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Languages: English, French, Spanish

Seller: Chipotle Mexican Grill

- Improvements to the Select Location user flow
- Minor bug fixes
- New iOS App icon

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Your essential Chipotle Mobile Ordering app updated with some new features and enhanced to support iPhone 5 and iOS6.

Ever have an uncontrollable craving for your favorite Chipotle burrito but don't have time to stand in line? Or maybe you're traveling and need a quick taco fix but don't know where to find the nearest Chipotle. Don't despair, with the Chipotle Mobile Ordering app on your iPhone or iPod touch, ordering a carnitas burrito with extra guac and no lettuce is as simple as touch, pick and pay. No wandering the streets. No sitting in front of a computer required. Just grab your iPhone, place your custom order, pay with credit and pick it up at the Chipotle nearest you.


- Easily order your food right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. No computer needed…and no waiting in line.
- Pay with a credit card or a gift card. It's password protected, secure and easy to save.
- Locate the nearest Chipotle when you're away from home. There are even directions to get you there.
- See the full menu of options and customize to your heart's content – just like you would in the store or on the web.
- Use your account login to access all your Favorite and Recent Orders as well as payment info

Customer Reviews

  • iOS 7

    by Ellington1996

    App is an awesome way to buy pass the line. Would like to see this app updated for iOS 7 to represent this restaurant in a clean and modern fashion in the iPhone world.

  • Buggy at times, but overall okay.

    by SuperNate9

    I've had issues with this app over the years, but overall, it seems to get the job done. The app or the confirmation email needs to add the possibility of sending a message to the restaurant. I just had the worst burrito when I got home because the rice was severely undercooked (crunchy) and it would be nice to be able to notify the restaurant.

  • Overall an excellent service experience

    by Kiggles

    The 1-star 'top review' for this app is a joke. Order history has been an option since this app launched in 2008! His biggest complaint are the pick up time options? Give me a break, you can't plan an hour ahead!? This app might be a bit rough around the edges (absolutely ancient iOS 2 era design!), but the bottom line is this: With an hour of foresight and a few flicks of my thumb, I'm able to drive to chipotle, walk in past a line of 30-50 people(!!!) up to the counter, whip out my ID, and walk out under a minute later with my freshly prepared food! You know you're doing something right by the looks on all the unfortunate folks in line watching this happen knowing they'll be standing there for 10-20 minutes after I've finished eating! Chipotle deserves a tremendous amount of credit for this level of service and this experience, if it wasn't for this app I would literally never eat there as I refuse to stand in line that long and there is *always* a line!! Probably why they're not sweating the 2 star rating average ;)

  • Missing obvious things.

    by rPap

    Like "extra" sour cream or cheese? Why can't I order kids meals or quesadillas?

  • Excellent!!!!!

    by Genesisf

    No waiting in line, simple app set up, loved it. I got to my local chipotle and it was ready and they kept it in a warm box so my burrito was super warm and ready to eat as soon as I picked it up. I didn't spend more than 2 minutes inside the restaurant. Love this app!!!!

  • Glitchy but works

    by Natnattm92

    Love being able to skip 30 minute lines at rush hour. I do get that problem sometimes where after building an order only one ingredient shows up, wherein editing it I am taken to the taco page, but if I mess around with it enough it shows up again. Works for my needs.

  • Wait time!??

    by Eric'sWife

    This app works easy and is smooth except it should give you a wait time before you pay for your food. Mine was 1 hour and 45 minutes and that's just crazy! Luckily the chipotle had it ready in 1 hour. Geez!!!

  • A couple things to make this app even better!

    by Iggybu

    It is super nice to be able to skip the super long line and order on here. There are a couple things this app could be improved on. First to be able to pick more than one option (I.e. Pick both types of beans or rice) and second, the additional instructions/comments has a limit on how much you can type in. Improving on these options would make this app even better! :)

  • Kids meal option NEEDED!

    by Astivy

    Please add kids meals to the ordering option!

  • Great...most of the time

    by Jackumsh

    This saves me time and headache when ordering for multiple people but is missing some dishes. Add kids meals and quesadillas and I'd give it 5 stars. It's annoying to have to still put in a separate order for my kids when I get to the restaurant.

  • Needs some fixes

    by Rachelwredhair

    I've used this app several times and it is great to walk in and skip the line. However, it's not letting me use my remaining gift card balance to reduce the price of my order, and the no rice option doesn't print out for the store so I still end up with rice unless I write in special notes

  • Awesome ! ! ! !

    by  Dionzus

    Welcome to ""Burritoful Chipotle Vegas""" Wasy to go Chipotle, how about Naturaly Raise Carnitas tacos with guacamole cilantro and hot sauce ! ! ! !

  • Worked for me

    by sjcabrera673

    Placed my order during the height of lunch hour, my estimated time to pick up was approximately 25 minutes. It was ready and waiting for me when I arrived. Skipped a ginormous line that would have taken me longer than my allotted 30 min lunch break.

  • Works as advertised

    by C Thomas flood

    Used it for the pentagon city chipotle. Food was ready when specified and I saved at least 10 minutes of waiting in line. Will definitely use again.

  • Great for my needs

    by IngoR

    Simple to use, order was ready and correct when I arrived. I notice other peoples complaints about kids' meals. I haven't tried to order one yet but would definitely knock a star or two off if the time comes and what I want to order is unavailable.

  • No kids order option

    by mistersquid 

    Will not give 5 stars until the option to order from the kids menu is made available. This would be extremely helpful so I can avoid the long lines w/ my kids.

  • Awesome timesaver

    by Kimber V

    I have used this app several times!! The chipotle by me always has a line to the door! I can order & pay with the app. I walk straight to the checkout (skipping the long line) where they hand me my order & off I go! Easy to use.

  • Favoriting an Order

    by ZacQuoleman

    I get Chipotle at least twice a week. I always use the app and I always order the same thing. I sign in, but because i paid in cash, i can't view my recent orders. Thus, i cannot create a favorite. This should really be fixed.

  • Great

    by chezzun

    I haven't had an issue at all! Very easy to navigate. Only difficult for difficult people

  • Need UPGRADE

    by B Ma604

    good but if I want to order only two soft tacos that are different I can't. It should have that option!

  • Missing basic functionality

    by nickd14

    The app is still missing the ability to order menu options for kids. How hard can that be?

  • Doesn't work

    by I KO Snip3 I 

    The app does not work. It installed OK, and ran the first time. I was able to create and order and it said it was placed successfully. However, upon arriving at Chipotle, they had no record of my order. I tried to open the app to show them my order, an the app refuses to open. Goes to an opening screen, then closes. Totally in working app

  • Poor effort

    by BurnsyNY

    Limited customization for most orders. Clunky interface for orders of multiple items. No options for kids' meals. It's great to skip the like on a solo item, but otherwise this is just about useless. Very disappointing from a company that leaned so heavily on social media and technology for its 20th anniversary contest.

  • Wrong order

    by Sheng Yin

    The store never got what I exactly ordered. I saw the receipt from the store and it's not their fault. The app seems always dropping some part of my order.

  • Where are kids meal options?

    by Potle lover

    There isn't any way to order kids meals on this app.

  • Order not recieved

    by ataridork

    I placed an order and they didn't look at the printout so it did not get made. I got there and there was nothing ready. I had to go back in line and wait to get my order placed. Boo.

  • Hello?? What about the kids?

    by del00113

    What?! Went to place an order but no option for kids meals? That so strange...

  • Half made bowl

    by Appscrutinizer

    The bowl I picked up was missing 4 things from what I requested.

  • Unimpressed

    by Leeana412

    The app itself is easy to use and set up well. However, the store i visit most often never receives our order! Ever! Also, it would be nice if it could keep important updates on the store. One day we placed an online order and when i arrived to pick up, the store had been closed earlier because the power went out.

  • Useless

    by Jk122387

    Useless unless you get a very plan bowl/burrito

  • Unable to customize orders beyond standard menu items

    by Ldjhbsknd

    Local chipotle promoted this app as a great solution, but it does not allow for customizations such as "only a little brown rice", or off-menu items like a cheese quesadilla, or "container of cheese on the side", etc

  • Pathetic

    by Grant Kinsey

    Ordered online for the first time and showed up to the restaurant to find that they never received my order due to a "system reset" according to the wide-eyed employees. If the app can't even perform it's soul function, it doesn't even deserve 1 star in my opinion. Absolutely pathetic...

  • Needs kids menu

    by Jtope

    Generally good but worthless for me without being able to order a kids' meal.

  • Claims the store is closed 45 mins before it closes

    by Bryan Shuy

    There is always a long line at the store near me so the app would save me time. Almost 50 minutes before the store actually closes the app says it cant accept the order because the store is closed. I get not taking something 15 minutes before, but seriously 45+ minutes is ridiculous.

  • Ok

    by Brinesphinx

    Where are the kids meal options?

  • Needs major improvement.

    by WASSAflocka

    I didn't even get to place an order cause from the second I got to the first page and couldn't add extra stuff I quit. Not a good app at all.

  • Can't order kids menu items

    by Spiderdoggie

    If they just duplicated their menu, it'd be great. I eat at chipotle almost everyday. I'd use the app if I could order for my kid.

  • Update needs work

    by DenverB

    Chipotle touts configurability of your order, but the app restricts that process. Can only select one type of bean or one type of rice and kids items and commonly ordered speciality items like quesadillas are not available.

  • Please fix

    by njlistener

    This is an essential app for on-the-go ordering for the family. But there are some serious problems that result in wrong orders almost every time. 1) No kids meal options, as many already have pointed out, 2) No way to order sofritas, and if if isn't at every store then gray-out the check box when ordering from a store it is unavailable from, 3) When editing an order on my iPhone app it automatically deletes ingredients! and if I don't catch all of the deletions I have to add them back in, 4) If I want to edit a comment (like "make this one sofritas") I have to wade through the entire menu options screen before I can get to the comments, 5) After placing the order the Call button doesn't work (iPhone 5, iOS 7).

  • Can't get passed location

    by Angelaemvi1

    Says no locations near by I live 2 blocks away from on and 2 fwy exits from the other

  • Good but very limited

    by W.H.J.

    If you want a burrito or taco it works great. But surprisingly it has no kids meals or quesadillas. Makes it useless for our family.

  • Find a Chipotle

    by Davlin1

    Functionality does not work!

  • Horrible

    by 777miller777

    Could not even find a near by store...?

  • Doesn't load locations

    by sarah hearts

    This would be a great app if it worked. It doesn't load Chipotle locations so you can't place an order.

  • Not satisfied

    by PoisonousGore

    Couldn't find a chipotle near me. But I do live near one. Maybe I'll try it again soon.

  • Worked fine until now

    by Notickey

    Was able to use before and during my trip to Ca, but now it doesn't let me choose my home location once again, and now it won't exit the location screen. Other restaurant apps are working fine. Guess it's Burgers tonight.

  • You have no right to know where I am!

    by JueJuey

    App was a great find until you started requiring to know my location. That is none if your damned business. Not yours or any other app provider. Where entering a local zip was once enough to find a location now you want the location feature turned on so you can know where I am. Again I say IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS!!!

  • Great idea, BUT Please UPDATE!

    by  Brianthai

    Ok, it's great and quick to order! BUT your GPS location services do not work properly! Please update so when I'm traveling you can get me there! Gosh

  • Needs update

    by Nicknamyname

    1/11/14 added a burrito bowl with steak, white rice, black beans, green salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole. Bag showed order of burrito with steak and sour cream only. Tried to edit, asked me to choose a tortilla from a non existing list of options. Gave up and went elsewhere. There are all kinds of bugs with this app right now. I add things and they don't pull over to the final order, I edit an order and it doesn't change. Consistent problems for the past couple of months.

  • OK, but missing essentials

    by WaltConstantine

    Ordering does work. But in the mobile world it's all about saving the customer time.. That's where this app falls short. It never recalls my previously saved meal so I have to enter again each time. It needs a option to stay logged in. It needs an option for me to manage and change my password. Finally a real biggie: allow me to order for pickup at an earlier time than 30 minutes from now!! For example, Dominos lets you pick 'now' as an option and then tells you what time to pick it up. How about something like that? Get your software development requirements folks to observe 20 random people order and reorder using this app and they'll immediately see what they need to do to make this right.

  • Useless nutritional information.

    by Bassoon Fan

    The nutritional information is not very helpful. It doesn't give burrito bowl size rice, differentiate between white and brown rice, plus you have to add up everything yourself. If you still end up going to the website to figure anything out why build an app?

  • Kids??

    by Esratt

    Kid meals are not on the app so we are not able to use it for our family orders :(

  • Needs work

    by jlooney76

    You should be able to save favorite meals and add them to the cart individually regardless if the item has been ordered in the past or not. Missing ability to order for kids other than placing a custom note that it is a taco kit.

  • Kids menu

    by Adam Bitters

    Love the ease of ordering but there is no option for the kids menu. When I preorder I still have to wait in line to get my daughter her good before I can pick up my online order. Please add kids quesadillas and other kids menu items to the app.

  • Add kids menu items!

    by Orzokarenlee

    With young kids and a family on the go ordering take out from apps makes life easy but this app is worthless to me without an option for kids items. We started to order in the car but changed and ordered online from bertuccis instead. You are losing good business because of this!

  • Add kids menu items!

    by Orzokarenlee

    With young kids and a family on the go ordering take out from apps makes life easy but this app is worthless to me without an option for kids items. We started to order in the car but changed and ordered online from bertuccis instead. You are losing good business because of this!

  • Horrible update

    by Chameleon23

    This used to be a 5 star app. The latest update is horrible. Why do we now have to order 50+ minutes in advance? It used to be 15-20 minutes. What a terrible way to treat your regular customers.

  • Wait time

    by Jpjpjp581

    45 minutes is too long to wait for pick up. Makes using then app pointless because it is quicker to order in person.

  • Directions don't work

    by Peter for it

    The directions it game me sent me to the wrong place

  • Going downhill

    by Nkyoutdoors

    This used to be a great app, you could do perfect ordering with it. Here lately however it tends to not keep track of everything that you place in your order and loses it when it comes time to submit the order. It would be nice if the app developer what update this. It is annoying enough now that I may choose to eat elsewhere, because who has time to wait in those big lines when you arrive at a busy chipotle restaurant.

  • What about the kiddos??

    by Stephtheamazing

    That's WHACK JACK! There is no function in this app to order anything from the kids menu. Even a place to send a comment with your order where you could add the kids items on would be fine. Instead, I have to send my & hubby's order and then when I get to the store say "oh, by the way I need to add 3 kids meals" and stand around for another 10 minutes while my burritos get cold.

  • Good app...stored need improvements

    by  Flixar

    I used this app to place an order. I arrived 30 minutes later to pick up my order. I had a confirmation email that it would be ready in 20 minutes. Needless to say my order was not ready. The workers didn't even bother to start on my order when they knew I was there waiting. Needless to say I ended up leaving and going Somewhere else. I will not use this app again.

  • UI/UX designed by monkeys.

    by digital_buzz

    User experience a complete mess. User interface involves guessing and missing key elements. App does not reflect quality of Chipotle brand.

  • Rocked after a busy day & traffic jam!

    by Kimberley Ricchiuto

    Worked perfectly for me & my local Chipolte did great! Walked right past a line 25+ deep & grabbed my dinner!

  • Orders Changing and Won't Connect to network

    by matthewm57

    This version changes my orders or deletes them if I go back in and edit something in another order. If I can get my orders working properly, it often has a network timeout that prevents me from ordering altogether. I go to the website and order from there now. Put simply, using this version of the app is a waste of time.

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