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The Chick-fil-A app engages customers in a new way, completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS 7. With a beautiful new interface, Chick-fil-A app aims to serve as an extension of visiting your local restaurant. We want you to feel cared for through a remarkable experience.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by HollyCranford

    Does everything I'd want it to and looks great

  • Love the allergen filter!

    by Kj48kj48

    Well done!

  • WOW

    by KLT12

    Impressive app! Love the menu feature!

  • Beautiful

    by leedela

    Chic-fil-a is known as a company that puts their customers first, and this app is no exception. It's enjoyable to use and gives me what I need without a lot of clutter.

  • Cool

    by Chloejjjj

    I like the new design. Great upgrade.

  • App does what it needs to do

    by FlavaFlava

    Love the new app. Not a lot of fluff. Simple but elegant.

  • Nicely Done!

    by usmcijp

    Great app for giving good details on the Chick-fil-A menu, as well as locations. Hopefully app ordering is coming soon!

  • Simple, effective--perfect!

    by J-nels

    So many apps don't do what you need, do you end up surfing the web anyway. This does just what you need to enjoy Chick Filet anywhere you are. Simple.

  • Useful, great for getting needed info

    by Game player 123

    If I want chickfila and don't know what kind of meal I want, what better than this app

  • Could Be Better

    by Momma!!!!!

    Since I am a Food Enthusiast, I've traveled the world searching for delicious restaurant. Anyways, Chick-Fil-A really pushed the barrier and made the Chicken Sandwich!!! I mean wow!!! After years of research I realized Chick-Fil-A is... PHENOMENAL

  • Mostly Great

    by Janeite445

    This app is well designed, but it's missing one thing: the location hours for my local stores. Not sure if it's something they're working on already. The rest is great though: directions to the stores, menu and nutrition information... You can even search for foods that you're allergic to, so that you can stay away from those! Pretty cool!


    by neverfail.

    tells you all the calories on the app.

  • Great app

    by Dan in NJ

    Everything this company does is gold!

  • iPhone5 support

    by Bulangan

    Huge thanks!

  • New Feature

    by Teddycharlie

    This is a great app.

  • Nice to know

    by Scottpat

    It is nice to know the location of the best chicken sandwich in earth! Good App!

  • Great app

    by Obama 911

    It's helps me find my chick-fil-a during my travels.

  • Get Serious.

    by Surveyor of Apps

    How did I know I would see one star ratings because of someone's OPINION . The chicken is delicious that is it. Get a life.

  • ms

    by flvic

    Love Chick fil A!!! Thank you for a great App. I've had to use my Lexus navigation or Telenav to find locations in the past, I'm super happy to now have it at my fingertips much quicker!!!

  • Chick-fil-A = Integrity.

    by JC Vasquez

    Great food, superb service, incredible integrity attitud, belivers of the rigtheous, i feel so comfortable in your restaurants and with your convictions, you have a go with GOD.

  • Disappointing

    by Jobo4ed

    They should really use something better like appay, which can do everything this app can plus ordering capabilities, iBeacon support, and better discovery tools...there is even an app for franchises/businesses to create their menu and view incoming orders

  • Can't trust it

    by GybeTack

    I drove ten miles out of my way because the app said the location had Wi-Fi - NOT!

  • WHY?!

    by ILive4Love<3

    I joined the best cow costume contest yesterday for national cow day and when I went to bed, I had 500 votes. I woke up this morning, and I had 289?! This has happened 3 times!! Frustrating glitch! >=\

  • Stuck on Insider emails

    by Avsafety

    I am stuck trying to send my registration for insider emails. I will update if and when I get unstuck. Right now, it is one star.

  • Crashes when site selected

    by RLF17


  • Not Working

    by Mns205

    Just installed app on my Iphone4 and when I try to click on one of the nearby restaurants it closes the app.

  • Needs update

    by nutz4klu

    Menu has not been updated for nutritional values. Salads have changed

  • Passbook

    by Darkyy

    No passbook support for us to add gift cards? Please give Starbucks a call and check what they are doing.

  • Updated but not for iPhone 5?

    by markbyrn

    So they put an out an update iOS 6 but neglect to optimize it for the iPhone 5. Sigh.

  • Great App

    by Tuna Mac

    Will be very helpful on upcoming road trips ... Always great food & great service!

  • Good app

    by Kathskii

    This is a good app. More features will make it even better. I like CFA. I think the owner's and supporters opinion on marriage is ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs. As long as they don't ban gays from their stores then i really don't care whether they're Against gay marriage or not. Food is great anyway.

  • Love it!

    by whoibe

    A longtime fan of CFA food. Most of the negative reviews come from a personal hatred for freedom of speech.

  • This app promotes an unhealthy lifestyle

    by ArkadePhyre

    more people die from high cholesterol from fast food than from love

  • Big Fan

    by Jack Fackles

    Great app for the traveler who loves CFA. Accurate nutritional information, if you're into that sort of thing!

  • Keep the hate off the reviews

    by Stephen Metcalf

    It's a very functional app and does its job well. Food allergies are included and you can sign up for insiders

  • Horrible...

    by soylent713

    hateful company and worthless app!

  • Great food!

    by Natetendo83

    I love Chick-fil-A and this app is very helpful. Great company with great values and excellent food!


    by 777wins

    Great food & this place definitely deserves my business.

  • Tato

    by Sockerboy99

    Great app tells a lot!!

  • Best resturaunt and app!

    by snaubert

    I love Chick Fil A and this app makes be like it even better! And stand firm in your faith Chick Fil A! Im so glad their is a restaurant that stands for christian values!

  • Add something

    by EmployeeRequest

    I work for Chick-fil-a, and I'm always telling people about the app in order to figure out what they can eat due to their allergens. It's helpful, but if you could also add in the allergen for Gluten (because I get that ALL the time) this would be extremely helpful. Also, when it brings up the list of foods that contain the allergen, could you also add a separate bar that tells them everything they CAN eat? A lot of people just want to know what they can eat, and a list of it would be much more convenient.

  • Great Company & Great Food

    by PJMBHR

    I can't wait for vacation so we can support this great company in person!! The food is awesome and I love the quality character building kids meals toys. Finally something GOOD for America's kids! Oh dear - did I sound too judgmental or traditional?! Great app!!

  • Great

    by Dodggxfxfv

    Awesome app keep it up guys!

  • Way to go...

    by LoveChickFilA

    Great company! Belief not discrimination. There is a difference. Those with other beliefs have the right to believe that way.

  • My favorite app

    by courrmm

    Easy to navigate. The best fast food ever, and coming from a foodie that hates chicken, that says a lot for me. Also, I believe every American has the right to express their opinions, gay or straight. See ya...I'm going to get me some Chick-fil-A!

  • Support the 1st Amendment

    by ManaByte

    Great chicken.

  • Gays

    by Mitch (THE CHAMP) Hess

    Are horrible people:)

  • Terrific

    by Pererau

    Tremendous food and a great company.

  • Horrible food and app

    by Marthanna


  • Great app great food

    by E.M

    Good job chick fillet

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