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We have all heard the phrase "The right tools for the job".  What some of us didn't know is that this applies to baking a well.  The goal of Baker's Toolbox is to provide this set of tools to you.

Simply put, baking is a science and measurements and times matter.  Everything in the baking process has an impact on the outcome.  These tools will help you to control the variables in the process.  This is especially handy when you are baking in different places such as on vacation where things like elevation differ!

-Baker's Toolbox will show your current elevation, temperature,  humidity level and teach you ways to account for them. 
-Volume measurements to weight conversions for common baking ingredients.
-Timer that works even if you close the app or put it in the background!
-Area for you to keep notes filled with very helpful baking tips.
-Calculator to convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
-Equivalent conversion chart

Internet connectivity is needed to display the temperature, humidity, and elevation. Non-U.S. temperature and humidity data provided by World Weather Online. Elevation data is only available in the U.S.

Contact us: We welcome all suggestions for additions or changes to improve the application. Please email with any requests, suggestions, or questions.

Customer Reviews

  • RogerB

    by Bolero44

    I bought this app last summer because it has ANY conversion I would need for my amateur attempts at baking. Most recipes have gram or ounces for weighing out flour proportions but my oatmeal cookie recipe only gave the amount in cups. Bakers toolbox to the rescue! Lower right is just the gizmo for doing this job. The cookies are getting great reviews. Thanks, CodeStork, another handy app for $0.99.

  • Pretty good

    by Wanobidragen

    The tips are rather basic, if you are a serious baker you would already use a baking sheet or thermometer. Could use a better or more in depth conversion section, such as adding metric measurements. Overall I found this rather useful and think it's worth it's price

  • Perfect

    by Foxie Lee

    Just what I needed!! Simple and has the measurements you need for cooking. Very well done!!

  • Don't bother

    by jagermeikster

    This app would really only be useful for its volume to weight conversion tool, except that most of the conversions are wrong. I don't know where they got their info from, it certainly wasn't from actually checking it themselves, but they should double check their source(s). They did however get the weight of water correct (a pint's a pound, the world around.) Until they allow you to add your own ingredients and change the conversion rates, I say pass on this app.

  • Bakers toolbox

    by appleLaptop

    Hmm, not enough data, I hope they update this app with more ingredients and more hints. Right now, I want my 99 cents back

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