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Seller: Caelo Media, LLC

Version 2.0 features:

- all new, easier to use interface
- meal scheduler, complete with reminders to start cooking
- local storage for all activities, so you can access your data even when you have no connection
- all new custom meal builder, so you can pick and choose recipes to assemble a complete meal
- enhanced search filters that allow you to sort meals and recipes by cook time, cuisine, ingredients and more

And as always, Cooking Planit includes step-by-step cooking instructions for chef-tested meals and recipes, so your entire meal comes out perfectly and on time.

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What people are saying:

“Best Cooking App I’ve Ever Bought.”
“A Must for anyone who loves to cook”
“Couldn’t Live Without It!”
“Love Love Love”

Ever heard of the Easy button for cooking? Now you have. Welcome to Cooking Planit… the ONLY utility that finally takes the guesswork out of the cooking process so you can have fun in the kitchen. This award-winning app guides you step-by-step through making an entire meal (not just a recipe), so that everything is on the table, right when you want it to be… it’s easiest way to get from hungry to home-cooked heaven!

This is fool-proof cooking that guarantees fabulous flavors. 100% of our recipes are written and tested by our Chef and her staff to ensure that they will taste as good as they look.

Here are just some of the awesome features you will find inside.

oFeatures: Full access to all content and most features available in the web version (**Meal Scheduler coming soon)

oAccount Sync- Automatic sync between Android, iOS devices and web at so all account information is available wherever you are

oGPS for your kitchen! Timed meal plans walk you through each step in the cooking process, telling you what to do, and when and how to do it

oSelect a single recipe or multiple-course meal, choosing from over 600 chef-tested recipes and 400 suggested meal combinations, or build your own meal plan, with new recipes and meal plans added regularly

oAdjust the quantities of meals and recipes to 2, 4 or 6 servings

oSearch, filter and save based on dietary restrictions

oCreate accurate grocery lists that combine the ingredients of all recipes, which are then automatically categorized by grocery store aisle

oAdd additional grocery list items to make this the only grocery list you ever need

oSearch by individual items in your pantry to find delicious meals you can use them in


Customer Reviews

  • easy and fun to use!

    by Whatjewwannaeat

    I love using this app for easy dinners that are no fail thanks to step by step directions spoken out loud, extremely clear recipe lists and even a timing element. A must for anyone who loves to cook!

  • Great App

    by C.d.1028

    Easy to follow recipes and great shopping planner. Excellent dishes!

  • Cooking Planit

    by J&J&I&L

    Best cooking app I've ever bought! Excellent meals. Easy prep. Easy to follow instructions. Great use of fresh herbs and delicious overall meals!

  • Love this app!

    by Roosterlady65

    I write a food blog called The Two Bite Club and I'm always looking for ways to keep things easy, yummy and fun in the kitchen. I tried Cooking Planit and I LOVED it! The recipes were fab, the instructions were clear and easy to understand and I was able to remain TOTALLY organized while cooking a complete meal. It's amazing how the app can help you get everything on the table at exactly the same time! I really loved it. :)

  • Simply amazing

    by NYChomecook

    Never thought I could cook like this!

  • Wish list

    by Nutrition info please

    Overall, it appears this app will help me organize meals and prepare them in a more methodical way. I do wish it provided nutrition info for the recipes and as many others have stated, the ability to upload your own recipes.

  • Nice design app

    by Lesview

    Need more well known recipes , Comfort food

  • Couldn't live without it

    by Sjw544

    I have ADHD and even though I can follow recipes easily, it's hard for me to time things and remember everything to buy/include. CP helps me plan more efficiently AND transition from one step or dish to the next very easily. It makes sure my family doesn't eat at 8 pm every night! It really makes a difference for us!

  • Enjoyable

    by Ebi1288

    No crashes, good recipes, and an easy to navigate format. I like it.

  • Great apps

    by Rsturgil13

    Excellent app. Follow directions like it says and all meals come out really well. Just wish there was a calorie counter on it.

  • The perfect app for an on the go life

    by ArmyMouse

    This app certainly makes my life easier. I have the worst timing in the kitchen. Having an app that tells me when it's time to start different parts of the meal is very helpful.

  • Great cooking app!!

    by Kandi3907

    Love it!!

  • So far so good

    by JBP323

    Seems great so far.

  • Bit of trouble

    by Chrittle

    Bit of trouble with saving and deleting recipes! Please fix :(

  • No recipe import boooooo!

    by Fatfreda

    Needs an import method for

  • Nice

    by PestoSauco

    I was skeptical with wheat allergies in the house, but the filter worked for me. I've used this twice for complete meals and as long as I prepped ingredients, it was a breeze. Serving sizes are a bit weird so I will be more careful, but I may have used a main dish as a side. Spinach side (veggie dish) didn't go nearly far enough. Even I wanted seconds. Timing was perfect and I finally figured out how to clear checked items from grocery list. I look forward to an expanded recipe list and putting together a major dinner party using the app.

  • Please update!!!

    by Annatheowl

    Love this app. Love all the features and wouldve given five stars, but I can't seem to delete anything off of my grocery list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning off my phone, it doesn't help! Fix this glitch please!

  • Wish it had video

    by Crosley1973

    The app is ok. Just wish there was video step by step. However they need to make this app with more readily available recipes.

  • Great

    by Louisvilledude

    Use it all the time. Really makes shopping a breeze.

  • Renewed my faith in customer service

    by Nancy Stovall

    I did experience a problem with the app dumping my list of recipes after removing items from the app-populated grocery list. I e-mailed the co-Founder of the app and both he and the Chief Technical Officer returned my e-mail back in minutes and offered suggestions as to how to retrieve my recipes. Very impressive customer service! LOVE the step-by-step cooking assistance that includes a timer. Super easy to use.

  • Retired

    by Lee Kline

    Do NOT like it! Recipes are weird and not appetizing. Not user friendly!

  • Needs some improvement

    by Barbie Figs

    I love to cook and I thought this would be helpful. For the most part, I like it because it groups recipes that compliment each other to help you prepare a complete meal. What I don't like about it, is its lack of detail and completion of the recipes. For example, I made the potato cakes. It asked for gratin dishes but did not state how many until I actually read through it and did the math, it also asked for onions but nowhere in the recipe did it state when and where to add it, and right in the beginning if the recipe it told me to add the Panko and flour to the "potato mixture", if that was the first item on the itinerary then what "potato mixture" are you speaking of? Haven't had a chance to navigate through the whole app but this was obviously irritating off the bat. Hope they can improve it as this app has potential.

  • Not good

    by Mommy mid

    This app doesn't have very many recipes.

  • Can't save

    by Dmbtdi

    I love the concept of this app. It helps plan grocery shopping and walks me through each step so everything comes out perfect. The girl who cannot make boxed Mac and cheese is now making a homemade feast! My inly issue is that the recipes I want don't save to the cookbook or the meal planner. They save but are then gone the next time log in. Bummer, this was so close to the best app ever!

  • Amazing App

    by DJ 5'10

    It was my turn to plan date night, and I wanted to make something special for my husband. Unfortunately, Im not the best cook. This amazing app guided me step by step through the entire process from grocery shopping to plating. I can't wait to use it again. Thank you!

  • PLEASE update

    by Nad133

    I got so disappointed when I realized I couldn't add my own recipes.. That's basically the only reason I got this app; to automatically have a grocery list from my own recipes. Please please please add this option when you can ):

  • Great cooking app!!

    by bdmontz

    Easy to use and filled with lots of great recipes!

  • Good for kitchen novices or on-the-go meal planning

    by NParamore

    Great for helping those new to the kitchen find recipes and create grocery lists. Has option to set dietary preferences/restrictions. Aggregates grocery list with all ingredients. Step-by-step instructions for preparing multiple courses or recipes at same time. Has voice activation option for use while cooking.

  • Unsofisticated


    Another waste of $ recipe for amateurs, magazine type, database non existing, recipe's for junk food, Tacos and sandwitchs, improve your your software with people that know how to cook

  • Love this app!

    by LisaAM1

    This app makes dinner so much easier to make! I love the meal suggestions. I also love that it makes my grocery list for me!

  • Perfect app!

    by LOB1987

    Perfect app for someone who loves cooking but is always on the go so dinner can be planned right on my iPhone!

  • Makes Cooking Easy!

    by Philly Chef

    The app and the site are both great!

  • Amazing!

    by MZS71

    I love this app! It makes cooking so easy!

  • Innovative cooking app!

    by Shobie One

    This is a fantastic concept that all cooks can benefit from using. I can't wait to try it out tonight! Looking forward to the iPad version.

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