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The history of Coca-Cola is a story of special moments -- times with family and friends and special occasions when Coke was naturally there. Every person who drinks a
Coca-Cola enjoys a moment of refreshment -- and shares in an experience that millions of others have savored. And all of those individual experiences combined have created a worldwide phenomenon - a truly global brand that plays its own small part on the world stage.

Did you know that Coca-Cola advertising helped create the modern image of Santa Claus? Or that Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth both painted for Coca-Cola, creating a beloved vision of mid-century American life? You might remember the 1971 television commercial in which young people gathered on a hilltop in Italy to sing "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke," a counterpoint to turbulent times. Were you watching TV in July 1985 when Coca-Cola was the first soft drink consumed in space? Or maybe you saw the international exhibit of oversized Coke bottles, some more than 10 feet tall, featuring the folk art of more than 70 countries.

The Heritage Timeline includes detail images and information about:
- Coca-Cola's beginnings
- The first advertisements
- The evolution of the contour bottle
- The growth of additional brands to over 400 in the world today
- Coke's continued role in worldwide sports events
- The newest campaigns and vending machines

Also highlighted are videos of:
- Early bottling line footage
- The worldwide hit TV ad "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke"
- Interview with Mean Joe Greene about his famous commercial
- The "Happiness Machine" that won CLIO's 2010 Gold Interactive Award

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by Khalid 5c


  • Amazing

    by Coke really rocks

    This app is amazing and shows the timeline of coke with pictures, videos, and little word blurbs! I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • History of Coca-Cola

    by walden69

    Cool company timeline with pictures and videos. I love the Mean Jo Green interview! Also the old bottling plant video is amazing.

  • The best app yet by Coca-Cola

    by Dayron Arias

    I've been a Coca-Cola customer for years specially when I used to live in my home country Cuba. I remember how I was 10 and I used to run on the old town of Vieja Havana (old Havana) trying to run to the store to buy a Coke. This app brought me lots of memories. Thanks Coca-Cola for inspire my life and 20 years later I'm still a number one customer. :) By: Dayron Arias

  • Love it!

    by boohoobuckaroo

    Love it!

  • Good App

    by DamianJones

    I love coke and I love this app

  • it's fine

    by seljachina

    it works just fine on my iPad, but it's content could be a bit more interesting…anyways, this is a nice app overall:)

  • not bad, could be more

    by Kevbo SF

    For what it is, I love it, but there could and should be so much more. Coca Cola has such a rich history and there are so many stories to be told, this brief outline only scratches the surface. I would be willing to pay for a more complete, indepth app with more commercials, more stories, more of the history of this iconic product.

  • A fun way to learn about Coke

    by Jweinberg

    This is a well laid out app offering interesting information about one of the world's most famous brands. It is a true documentary in your hands and I would like to see other companies do the same thing. As for the review here about Coke promoting obesity. It was only one of thousands of products that put sugar within easy reach. Today the company offers many products that offer smart and healthy choices. We got smarter and Coke got smarter. Enjoy this app for what it is.

  • Great app

    by Shawn Stabes

    This is probably the best, most informative app I have ever used. Not to mention great timeline interaction!

  • Fun! And learned a lot, too

    by Daisy Teoh

    There are a lot if interesting tidbits, especially the nostalgic images and videos. I totally remember that song "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." It's so much fun singing along again.

  • Awesome app, learned about the worlds BEST brand

    by Jeasy1988

    No complaints, hopefully we get updates. One bug, when placing your finger on the red slider, and swiping it across the screen, it will crash the app

  • Interesting & fun

    by BattleRed

    I remember many of these items growing up.

  • Nice History

    by N.GA

    Nice history of Coca-Cola.

  • Nothing special

    by Emiyake

    This app is slow. Content is web based... Poor user experience

  • Obesity App

    by MiltonNY

    Dear Coca Cola- Thank you for your wonderful, iconic images and for your contribution to an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, particularly childhood diabetes. Enjoy your happy meal.

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