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How To Make Wine At Home

- Apricot Wine
- Blackberry Wine
- Blueberry Wine
- Apple Wine from Fresh Fruit
- Apple Wine from Juice
- Banana Wine from Fresh Fruit
- Coffee Wine
- Corn Wine
- Cranberry Wine
- Dandelion Wine
- Dried Fig Wine
- Grape Wine from Concentrate
- Grapefruit Wine from Fresh Fruit
- Peach Wine from Fresh Fruit
- Pear
- Pineapple Wine from Fresh Fruit
- Pineapple Wine from Juice
- Plum
- Pomegranate Wine
- Potato Wine
- Pumpkin Wine
- Raisin Wine
- Rhubarb Wine
- Rice Wine "Saki"
- Strawberry Wine
- Tea Wine
- Tomato Wine
- Watermelon Wine
- White-currant Wine
- Jalapeno Wine
- Basil Wine
- Garlic Wine
- Ginger Wine Recipe
- Lime Wine
- Universal Wine Recipes
- Sweet Mead
- Orange Concentrate Wine
- Mint Wine
- Red Clover Wine
- Oak Leaf Wine
- Sweet Wheat Wine
- Cornmeal Wine

Customer Reviews

  • What the hell!

    by RedCastle21

    This is the worst app ever! I'm only giving it a star because you can't give zero!

  • Scam!

    by GGot#1

    No content other than sex advise - nothing about making wine! The app is a total scam.

  • Winemaking app

    by Dadtheloser

    Really! Did you have to put the female orgasm stuff in the program. Its difficult at best to get this app to load the recipes but it will easily go to the orgasm apps. Its stupid. I am taking it off

  • App is bull crap

    by Rlbrignac

    One or two of the recipes actually open... Other than that, they just blink and lock up... Of all the complicated apps on the market, you'd think a simple text listing app would work... Anyone who bought it, even though only a dollar, should demand their dollar back based on principal... Think about what was possibly made from this app...

  • 3 words

    by shep-e


  • Don't bother

    by 394mm493

    Poor attempt at selling unrelated, potentially offensive apps. Won't try another app from this developer.

  • Do you want sex with your recipes?

    by Rbhgr

    Why do you have these links before your recipes? I don't! Take these links away! Otherwise, DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

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