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  • Updated: Nov, 14 2012
  • Version: 1.3.3
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Minor bug fixes

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Don't know what's for dinner again tonight? Cozi Dinner Decider will deliver a personalized plan of delicious and easy-to-make dinner recipes each week.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Customize by ingredient, exclude allergens, choose dish types, and more, so the recipes you get are just right for your family.

And Dinner Decider learns as you go with its proprietary recommendation engine that keeps track of your likes and dislikes and builds a custom dinner plan just for you.

The app is available for free download so you can preview the recipes, try them out, and see if they're right for you. After two weeks, subscribe to continue getting a new personalized dinner plan every week and to update your preferences (if your tastes change, so should your recipes!).

**In-app subscription prices: $6.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 for a full year (that’s less than 40 cents per week!)**

Goodbye dinner chaos, hello Cozi Dinner Decider!

Here's how it works:
• Choose your food and cooking preferences – main ingredients, food allergens, whether you have a slow cooker, if you prefer low calorie recipes, etc.
• Every weekend you'll get a new dinner plan of five simple-gourmet style recipes plus two extras.
• Add ingredients to your shopping list with one click.
• Use Cooking Mode to keep your mobile device from dimming (and the screen clean) while you cook.
• Give a thumbs up or thumbs down to recipes you try.
• Each week, Dinner Decider produces even better personalized dinner plans as it learns more about you!
• Put recipes you love in Keepers to access them anytime.
• See all previous dinner plans
• Recipes include nutritional information as well as points.
• You'll get a free sample plan immediately, plus a new one over the weekend.
• Subscribe to continue getting new personalized plans every week. Isn't a half dollar a week worth relief from the daily dinner decision?

Cozi dinner recipes were developed specifically for busy families by the meal planning experts at Relish! who specialize in creating meals that are easy, affordable and reliably yummy.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience your first week of relief from the daily dinner decision. Get Cozi Dinner Decider. You'll love it!

Customer Reviews

  • Good app but you have to pay

    by Okikokoko

    I really liked the first week recipes. Second week I did not make anything. Then I was asked to pay... A lot. I would pay a flat rate of maybe $5 for the app... I'm not paying monthly.

  • Great app!

    by Raffa-ella

    Very good app. I wish there were a breakfast and lunchbox one!

  • Has potential

    by Jnoble2017

    Few things I would change: 1) An option for serving size. It seems all recipes are based on 4. 2) Remove pasta dish options. You can opt to remove meats and things that might make you allergic however I can't figure out how to remove heavy carb items like pasta 3) add an option or slider function that lets you set a preference for meal calories. I have selected the low calorie option but I guess my idea of low and cozis idea of low are different. Let the user set a high preference 4) doesn't seem like the shopping cart links with the shopping cart from the family planner app. Not the biggest deal but I'm not a fan of using two shopping cart apps Like I said app has potential and ill keep using hoping it gets better

  • Great App!!!!!

    by Moeby

    I love this app! The only thing I'd really like to see is the ability to change the serving size. Thanks for making dinner time easier!!

  • Wonderful!

    by Musicjunkie1982

    My bf and I cannot have gluten and we prefer healthy meals with either white meat, fish, or just veggies. Well Dinner Decider has given us four for four wonderful meals that we both thoroughly enjoyed! I feel it's totally worth the subscription. The meals have been very tasty and easy to prepare, and the shopping list is adaptable to whatever else we may need at the store and not just what is in the recipes so we aren't using two apps at the store. Thanks Cozi!

  • Awesome idea!

    by ICUNurseJenny

    Love that it makes your list

  • Great - Integrate with Cozi

    by Ramc1998

    Enjoy it, but integrate with Cozi.

  • Love it

    by just_lori67

    Saves time and money by knowing exactly what to buy at the store, and knowing what you are going to eat all week as well as nutrition information means win win.

  • Incorrect weight watchers points

    by Christine Sherlock

    The recipes are pretty good but if you are on weight watchers or you are being strict with the food you eat, this is completely unreliable with nutrition facts/ww points. One recipe said it was only 6 points and when I plugged it into My ww app it was 12!

  • Great App but...

    by Beanpowered

    Our family has been using Cozi and we really loved it, saw this app and wanted to have it because of the weight watchers points it calculates already. The one big drawback is that this app doesn't talk with Cozi. A lot of times I'll find recipes from weeks past and use them but when it's time to cook them I've got to search for them - Cozi offers the Dinner Plan which would work great with the dinner decider by linking my selections to Cozi. One strange thing we've run across on some recipes is they seem almost incomplete. Example: the recipe called to preheat oven, not once did the oven need to be used because it was all stovetop cooking.

  • Room to improve

    by Allomb

    My husband and I really like this app because it takes the guess work out of dinner time. However; we are not able to grill where we live and 4 of the 7 recipes this week require a grill. I wish we could choose if we have a grill or not similar to how we chose if we had a slow cooker. If that aspect were fixed this app would be 5 stars! Update: My husband and I continue to enjoy this app, but we are still not able to grill, therefore we still cannot use many of the recipes each week. Please provide an option to choose grill or no grill.

  • Love it

    by French in Seattle

    Great dinner ideas.

  • Good app

    by luckyhusband

    The app has some great features, like selecting whether it not you have a slow cooker, preferences for low calorie meals, and avoiding common food allergies. The meals look moderately simple to cook. Have not used them yet, but I will review once I have cooked some of them. I do wish there were a few more options available for customization, though. For example, the first menu plan had 3 grilled meals, and that is not possible for us right now. I wish you could choose whether or not you have a grill. Another way to avoid this issue would be to add an alternative cooking method to the recipe such as pan frying or broiling. Other ideas to improve are: allow users to reject a dinner and be offered a replacement until they find one more suited & allow users to add the shopping list to their other cozi shopping list. It would also be great if the menu included a variety of dinners in terms of the ease of preparation and cooking time needed so that people could choose to cook the easiest ones in their busiest day. It should also provide meals suited to the season, and with ingredients that are in season. (For example: heavier meals and acorn squash in the winter, not spring or summer; more salads and lighter meals in the summer. Another tweak needed is to add options for budget friendly and child friendly meals.

  • Needs update for settings

    by Royal_2013

    I like the app, however if I change the settings it doesn't update right away. Even tried to close the app, and restart it, still same settings as before...

  • M

    by Tim94msu

    These recipes are very good, we've really enjoyed making dinners we can rely on to be tasty. It takes a load off the nights when we both work, too. So good to not have to think up an idea for dinner.

  • Working better with recent app update

    by tn406

    I wrote a poor review on this app several weeks ago, but an update came through recently and I haven't had any crash issues. Plus there are more options in choosing diet restrictions.

  • Not opening

    by East to West

    I like the set-up and shopping lists as well as the ability to save recipes and categories. However, after using for a couple days, it will not open. I need a recipe I had saved for dinner tonight. I will now have to look elsewhere for the recipe. Disappointed.

  • Works great for me

    by Sica_Belle

    Not having any problems w/ crashing & haven't tried to transfer ingredients to my original Cozi app, just add the few ingredients I need to grocery list on Cozi. Would like to see lower sodium options as we are focusing more on that rather than low calorie.

  • Better after reinstalling

    by Dkoterbski

    I too had the problem with it crashing. I uninstalled it. I downloaded the app again and it works great now.

  • Easy to use and Yummy

    by E Brosius

    I was skeptical after reading the reviews but I am pleased with how well it worked and how delicious the food is too. My 9 year old love to try new dishes and this app is a success for my family!

  • Piece of junk!

    by Mr. Gunderson

    When I tried to make an account it said" unable to make an account!"

  • Sign up problem

    by Deandre Crawford

    It wont let me know up for an account

  • Wont sign me in

    by Without dinner

    Sounds like a good idea but I can't get it to let me sign in. So worthless

  • Crashes Often

    by Nikolleeee

    Hate when I pay for an app that I can't use - worthless!

  • Looks like it would be a cool app

    by Soaring red flame

    Looks like this would be a cool app if you could get signed up and registered for it. Have tried to set up an account a dozen times and it keeps giving an error.. I'll keep it on for a little bit to see if it gets fixed. Will write a further review later

  • Not working

    by Ekkin907

    I can't even sign up for an account through the app.

  • Slow and not creative

    by Cooker k

    It takes 10 minutes to decide what my menu will be for the week. After having it 6 weeks it started repeating meals. No new meals. Not worth the money.

  • No way no subscriptions

    by OT-HOE

    Forget it! There's no way I'm signing up for a subscription based service. Ill pay a flat rate if the app is worth it.

  • Must subscribe after week 1

    by Meowsyface

    We are a "cozi" family as we use the calendar, to-do, and shopping apps extensively. I found this and upon downloading thought it was as fantastic as the family organizer...until I went to use it past week 1 and it only would progress if subscribing. It seems like a handy app for the "what do you want for dinner" run around, but it would be nice to try it a few weeks to check out the variety of recipes and meals--but most importantly how often it repeats. Who wants to pay for the same recipe over and over?

  • Would like to try again

    by Miffed Fan

    I installed this app to try it several months ago and deleted it within a few days. I installed it again today to look at it again, but now I can't even try it without subscribing. You won't rope me in that way!

  • Crashes

    by robertsondb

    I paid an annual fee of $30 and it crashes constantly. Repair! Additionally, it takes extra effort to add weekly menus to shopping list; you have to add each individually. Oh, and that's if it works!! After "big fixes" still requires sporadic login. TERRIBLE.

  • Really a zero rating

    by metcogal

    Can't get it to work even though I have paid for it. I am not a satisfied user. Don't download until feedback and ratings are better unless you want to lose your money.

  • Bummed

    by Tinlizzy3

    Cannot even sign in before crashing. Hope it's fixed soon. I had really looked forward to using this app.

  • Crashes

    by Mom2twoprincesses

    It was great when it worked. After only three days the app crashed. It crashes before you can even sign in.

  • Great when it works

    by AmyB2006

    I loved this app when it worked, which was only for a few days. :/ yes it would be nice if the shopping lists integrated, but it's not necessary as you can add your own items to the Dinner shopping list

  • Crashes & needs to integrate with Cozi Shopping List on main app

    by DisneyLoverTere

    I loved this app, but didn't even work a week before it started crashing before sign-in. Will try deleting and re-installing, though that hasn't been a fix for anyone but one user.

  • Needs work

    by CheriPie04

    I didn't like having a separate coZi app for dinner, the grocery list didn't transfer to my coZi calendar app with shopping lists, and it keeps crashing. Deleted and reinstalled but still crashing. Would use again if issues are fixed. Otherwise, there are better meal planning apps out there.


    by Aujunene

    I grocery shopped based on my menu and its now crashing before I can log into to access my recipes. I have been a Cozi user for about six to seven years so I thought I could trust this. It's had proven to be a waste of my time AND money. Very disappointed. Had to give it one star in order to post review.

  • Needs work

    by N2singin

    Like others have said it worked great at first but then crashes before I can log in. Also needs to link with cozi family organizer and meal plan. I would like to be able to drop these recipes into my cozi recipe box and add the grocery list to the cozi list I already have. I don't want 2 different lists. The cozi products should all be integrated and compatible with each other. Great idea with these fixes.

  • Crashing

    by Kaylee Schmit

    Was able to use it once. Great app, but it crashes every time i try to use it now. I cant even login before it crashes.

  • Crash

    by Larry jones III

    Crashes on login. Very annoying. Not worth it

  • Crashes on login

    by Taylor Hearen

    Reinstalled several tones but crashes on login. Good idea for app, wish it would work!!!!

  • Always crashing!

    by Lexmo21

    I love cozi and loved my trial of this app, but it crashes CONSTANTLY!!! I has planned on subscribing but can't rationalize paying $30 for something that doesn't work. Cozi please fix!

  • Crashes at login

    by FirnenX

    I enjoyed it for the first couple weeks. After I purchased the subscription, it began crashing. Now it crashes on start up every time I attempt to use it. Very disappointing. I would like a refund of my $14.99.

  • Constantly Crashes

    by Jason Staffin

    What a waste of money!

  • Just crashes

    by Raquellyo

    Won't open anymore, just crashes at the login screen.

  • Terrible App

    by Mom to a cool kid

    App constantly crashes. Reinstalled several times and works for a while. Not worth the money!!!!!

  • Great--when it works

    by Hollybf

    I absolutely love this app, but it doesn't work half the time. I've had to reinstall it twice. Also, even when it does work, you have to input your username/pw every time. Annoying. However, I hope they fix it bc it is an awesome app. I despise meal planning and this helps a lot. Really like the "smart" feature--based on your settings and ratings it learns what kinds if recipes you like.

  • Crashes constantly

    by So much to do so little time

    The trial version of this app worked well-enough to convince to subscribe (despite the high cost of the 50%off subscription). As soon as I subscribed, the app started crashing. I can't even get through the sign in page. Very disappointing.

  • Needs Work

    by NM Color

    I subscribed to this app weeks ago and have had to delete and reinstall four times just to access. I have had nothing but trouble with this app from the get-go. I am disappointed, especially for the price I paid. My free apps work better! Also, there are no options to eliminate recipes with pasta, rice and potatoes. I am going to seek a refund.

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