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Languages: English

Seller: Restaurant Breeze, Inc.

Full integration with facebook!
See where your facebook friends recommend eating, instead of meaningless star systems.

Truly personal and intuitive rating system!
Rating is now: Avoid, Recommend, Must Try.

New rating system, will focus on first, those unique and "must try" places, followed by really good spots, and places you should avoid.

New system places your facebook friends rating above stars and other rating systems from random poeple.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
1587 Ratings
All Versions:
1625 Ratings
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order from 30,000 restaurant menus
pick from 500,000 locations for eat outs
set Twitter & Facebook status directly from the app.
Chosen by facebook as a facebook fund finalist
use feed picker to quickly and with minimal typing update your tweets or facebook status and connect with friends, get restaurant or dish suggestions, or make recommendations
Rub your lucky ticket to find a new local restaurant
Embedded map, restaurant hours and more.

Customer Reviews

  • Easy to use, although slightly confusing at first

    by snufferado

    Best way to share restaurant reviews and dining experiences via facebook and Twitter that I've come across. Relieves my fat finger syndrome. Restaurant menus is a definite plus.

  • Great facebook and twitter auto-feed generator

    by saldman

    Love the feed generator for iPhone and facebook. Lots of menus to order from, but missing some of my fab places : ( Love the idea of using facebook or twitter to quickly get suggestion and arrange eatouts!

  • Far superior to their first effort "rub2grub"

    by halwaterman

    My chief complaint of Rub2grub was that it was a total random restaurant generator. You could not search for a menu from a specific restaurant without first going through the gimmicky scratch ticket like rubbing of revealing random restaurant names. They imported that gimmick in to this app, but they ALSO added the ability to search for specific retsaurants or find a slew of restaurants near you using the built in gps. From there, you can view the menu, click to call, click for directions, look at an internal map, view the hours, etc. Ability to email restaurant info is a nice touch. Can also Tweet/Book using the app.

  • The app

    by :) ;) 12345678910

    It won't let me click on the menu button.

  • Update

    by Jerrmeydownsouth

    Good app just needs update.some places not open anymo

  • Great app

    by caliapper

    Love it. It's just missing some great places, otherwise I would have given more stars. We used it on our last girls trip and it was helpful. In fact if u r a girl reading you should get that app too... Called Girl Trip. Awesome. Oh love the FB function.

  • The worst

    by Igor-G5

    When I type in my location it says "No restaurants". I'm about a mile from Chicago's Midway airport. There's a lot of restaurants around here. When I let it choose the location automatically it finds some restaurants but it hardly gives any info on them. And only a small percentage of them have menus and those are poorly done. I have to upgrade my review of MenuPages because it deserves a better rating than this. Apple really should give us the option of giving no stars, because this app doesn't deserve one star.

  • Bad

    by To Eww

    Really bad waists your time

  • :(

    by Jafletcher

    Stupid app deleted it in 2 minutes!! Takes wayy to long to load!

  • Needs a ton of work!

    by chris28173

    For one thing, the Twitter API feature seems completely broken. Is not voice over friendly. Fineally, why put barbicue in app title when it will find way more than that

  • Way outdated restaurant listings

    by Stellarviewsinmt

    A lot of the restaurants they list have been closed for sometime I found.

  • Fix it please

    by ToliKwoli

    This app needs to update the restaurants some restaurants are out of business and and need to be taken off and also the menu option isn't working!! What's up with that????

  • Useless

    by Robin222

    Deleted it in about 5 min - useless!!!

  • Must use a very outdated database.

    by Jb11381

    Decent app. But it must use a very old database to find restaurants. I was surprised to see a restaurant my wife & I went to when we were in school. The place has been closed for nearly 20 years! There were several others that don't exist anymore.

  • Needs more

    by HBSteve

    Looks nice yet can't add locations, all you app designers need this to be number one option otherwise you have no way to grow your database. Add that ability and will check it again. Rub to view a listing...dumb. Just show me what's around

  • No Menu

    by Tulmak

    Is the menu option supposed to work?

  • What??

    by Shanyn

    The idea of the app was good, but a LOT of tweaking is in need. 1) let us be able to search other cities 2) add some functions to let us choose between casual/formal, fast food/sit down, mexican/american or whatever. THEN do the scratch off 3) let us scratch off more than one restaurant

  • Too time consuming!

    by Launch79

    I don't have time to play games with this app. I have apps for leisure already. This whole rub thing was ridiculous and no one wrote reviews. Urbanspoon a lot more helpful. Get a little more serious and a lot less juvnile.

  • Yuk

    by musikluvr1

    Thought this would give some menus but nada how can u try something if there is no menu to generate interest? I deleted it at least it was free and not a waste of money. Not worth your time.

  • Would be cool if it were accurate

    by JennDg

    Only one star because none of the resturants in my area had any menu info and quite a few of them don't even exist anymore, a couple have been gone for years before anybody even had an iPhone so I wonder where they got their info. Really, I used to work at one of the places, they haven't been there for several years. I'm not out in the boonies either, just 10 minutes from Atlantic City so I would have thought the listings would be updated a little more often. Cool idea tho, I can understand how it would be difficult to have current info for all of the resturant there are out there. But, that is what the app is for, right?

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