Coca-Cola Freestyle Food & Drink App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: The Coca-Cola Company

- Includes Facebook Connect to deliver a more robust and personalized experience, but it’s not required
- Enhanced User Interface
- Updated Location Finder
- Improved Battery Life and Resource Management while Location Services are Enabled
- Ability to Save Favorite Coca-Cola Freestyle Brands
- Earn Badges for Various App or In-Store Activities
- Push notifications delivering Special Offers from restaurants and movie theatres with Coca-Cola Freestyle
- Weekly Sweepstakes entry for the completion of designated challenges
- Support for International Brand Buttons
- Various Bug/Fix Updates

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Find over 100 ways to quench your thirst. The Coca-Cola Freestyle app helps you find the nearest spot where you can explore endless possibilities. With our location finder, you can discover nearby locations that have a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain with 100+ choices waiting for you. It also shows you where to get good deals from your favorite restaurants, movie theaters and more. Once you find a place to enjoy, you can earn badges and prizes by checking in and exploring all of the brands available. You can also use the app to explore and save your favorite brands. This is gonna come in handy real soon. Trust us.

Keep exploring and happy thirst quenching!

Customer Reviews

  • Coolio

    by Cool Girl 553

    Now that I have this app I know where to get coke. Really cool

  • awesome

    by cbj1040

    def best part is the way u can specifically customize your drink. pretty cool now I can drink down the perfect half coke half diet.

  • Buying one

    by Trayjic

    Where can I buy one???? I'm a sprite fanatic

  • Ghhfdejkfe

    by Slicedpickles1234

    I like bananas.

  • Once a loser

    by Potassiumgfjshgc

    Always a winner.

  • Mmmmm

    by Gusshooter


  • Great app for Coke fans.

    by Jdjdisjsjsiaibsddirjajs

    Now I know where to get my coke from with out looking of a place and wasting time. (First review)

  • Locations

    by RonTheReviewer

    Now that I have this app, I can see where NOT to drink coke! Everything taste like orange citrus. I just drink tea or water where these machines are.

  • Finally

    by Htvjgfft

    Finally coke comes out with this I am a coke cola addict and it is the nectar of the gods thx coke

  • I ❤ Coca Coca

    by Amo la coca cola ❤

    Solo la descargue porque amo la coca cola

  • Coca cola love

    by Surge1289

    Omg I love coca cola, when I need a quick jolt of electricity there is nothing better than a nice cold coca cola.

  • Like it

    by HitlerWannaBe

    I Like it

  • #gypsy2013

    by Howiestanley2010

    Nice little app

  • Polished app, but name must change

    by HollBall2

    Functionally, it's a great and polished app. Pretty cool way to check out all the brands. Nice and intuitive. The Freestyle map is gorgeous and so helpful. However, I docked the app stars because the name has got to be changed. How can "" be ok? I'm honestly considering deleting it because it messes up the aesthetics of my app display. I don't have a single app with "..." In the name. Every other major and minor brand came up with a way to fit their app name within Apple's character limits. I recommend "Freestyle" or "CCFS" or "Forest Bears". ANYTHING but those lame dots. There is never a situation where my phone won't display "". So dumb.

  • Best

    by Gocalbears

    Best app ever

  • Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$

    by MR. Diamons

    Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$ Ice cold coca cola for 1:00$

  • Fantastic update...

    by Internetdj

    Helpful app that points me to the closest freestyle machine. Looks great.

  • Gotta try it!

    by Baby wants a coke

    A really fun drink activity to play on!

  • Can't figure it out

    by Average meme

    It is unclear what you are supposed to do. There are instructions at the beginning but are we supposed to click on the first one then hit push or what? If the game was more self explanatory then it would be great, uninstalling.

  • Boring

    by BigFan1988

    It's just like Simon the game. Just following the patterns. Donor waste your time .

  • Every option says not available

    by Littlefairy3

    ...and the machines don't offer SURGE :(

  • Please Fix!

    by -Andrew911-

    love the machine. I did love the app. Now with the new update whenever you click to see the choices it says not available for each one.

  • No support

    by Leesoo0610

    No support in korea. bad

  • Worst thing ever

    by Porter Wilson

    Can't stand these freestyle machines and this app is even more pointless.

  • Location feature

    by DAYGS

    The red circle just spins and spins. Deleted the app and reinstalled, the same result.

  • Terrible

    by pdye20

    Keeps saying concentrate a little harder

  • iPhone five

    by DustyPikachu

    Full screen please!

  • So so fun

    by Wow!?!?!!!

    It's so so so fun.I love it

  • Fun App

    by Wilki5

    This app is really fun but it glitches when you use find one

  • Coke Freestyle

    by Lorigirl65

    Great game!

  • Great app

    by MarkersNg

    Cuz I got my credits on FreeMyApps

  • Very bad !

    by pararama

    Terrible !!!!

  • Cupcake TTY

    by Eereeeeerryyuuyyhkkkkkkk

    So stupid!!!! Hate it

  • Not bad

    by Бобец

    I love it

  • Wish it was for iPad

    by Friends101fan

    It was good until it didn't save levels so I can't get achievements And it wouldn't give me achievements when I earned them They need to fix it or my review stays the same Also make it for the iPad Bad app over all

  • ok

    by zappy_4

    it's ok

  • Coke

    by Zabmab

    Haha this is awesome

  • I love cola

    by 감찰원

    I Love You Coca cola!!

  • Good

    by Metal284

    Love cola )

  • Love the app

    by Aaronie1991

    Great stuff!!! The battery drain due to location is no more!

  • Nice app

    by Sadrav85

    This is really cool. I play this all the time.

  • Love it

    by Punkytara

    This great u have done this before for a real drink its awesome!!

  • LOVE

    by Goffball1

    Love it.only bad thing is not all these flavors are sold in stores.

  • Creepy! Tracks you 24x7.

    by Eric Vollnogel

    Once installed, this program appears to track your location 24x7 even when the program is not running. I had to disable the thing in Settings, Location Services. I downloaded it to locate the Freestyle machines, so when asked if the program could use location services, I said yes. Who knew? Why Coca-Cola wants to track people, who knows?

  • Location service

    by bmgfl

    Even After the update my gps is staying on even with the app closed! Major battery drain!

  • Sound doesn't work

    by Tyler Rood

    The sound doesn't work no matter what I do. My sound is on, and the sound for the game is on.

  • Neat but critical flaw

    by magiteck

    This is a neat app overall. I like being able to find the freestyle fountains, and the memory game is entertaining. Unfortunately, the app keeps searching location even when not running, causing rapid battery drain. If you install it, disable location access for it.

  • Ok

    by Lfj14

    I dont have vault. Just wanna get the vault/powerade achievement. I love freestyle machines! They are so fun! ;)

  • Worst app ever

    by Wengweng123

    My battery won't last a 8 hours it drains battery so fast.worst app ever.

  • Battery sucker

    by radicalled

    From the time I installed it, phone would last 8 hrs before dying! They need to fix this!

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