multiple PHOTOS can be added for each dish
- Input NOTES about each recipe
- CUSTOMIZE your categories & dietary restrictions by clicking on the settings icon, then edit categories

Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a great go-to app to get dinner on the table, a gourmet chef who wants to look for a recipe to use up the rest of your truffles, or you typically only cook for one or two, and need to halve all your recipes, this app is for you.

We love and enjoy your feedback on new features & ways to make this app better.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good app but needs fundamental improvements

    by Spop1000

    The app is pretty convenient to have recipes on the go. It's simple with nice design. Can be buggy on the iphone though doubling an entry. Also, more importantly, I really need a way to type recipes on my MacBook. It would be well worth the apps time to develop a website or app to allow users to sync also with a laptop.

  • Just OK...

    by EmmaJ2000

    I've been needing an app to hold all of my recipes so I can cook when I'm not at home, when I saw this I was super excited. I read all of the reviews and even though some were negative I decided to give it a shot. Since it comes with recipes already I went to delete them and in some cases they DON'T DELETE! No matter how hard you try they refuse to go away. If this was gone, I may have given this 5 stars. Lucky for me, I haven't found any other glitches on my app yet but PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. I'll be waiting for an update soon and hopefully it comes sooner than later.

  • I really like this app.

    by Jolontru

    I do have a question though. Would it be possible to get photos and category editing in the iPod version?

  • Best App Ever

    by tonyltate

    This is by far the best app I have downloaded since the App Store opened. I am in culinary school and this app is extremely helpful. From importing recipes from the web, to manually entering them, to converting yield/portions (higher/lower), and metric to imperial conversions, this app rocks the house! RecipeBook is the most useful app I have ever downloaded.

  • Great app!

    by SarahDC79

    I’ve loved using this app and was really excited to find a great way to carry my favorite recipes with me (holiday’s at family, travel, etc). The import feature is amazing and even the shopping cart is pretty useful. It’s a great app and really the thoughts for improvement below don’t keep me from using it. I’d love to see it be my main cookbook source (what would I do with the spare shelf space!) Room for improvement: It does take time to type in ones that aren’t on a website. I think an easier method for import from word or email (lots of cutting and pasting now). Also given the amount of time I’m putting into this app, I would REALLY like a method of a master downloaded document for back up. Just one big doc would make me happy. Finally, I haven’t shared with other people who have this app, I hope that if we’ve went to the effort to type in a recipe, it would be an easy import. A version on iMac would be nice for meal planning.

  • Good app, but room for improvement

    by K Szush

    I like the app but I really wish they would develop something so that we could access our recipes from the computer. Over the years I've typed many of my recipes onto document on my computer and it would be wonderful if I could just copy and paste. It would also be awesome if the recipes could be backed up somehow. My iPad glitched a few months back and I lost some of my recipes, because the app didn't back them up properly. With those adjustments this would be the perfect recipe app.

  • No issues here

    by RickR66

    I've had this App on my iPad for a couple of years and love it. Works awesome to download and add recipes from the internet. Huge improvement with the sync feature among all my devices. Recently downloaded the iPhone version (for 5S) and it works as a handy backup when grocery shopping or cooking at a friend's house. Editing is tricky on the iPhone version but I'm sure they'll work the bugs out. If only they could add a scan feature to copy old cut-up recipes and re-format them.

  • Wonderful

    by Sotfyre6918

    I love this app! I think my favorite feature is the ability to download recipes from the net, so whenever I run across one, I can put it right into my Recipe Book and I'm good to go.

  • Bad reviews are a bummer

    by Catsmama2

    I don't understand all the bad reviews. I have none of these problems. I agree that the iPad app works best. I use it in the kitchen when I'm cooking. But the iPhone app is good too. I don't have my iPad with me at the grocery store. The iPhone app allows me to know what ingredients I need to buy. And I can easily email a recipe to a friend. I LOVE this app!!!!!

  • Mimi's Passion

    by Mimi's Passion

    I am so disgusted with this new update!! I have totally loved this app and directed many a person to it and now it's substandard! The dull stark white background, the font change, and now I've lost ALL my personal recipes! It's a disaster. I want my old version back!

  • Love this app

    by Mattsanoonie

    I actually cook more because of this app. It's very easy to use. I only wish I could also access it from my laptop so I could more easily enter my handwritten recipes.

  • Almost there

    by Disabled Sports Girl

    Please make it possible to edit the categories - everyone probably has their own needs here. We should be able to individualize. Like "new recipes" or "try this". Also need a category for beans/lentils. Otherwise, very happy with this and turn to it on a daily basis.

  • Will make you a cook

    by ornwen

    I hated cooking before this app. Yes, this app makes it easy to find recipes, import them into the app, use them, edit them based on your results, add a picture, use a timer, etc. This app takes out a lot of guesswork, and is easy to use and navigate. Deserves every star.

  • Help! My recipes have gone missing!

    by Flechitas

    Hello- So I recently updated my IPad to the new iOS7 and now my recipes are missing. I signed in to my account and...nothing. Unfortunately, I did NOT do a back up as I thought everything would be saved on the cloud. Is there any way for me to recover my recipes? P.S. prior to the upgrade I really loved this app...

  • Almost Perfect

    by Dkpbone

    I love this app and use it to store all my recipes. Would be a five star if it had a meal planner included and if the shopping list would group items in their departments.

  • *Read*

    by unxnut111

    I love how this app is so easy and simple I just don't know how to add on to a recipe. I press add recipe, write down what is says there but the wen I go to the recipe and click edit it doesn't let my write ingredients or directions someone please help

  • My Computer

    by LL Lady

    I love this app but I would very much like to download it on my computer. Why can't I buy the app and put it on my desktop. I'm absoluely terrified that I will lose all my recipes off the IPad because I can't back them up on my computer. Sure would like to buy this for my computer.

  • Great!

    by JenIsbister

    This app is really easy to use! Absolutely love it!!!

  • Best recipe app available

    by rkws

    My friend suggested H---- Cookbook, but this app far exceeds it. Easy to enter recipes, syncs seamlessly between my iPhone and iPad, and Easy Import allows me to download recipes from various sites so I don't have to type them in. I finally feel safe enough to get rid of my paper recipes and use this as my cookbook.

  • Toggle

    by katmac27

    I love this app, especially with the sync to my iPhone. I can double check that I have all the ingredients at the store. My only suggestion is the capability to toggle between two recipes. I am always going back and forth between the main dish and side dishes, or desserts. Perhaps this is already integrated in this app, and I don't know about it, but if not it would be great. If so, someone let me know how to until is edit.

  • Doesn't seem to work

    by Patti102

    This is a fabulous concept, however it seems that most times I try to import a recipe, it doesn't work....and I wind up spending tons of time trying to get it to work. Update: I tried again to import a recipe & it will not work with easy import even though its on and the recipe is right there on the screen. It just won't import. It seems like this app is not working more than it is working. So I downgraded from 3 stars to 2.

  • Basic problems and no support makes this a bad choice

    by CaptainKromwell

    I got this app to help me build my own list of recipes while I play around with cooking, making variations of common dishes. About a year ago I reported that there were a few fields that you could not edit (hour and source fields) and that you can't take a picture of your dish, which is a bit lame since an image can be associated to other recipes. They got back to me saying they were aware of the problems and that was it. A year later it still has those basic problems. They are obviously not even interested in making the program work at a basic level, let alone improving it. As a software developer myself, I recommend looking elsewhere for a recipe app made by a developer that cares at least enough to make sure all of their fields save. I mean... come on.

  • Was great, new version a waste.

    by DBGod

    Was am favorite app. After downloading latest version, lost every recipe. Not cool!

  • Slow, proprietary.

    by Fellow Flyer

    If you're on anything but the newest iPad the animations really make this app slow. Like, really slow. Annoying, even. But for a time this was the best recipe book app I could find so I put up with it. It'd even be a 3-4 star app. No longer. I recently tried Paprika. Much better. But regarding this app in particular: most upsetting was my discovery that there is no way to get your recipes out, short of sending an email, one recipe at a time. I thought I'd transfer my recipes over to the new app...but no. There's no way for you to get your recipes out, in any format. So, you're stuck once they're in there. The only reason this app keeps two stars is the really nice layout of the recipe when you're cooking, otherwise it's one star for an app that locks you in for life and will annoy you with animations you can't control but add nothing to the experience. Don't use it until this is fixed!

  • Unusable on IPad

    by Ilvnazoo

    This was by far my most used app until they put out the kitchen sync function. Ever since, it has either refused to open or freezes upon opening. I hoped it would start to work again on a new iPad Air but no such luck.

  • Great for iPad terrible on iPhone

    by Cap & pepper

    The app work great for iPad but it doesn't work at all for iPhone. You can not add directions, ingredients or picture. I've contacted the support about this and about 2 weeks later someone responded. She (jess) asked if I can send her a picture of what I can see on the app which I did. Never heard back from Jess after that. Thanks a lot. If you fix the iPhone app so it works as well as iPad you'd be golden.

  • No longer good

    by exitoffstage

    The app is ruined. All recipes from previous syncs were lost with the update. The design is full of terrible glitches. I hate it. Save your time.

  • Can't even log in!

    by Stephskare

    I lived his app on my iPad. I had put Soooo many recipes in it not only of my own but my mothers as well. Not that I got the 5c and downloaded it I can't even log in! It says my email is incorrect and my password too. I eve tried using the "forgot password" button and nothing happened. Worse part is I don't have my iPad anymore and no other access to it.

  • Possum

    by Possum594

    This app is horrible! There is no way to save your own recipes, all it lets you input is the title but not the actual recipe.

  • Please fix this

    by PC and Mac user

    App doesn't allow you to enter your email address to create a new account. Apparently the developer only supports existing customers, closed to new customers. I'll be asking for my money back since I wanted to sync across my devices.

  • Charged for the purchase but it won't load in

    by SealeyMusic

    I haven't even had a chance to try the app because it won't load in. I rebooted and still no success. Right now I feel like I wasted my money. Anyone have a similar problem or suggestions?

  • Buggy and frustrating to use

    by bbusato

    I bought this app after reading dozens of reviews and I wish someone had mentioned how buggy and frustrating an experience it was going to be trying to use this app. It forgets information you have entered about the recipe, like the source or yield; it randomly adds blank spaces between words you've typed and it capitalizes whatever words it feels like in your ingredients list. Also, it doesn't allow you to delete recipes, no matter how many times you tap the delete button. PLEASE FIX!!! Also, the cancel button is very easy to accidentally tap while entering a new recipe and losing the whole thing. If you fix these bugs it'll be a good app.

  • Can't log in

    by Dynamo Neon

    Can't log in to either a new account or an existing one- there's a spot to enter the password, but not the email/user name. Would be nice if we could add our own categories. Not a bad app, but I need something a bit more customizable.

  • Ugh

    by Tiger3434

    Not working with my iPhone 4S. I cannot add ingredients or instructions. Also picture unavailable to add. Save your money!!

  • Lame and difficult to use

    by Greensboro

    Lame, not helpful, downloading another app

  • New version very buggy apparently with little UAT.

    by zome

    New version is a big disappointment. Loved the older one. This version freezes when you go to full screen and the only way I can regain control is to do a hard reboot. Interface is hard to read and navigate. Etc., etc., etc. It's usable as is if you avoid the crash traps but just barely. Really needs an overhaul.

  • Categories restricted

    by SeventhFonist

    Please make it fully customizable. I want to create categories. I found a way to edit the categories but you can't add more.

  • Loved the app, before.....

    by Abba doo

    I used to love the look of the old made it feel more personal. Since the upgrade, all of my recipes have a mixture of fonts throughout...looks like a tacky "cut and paste" job. Please fix or I'll definitely be looking for a new app.

  • Can't sync on iPhone

    by Steve Gustavson

    I love this app, but due to missing the email field for login, I can't sync with my iPad. This is incredibly frustrating since all my recipes are on there! Fix quickly please!!

  • Best App Ever for Recipe keeping...

    by Queen VLC

    This is the best app for storing and transferring recipes, so easy to keep them in categories and to have them handy when you want to make a recipe. The import is the best for adding recipes. Now after the update I love it even more! I wish I could give it 10 Stars Great job! **********

  • What would make my favorite app even better?!

    by LABean15

    I love that I can queue the recipes I plan to cook for the week and can create my grocery list from there, however, the ability to create a full day by day, meal by meal, menu plan that could include items/dishes I don't necessarily follow a recipe for would make this app the perfect one stop shop!

  • Won't let me add...

    by Brittneyyyb

    This app seems perfect BUT it won't let me add directions and ingredients. I emailed customer service but have yet to get a response. Please fix !! Deleted app for now ..

  • Used to Be the Best

    by Dark_Athena

    Categories no longer work. Can't set up sync on the iPhone due missing fields. I'll hope for an update that fixes this.

  • Do Not Update!

    by X/F

    Don't update if you do not like the look of ios7. They took out a lot of the color and design that made this app look beautiful and replaced it with a lot of white space and minimalistic graphics to match the new iOS. I hate the new look and wish that I could go back to the original design.

  • Love the app; cannot sync on my iPhone.

    by UC Rose

    Love the app but cannot sync on my iPhone. When I go to login I only see a place to enter my password. No place to enter my email address.

  • Please Fix

    by Benjamin Finch

    I love the app, its the best recipe app out there in my opinion. I just did the online sync option and downloaded the app on my iphone, but when i try to sign in and sync, it only shows an area to type my password and not my user name. Please Fix.

  • Makes saving recipes so easy

    by Kathy H

    I am so happy that I finally have an easy way to save all of the recipes I find in magazines! I can usually find them on a recipe website that is compatible with this app,and then I import the recipes I like into the app. I've also entered favorite recipes from my mother here. I threw out most of my cookbooks since this is all. I use for recipes now. One of my favorite ipad apps and I love to show it to friends.

  • I like it BUT...

    by thelilprincess

    I wished there was an iPhone app as well as one for the MacBook. Sometimes my daughter is using the iPad and if there was an iPhone or MacBook app to sync, I could use one of those to look at my recipe rather than interrupt my daughter so she can use the iPad. It also would make creating a grocery list easier since always have my iphone with me and not the iPad. Update: thanks for adding an iPhone version!!! Haven't tried out the shopping list function but so glad this is now available as universal. Thanks for not making me buy the iPhone version! Now....just hoping there will be a version to access on my Mac. ETA: Still wish there was a way to access the app via my Macbook. I prefer to be able to type my recipes on Macbook than the iPad.

  • Love this app. Hate iOS7 and I am on iOS6

    by MsDook

    I love how this app stays active while I am cooking so I don't have to reactivate the screen with my filthy, ingredient-ridden fingers. What is killing me now is the latest patch that makes the app look like iOS7. I have gone out of my way to avoid the newer iOS on my devices as I don't care for the thin font with no shading. I am really hoping for another patch that will give me control. I really don't want to hunt down another recipe app.

  • Add my own food pictures

    by bootsy wootsy

    I love this app but can you please let us put our own food pictures in the recipe?

  • Love the new look!

    by LLR1

    I've been using this app for a while and I never liked the old font. The new look is fantastic! This is the only recipe app I use because it's the best of all I've tried. Being able to pull up recipes from my phone while at the store is invaluable.

  • Great but keeps crashing

    by Ab1107

    I love the app on my iPad but it keeps crashing on my phone.

  • Review

    by Raynotme

    I really liked the app ... until I installed the update. The recipe titles are no longer bold - they now blend into the recipe text. The fonts on the recipe cards are more lightweight now, and thus more difficult to read when the iPad is propped up on the countertop. The features are still there and work, but the graphics took a giant leap backwards.

  • What happened to categories?

    by Pposey

    I'm glad everything is working again. This is still my favorite recipe app. I wish that the new iOS7 version of this app so many others were easier to see. The fonts and symbols are so thin and the type is so light that I am now always scrambling for my glasses. I wish individual apps had an option for making print bold just as you can do in the general setting for the iPad. I have been using and loving this app and now the categories have changed to dish type and dietary needs but neither choice will open so I can use them. Please get this fixed! I recommended this to a friend but it is the same for her.

  • Excellent. iOS7 ready!

    by Giriodi

    This is the best recipe app available anywhere. I have tried them all and this one is outstanding in all respects and is iOS. 7 ready.

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