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- Improved iOS 7 support

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Best Before is the best app to remind you the expiry date of the foodstuffs. Just take a picture, set the location and the expiry date, and it's done!

** #1 Top paid Food&Drink App in 13 countries including Hong Kong, Singpaore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. **
** Featured in New&Noteworthy **

** Now with a new feature to share the list of the items with the other people you want. Choose to share them with family, friends, roommates, and etc, so the new items added or deleted will be sync with the other people. No need to add the same stuffs with the other people who live in the same place anymore.
Push notification to the people in the list when new item has been added. **

Did you forget to eat the delicious foods you have bought? Don't know what you've got in your home? Try "Best Before", no more wasted.

Best Before will alert you before the expiry date. So no more worry need. The simple and elegant design makes it easy to use and know the details of the items. To add the stuff just set the expiration date, name, location, amount, alert time, and the picture. By setting the location, you can recall where it is. You can also search the item in the list to save the time to find it.

Now, you'll know the details of the foods in your home just in your hands. No need to check around all over the place anymore.


- Notification alert before the expiration of the foods
- Family Mode:
1. Share the list of the items with your family or friends so they'll be sync.
2. No need to add the same stuff in many person item lists.
3. The deleted item in will not remain in the other people list.
4. Push Notification to everyone in the list when new item has been added.
- The details in 2 ways:
1. "Day to go": will show the time left before the expiration
2. "Expiration day": will show the expiry date.
- Color Bar Indicators: 2 kinds of color to show the time left.
1. Red: the item is nearly expired (less than 3 days left).
2. Green: more than 3 days left before expiration.
- Search Bar: search the items added easier.
- 2 Displays Mode:
1. List Mode: list the items in the details.
2. Icons Mode: show the items in icons.
- Auto Complete: the name and the location of the item added will be auto complete the next time.
- Backup the data with iCloud Backup

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by W.iphone

    Very useful. With new feature, multiple alert time setting. It's the best food management app.

  • heavy13

    by heavyz19

    awesome It 's necessary for the food

  • Good for food

    by ชาร์ลี

    Save my money New flat UI looks great

  • Great help!

    by Mr. Whatzittoya

    Simple and very easy to use. I know exactly what's in my pantry so I can plan my menu and no more wasting money on foods that usually expire because I forgot about it. Great tool if you want to organize your pantry. For the price, it's worth it.

  • Good app!

    by zehn7

    It is the BEST in the apps I ever used.

  • Also tracking documents expiries.

    by Diego12345678

    I have been looking for a tool to keep track of my expiries including IDs, driving Licenses, passports, visas, insurances and even car registrations. I found just couple of tools that offered the functionalities, but none allowed me to store a photo or scanned copy of the document which is very useful to correlate the expiry date stored with the actual date in the document. I started using this tool for this purpose and works great. No mention that the user interface is very clean and the capability to backup the data is great too. The only cons I've found is that alerts cannot be set up on different dates other that the actual expiry date. It would be useful and will work for any purpose if alerts can be specific to a date/time variable instead of just time on the same date of expiration. Everything else is just perfect.

  • Need this app!

    by silver rhoads

    This is the best way to keep track of all of your food. I've lost countless items of food due to expiration. This app is amazing and I'm glad I can take photos of all of my items easily.

  • Prepper friendly!

    by VenusJewel

    Great app! Very handy for those of us with larger stores of food :)

  • Genius!

    by Gagasaga/angrybirdsfan

    A really useful app! Very easy to use. This app help me save money, I now don't waste my food by not eating it on time.

  • Nice

    by Downerdanny

    Very cool app. Works well just wish I could share my list with the rest of the family.

  • Easy and very helpful.

    by Songsak L

    Good jobs. You make my life easier, keep going.

  • Missing features

    by Ziwcam

    I purchased this based on a review on a 3rd party website which mentioned a barcode scanning feature. Unfortunately, it seems that the iOS version of this app lacks barcode scanning which was the key point in my decision to purchase this software. If you’re looking for something to scan your barcodes and build your inventory automatically, this is not the app for you.

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