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Tired of having a fridge full of spoiled leftovers? Do you constantly wonder "what's for dinner?" Need a way to keep track of what's in your freezer? FridgeBuddy is your solution.

FridgeBuddy will pay for itself the very first time it prevents a meal from spoiling.

FridgeBuddy allows you to track foods that are placed in both your refrigerator and freezer. Fridgebuddy will recommend an expiration date, which can be overridden. You'll receive a reminder via push notification when the item is nearing expiration, and another once it has expired. At a glance you'll be able to tell what's in your fridge and how long it'll be good for.

FridgeBuddy allows pairing with another device, so you and your spouse or roommate can both keep tabs on what's in the fridge.

- Easily track what's in your fridge and when it'll go bad
- Share the contents of your fridge with another user
- Receive reminders when foods are nearing expiration
- Notifications when foods expire
- Streamlined interface for rapid food entry
- Optional pictures and descriptions for foods
- Provides recommended storage times for various foods

Note: Pairing requires a bluetooth-capable device (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or 2nd generation iPod Touch).

Customer Reviews

  • Great for baby food

    by DrieStone

    My wife makes (and freezes) home-made baby food. Although we never have the food long enough to go bad, it certainly makes cataloging and keeping track of the food a breeze. Now she always knows what's left in the freezer. The syncing feature is great too!

  • Great app well worth the price

    by BatterBaker

    This is a great use for my iPhone. Not that I was letting stuff go bad in my fridge, but I'd certainly forget about stuff from time-to-time. Now I know what's at home, and I can plan dinner even when I'm not infront of the fridge!

  • Very handy

    by FerrariGuy69

    Perfect for thanksgiving leftovers. We always forget about stuff in the back of the fridge, and end up throwing it out only after it gets funky. Hoping this app will help change that.

  • Not good, DO NOT BUY, BROKEN

    by LittleTortillaBoy

    [Update 2/1/11] NOTIFICATIONS NO LONGER WORK. Do not get this app as there are now better alternatives. This app stupidly used push notifications instead of local ones, which means now that theyre done developing it, the notifications no longer work at all. Food now expires without knowing in advance, making it a worthless app. Original review: Needs to support Local Notifications with iOS4 so that an Internet connection is not required and timers are guaranteed to arrive, where as half the time I don't receive the two-day push notifications Also you need to be able to enter a direct date that something expires, vs having to select a number of weeks or what not. I'm a lazy person, hell I bought an app to keep track of my food so I don't have to. I don't want to do conversions or lookup the calendar to figure out August 18 is 6.5 weeks away, just let me input the 'best buy' date already printed on the freakin package.

  • Sharing doesn't work well

    by Ffiitdvitfjkfwthdetokdry

    We got this app because of the sharing feature. It brought over some but not all of the items we entered on the other iDevice. Later after I marked some items as eaten, the other device removed some but not all of those items. This renders sharing useless since it is not at all reliable.

  • Nada

    by D4yrr

    This would be a 4-5 star app if it simply remembered the text you entered before. Why can't we pick foods from a list of what we've eaten before? Good app for those that never eat the same food twice. For everyone else, it's just too time consuming to retype everything after getting back from the grocery store.

  • No sort?

    by Vis42

    This app is essentially useless if you want to sort your food either by a category or alphabetically (which you'll want to do if you're adding more than just a handful of items). Also, an annoying bug in this app occurs during the add food phase. When you take a picture it erases your serving and expiration settings. Save your money if any of these tips pertain to you...

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