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1 new pack of free classes (12 classes in all)!

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"It makes even the trickiest recipes seem easy" - Bon Appétit
Comes with over 40 free step-by-step video cooking classes.

- Webby Award Honoree 2012
- Best of the iPad - App Store Rewind 2011

New HD cooking videos optimized for the retina iPad.

This is the first ever step-by-step video cooking app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In every step, we show you how to cook from your view as the chef. Come cook along with popular chefs on Appetites.

Appetites brings you 100 video recipes with more on the way. To download a step-by-step cooking class episode to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, simply tap on a video recipe that has a blue Download ribbon or purchase additional video recipes in the app.

- iPad App of the Week - February 24, 2011
- App Store Essentials- Apps for Foodies
- Winner - Best of Show at Macworld
- San Francisco Chronicle - App of the Week

Praise for Appetites
SF Weekly: "Interactive Cooking Show for your iPad...It gives the traditional cookbook or food blog a personal appeal — demonstrating each step in a way that allows cooks to learn at their own pace"

Gizmodo: "A convincing take on the the cookbook of the future" "this is one of the best [cooking apps] I've seen"

AppStorm: "10 out of 10, this one is a real gem. Our absolute favorite app from Macworld"

Booksprung: "Appetites cookbook app is how enhanced ebooks
should work"

Created by @nickalt and the team at Clear-Media (@mediaclear)
For more information, please visit

Appetites is a registered trademark

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing App, Delicious Food

    by Violins27

    I'm a foodie but a terrible cook. Being able to see video of each step has made cooking something delicious possible for me.

  • Need a Restore All Purchases Button

    by LaDanaWendy

    Appetites is one of my favorite apps but I'm still waiting for them to include a Restore All Purchases button.

  • Really Helpful, and Easy to follow

    by Tbone2o08

    This site gives really easy instructions and alleviates the question mark above your head when you read a recipe and something just doesn't make sense to you. Also shows helps because you get to see how you food should look throughout the whole process. So far every recipe that I have tried has came out good (makes me think that I can work my way around a kitchen).

  • Ehhh

    by Lol ... :)

    It doesn't have a variety

  • Amazing

    by Reenzw

    I've had this app since Day 1. The videos are literally step by step, that once downloaded, you can watch it offline.... I cannot cook to save my life but with Appetites, I've planned a dinner for my friends. And the video quality is HD. My only complaint is that it would be so much better with more recipes. But it is a must-have.

  • cooking

    by Cabeen29

    don't know how to cook, but it could help me to know more about cooking, will give it to my mother.

  • Must have for cooking noobs like me

    by JaniceKonecker

    Wonderful cooking app. I would say it is one of the best cooking app on the store. The videos are well-made and really useful and the meals taste good.

  • Great app

    by Yoyo20062006

    It is a very useful app. I can learn how to cook the delicious food. It is easy to learn because this is a step-by-step video app. Thanks for providing us such good app.

  • Great!

    by lijau88

    I learn more about cooking , great!

  • good app

    by webshare

    cook food and drink by app,step to step,very easy.

  • Nice app,like it very much!

    by zhanggai

    Nice app,like it very much!

  • Nice app

    by Alex zhang1

    It has very beautiful design and looks great. The content is also very good and teach my girlfriend a lot. There are too many IAP , so. I give it 4 stars

  • A Wonderful APP

    by palina222

    This app is so cool! That is so useful to me when i wanna do some dishes. Perfect!

  • cooking help

    by ksife

    a good cooking help

  • Cool

    by Laytonutah20

    This app is so awesome. Just watch the easy videos and delicious foods appear in front of you! Great

  • Cool recipes

    by JoEMaMa533

    I Like it!

  • great

    by danny19860110

    I learnt a lot from this cooking app. The recipes in this app are quite useful. You can try to make some dishes of your own by following the guidances from the software. The dishes presented in this app are easy to learn.

  • Awesomeness!!

    by DesertRoses

    Kinda slow and even crashed on my ipod, but this app is so great it still gets 5 stars! It definitely gave me an appetite! And i just ate. Lol!

  • good

    by candy100402

    I like the app

  • love it

    by wuhaopu

    I itself is not very good at cooking, but the software is very new, so I have to try.

  • Garbage

    by End User License Agreement

    Took one look at this after installation and it was deleted straight off. Data harvester.

  • The best! well it used to be

    by Deen1stApps

    This is such a well executed app. Five stars! I love it so much! As a beginner the starter pack is more than enough for me right now, even so I don't really see why people are complaining about 99 cents for a recipe.They put so much effort into this app, they should be able to get something back for it. EDIT: THERE IS A GIANT BUG IN THIS APP. FIX IT BEGORE YOU LOSE ANY MORE CUSTOMERS. I have had to delete and redownload this app 4 times now, that doesn't include all the recipes lost when doing so. I thought it was a storage issue but it isn't. This app just blanks out after a while and then you are left just staring at a wooden background screen and you can't do anything about it except redownload the whole app which is such a huge file, this is the only app I have ever had to so this for. And it is getting ridiculous, I have still left up two stars because when it works it really is the best and most beautiful app. Please fix it soon. I really loved this app, and that is why I haven't given up on it. I'll be waiting to give this app the five stars it deserves then.

  • Couldnt even get it to download

    by Luscious014

    I tried several times to download the app, it said i had to use wifi cuz it was so big. So i tried various wifis and it just kept saying it couldnt download.

  • Not as good as it states

    by Meoworeo

    It says they have tons of recipes but the fact is you have about 25 included for the 9.99 price. You have to pay extra for additional recipes. Very disappointed with the quantity of recipes included in the initial price. Not worth he cost.

  • Can't Start

    by kevin2578

    Can't startup the app. It always freezes or drops.

  • Amazing app!

    by sarra liu

    Very useful piece of app. I was able to follow the video step by step learn to cook delicious food.

  • I like cooking

    by promiseluo

    Ipad+this app,this is the best tools in kitchen,it make cooking easier.

  • Overwhelmed and drooling

    by Chen6969

    Wow, this app offers a lot of delicious and simple to made food. The interface and layout are beautiful. The pictures make me drool! Definitely one of the best in cooking category!

  • Good!

    by Cliff9144

    It's great!It's easy to learn how to cook by the video.And there is so many new food.

  • Now Everyone can cook.

    by Enwizard

    Love the recipe, now I can make great dinner for my family with this easy to use recipe app.

  • Many recipe

    by h12ster

    Huge bunch of delicious dishes. Must have for one who loves cooking.

  • Good!

    by Dear Rex

    For leaning cooking.....

  • great cook

    by rocky1003

    Cooking is become easily. This app teaches me cook more foods effectively. Videos are very details. It's also simple to use. I love it.

  • This is best

    by Freeappnow

    My wife said this is one of the best,me too!

  • Life changer

    by thebigglesworth

    This app showed me some really neat stuff!

  • Wow!

    by js_phan

    Very useful app ! Really like it :)

  • Very useful for me!!

    by Werner Li

    If I need to cook for myself I can easily check this app and find that how to do this.SAVE MY TIME!!!

  • Cool

    by JeffersonDrakeWilliams

    You know, I'm not the biggest cook, but my girlfriend is a HUGE fan! It's her favorite app. She loves the date night feature. Really sets the mood ;)

  • It's great!

    by peter liusheng

    Very good app! Kitchen good helper! My wife is very it. But separate download video is too much capacity.

  • Great

    by ChloeShen

    Very useful for cooking dummies like me!

  • I love it !!

    by peter liusail

    I really like this app because I love cook delicious food for my family! With this app,I can follow the step-by-step video to learn how to do it.

  • A convenient recipe app

    by Roy75117

    This recipe app is so convenient for appetite. I just use it to complete my Mothers day dinner. So great

  • Great

    by PacManPlayer

    Really great app. Videos work nicely on ipad retina, and are easy to follow. Simple to download and great for learning new recipes.

  • Nice app

    by Lick my pie

    I like it not to shabby :D I would love to see more apps like this. Although I would change it to go a tiny bit faster to load but that would be it with tweaks great app definitely download it!

  • Nice app,like it very much.

    by zgai

    Nice app,like it very much.

  • Video Assistant

    by NiceGuy076

    Very good app. Now I have private cooking lessons where I don't have to stand in front of a tv. The recipes are varied and the videos are very clear. Thank you for developing this app.

  • Great!

    by ericawing

    It's very useful for me. I just want to cook some new things.Now I can watch the video of this app to learn to cook.It seems easy.

  • Wonderful App!

    by haruharujuku

    I enjoy making the simple and clear recipes that this app offers! The food is just amazing! It has rekindled my passion for food!

  • Very helpful

    by Gabriel Gao

    It has a lot of recipes. Help me improve my cook skill. Very good app , but it has too much IAP.

  • good

    by bbzh2008

    It is a great app, I like it.

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