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Seller: ChefSteps Inc.

We hope you're enjoying the ChefSteps app! This v1.1 update fixes the following issues:

1. Video doubling issue - sorry about that. (techie details: Youtube deprecated one of our embed flags, causing unexpected behavior).

2. App icon fix & a few other bugfixes

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Explore and learn from the recipes in the new ChefSteps app.

About ChefSteps:
ChefSteps exists to inspire creativity and encourage expertise in the kitchen. Drawing on our years of combined culinary experience, we create hands-on online classes and original recipes that are helpful, informative, and entertaining. We don’t tell you how to sharpen your knife, butcher a halibut, or make macarons from scratch, we show you.

Whether you’re a home cook, a professional chef, or just love watching cooks work, ChefSteps will help you cook smarter.

Customer Reviews

  • Best app for an awesome website!!

    by Em2M

    Definitely the best recipe app out there! Easy navigation and great pictures to go along with each recipe. It's a mist download!!

  • Nice content w/ minor design flaws

    by Katie TD

    Huge fan of ChefSteps & their newly released app. Would rate it 5-star if 1) screen would rotate when viewed in landscape mode on an iPad, and 2) going from one recipe to the next does not require reloading.

  • Useful

    by Jmilla7

    This app is full if inspiration. Can't wait for updates and additions. Please make it easier to navigate the app. 3 categories is nice, but an actual list would be useful. It would be nice to not scroll through the whole log of recipes after backing out if a previous one. Keep up the good work guys

  • Stunningly beautiful recipes

    by Fudbar

    Gorgeous recipes in an app that really shows off the videos and is easy to cook and shop from.

  • Only one issue

    by Milcron

    Let me add my voice to those who find having to reload the recipes after viewing one is tedious. Recipes are on point and the 75 degree egg trick is sweet. One tweak and it's a five!

  • iPad anyone

    by Jaenatl

    Love this app just wish there was and iPad app little larger screen for the middle age folks lol

  • Great app for a great website

    by Lad2

    The world would be a better place if everyone was as dedicated as the ChefSteps team! Nice work, this is huge.

  • Split video

    by Andrewbernst

    Getting a split frame video on American toast where the app runs two copies of the video simultaneously

  • Wish They'd Stay

    by LaDanaWendy

    This is a well thought out, well put together, beautifully done app!!! It's like a Panna, Jr. (which is a darn good thing)!!!:*) That said, it would be way more convenient if you didn't have to reload over and over again (the same recipes) in order to see what else is available. Also a conversion chart or a way to view ingredients in Imperial would be helpful as would a Favorites folders. A few little tweaks and I'd see stars...5 STARS, that is!!:*)

  • Just what I would expect.

    by P-Arkwright

    This is a great way to get to the recipes from Chefsteps in the quickest way possible. No browsers or searching online. Awesome!

  • Nice, way better than the website

    by Jiya23


  • Many recipe

    by Fouad Matin

    Such wow

  • Solid v1.0!

    by Ryan M. Jones

    Solidly built, beautiful, and fast. A brilliant way to access all of the chefsteps recipes from your phone without having to open the browser. Smart that they're focused on providing a narrow set of full fledged features rather than a boatload of half-baked ones. Look forward to seeing how this progresses. One wish: going back shouldn't lose my place in the recipe queue (send me back to the top).

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