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B-Dubs® is the first-ever app from Buffalo Wild Wings—a mobile destination where you can find one of our restaurants within your area. You can also use the app to swear your undying devotion to your favorite wings, beer, sports™. Fight for Fandom allows fans of B-Dubs to compete with friends, family and others to determine which wings, beer or sports reign supreme.

-Store locator that allows you to find area Buffalo Wild Wings based on your current location
-Choose your favorite wings, beer or sports
-“Fan Up” to submit your selection to Buffalo Wild Wings leaderboard for your location
-Track your position on the leaderboard, the more you “Fan Up” the better your chances of moving up in the standings or defending your position.

Customer Reviews

  • Online Ordering

    by Bdubs Employee

    Bdubs does have online ordering (at least my store does) try looking on a computer for it instead of your iPhone/iPad/iPod, and to the person that says their bdubs is across town, you could always phone in the order then go pick it up, instead of driving there then ordering, hope this helped everyone =)

  • In my case

    by AMatthews531

    I travel a lot and I can always find the nearest b dubs and call them for carry out

  • Really?

    by provred2

    If it weren't for the locator, I'd delete this app in a heartbeat.

  • I would rate it No stars.

    by BC At Large

    Downloaded it and quickly deleted. No actual menu or ability to order online? What's the point?

  • App doesn't work!!!

    by rhino5379

    Great place, but app has no ordering option. Also the fight for fandom never works always errors out. Disappointed

  • Worthless!!

    by Billy Boy H

    This app is completely worthless! Don't waste your time.

  • Best ever locator

    by E43slim

    Absolute worthless app. Only useful as a locator nothing more. No store interaction no ordering capability, absolutely nothing but a locator.

  • App has no purpose

    by Fred Stone

    How about adding the "belly rewards" integration to passbook?

  • I'm surprised they didn't charge

    by sirtin

    With the way BW3 has been raising their prices while not improving the quality of their food, I'm surprised they didn't charge for what may be one of the most useless apps on the App Store. No online ordering for a restaurant app? Fail.

  • Online Ordering!

    by Kyle Brown

    I feel ripped off. No online ordering? I need online ordering than I might r download this app.

  • Pointless

    by Jschelske

    Don't waste your time with this app. It has no purpose.

  • Pointless

    by Stephen Davis

    Where shall I start? You can look at the menu but you can't see prices, no online ordering, and no special deals. You can just see what BBW are near by... And then the other feature is pointless like Fan Up... I would give it no stars if I could.

  • Very limited and fan up error

    by Snowpyle

    App doesn't do much and the one thing it does offer is fan up but it never works because of an error!

  • by CDUBS74

    Can't order online!!! Very basic and not worth the trouble.

  • To the BDubs Enployee

    by MJL326

    You say "try searching on a computer instead of iPhone/ipad/iPod", then why have a mobile app?

  • No Orders?

    by Sunflower(:

    What is the point of having this app if you cannot place orders from it? The BWW in my city is all the way on the other side of town, it would be nice to be able to place an order before I make a long drive to B-dubs and have to wait 30 min! Just saying, this app would have 5 stars if you could order from home!

  • Pointless app

    by Beaver Patrol

    If all you want is a store locator, then this is for you. Otherwise, waste of time.

  • Horrible

    by int80h

    Couldn't pick the sports that were my favorite (soccer or golf). Couldn't scan the table caddy like the add suggested.

  • Customer

    by Louisec99

    Too bad this app does not list the beers the local wild wings has on tap. The waitress had to list all 27 beers from memory. I am sure she missed a few.

  • Doesn't work

    by Little Miss Vanity

    The fan up option doesn't work. It keeps throwing errors.

  • Waste

    by Sumyunguru

    This app has no real purpose. The "menu" is confusing and ordering online still hasn't been made available

  • by Smurf-Lóc

    It would be a five star app, if b-dubs would do online ordering..

  • Useless

    by Magic Mike V

    This app does nothing. I don't understand how a company puts something out that does not work. Mapping doesn't work and you get server certificate errors. I'm not hungry anymore.

  • Useless

    by MK1441

    Doesn't work, cert errors, don't waste your time

  • Useless

    by goaliebob99

    Can't even find the closest bdubs! Server error!

  • Ordering? Menus?

    by Tessaiga

    Pretty much a waste of an app. Does nothing more than find the nearest BW3s. Siri does that job faster already. Add online ordering or at least a menu and your app will be as awesome as your food!

  • Order online

    by KrissyRoss

    If you can order online, why can't you order on the app? That's dumb! Fix this or you will lose a lot of people downloading this app! It's pretty useless right now.

  • Awful

    by DaveBetts

    Terrible. No menus, no ordering through the app. Useless.

  • Can't place carry out order?

    by Hawkeye89

    Even Pizza Hut lets me do that!! Can't see menu prices for my local location (East Peoria, IL) and beyond that the local menu DOESN'T EVEN LIST WINGS!!! Pretty lame.

  • Baaaadddd

    by cwsuacpa

    This is the most useless app I've ever downloaded. Don't even think about downloading it.

  • whats the purpose

    by Db55403

    I can get locations on the web site and get the same information. What is the purpose?

  • Delete the App Already

    by dshane

    As everyone has stated, whatever the purpose of this App is, it doesn't work. It doesn't "track activity" or do anything except map your closest store. That's what search engines are for. This app is a disgrace to the restaurant.

  • App all wrong for BWW

    by Rawb.0

    BWW style is known as fun,fun, fun! This app is completely illogical for this company. As a customer I would think that this company would put out an app that would connect to their in-store Buzz time games. This current app seems like a waste of money. Most customers go straight to google, their phone maps, or website to view locations and food menu. #change

  • Crap

    by Mamacita_1

    I wanted to be able to order from BWW this only gives location and some stupid polling.

  • No use

    by Goddest39

    Just as my title. This is no use. It doesn't show the menu, pricing, nothing. I thought that was the point of an app. Please re-do it and provide a full menu, daily specials, etc.

  • Really?!?

    by Smuckerc

    Serves no purpose.

  • Ummmm, worthless....

    by Adoptagrey

    Usually, an app has some function. I'm not sure there is any point to this one.

  • Why have an app?

    by cgapperi

    If I want to know where a location is. I would use Maps. An app for a restaurant like Wild Wings should let me at least place an order.

  • Not even a menu

    by Kdmcca

    Just plain bad

  • Worthless

    by flstc1

    Title says it all.

  • Terrible app

    by Rob Motag

    Like every other review, this app is a total piece of crap. I am not sure anything actually works. Love BWW, but probably the worst app I've ever downloaded.

  • Horrible

    by Hatter

    The "wing dipper" or janitor at Buffalo Wild Wings must have made this app. Absolutely worthless. Don't waste your time downloading. If I didn't have to give a star to submit the rating, I wouldn't have!!!

  • Update please

    by Sam1015

    I just don't understand what the point of the app is. The sauces aren't in order of hotness, you scroll to the bottom and all the sudden mild is there? The rest of the menu isn't there and you can't even see what beers are on tap and I also wish you could place an order from the app. Please update!

  • Pointless

    by rjms

    This app is pointless. If gives almost no information about the menu and you can use your web browser to find any store you want. Useless.

  • Why

    by TazDevil82

    The restaurant is great why is app so crappy? I know where the three closest to me are what I don't know is where they are that I might be going.

  • no

    by hartman1085

    the only reason that a restaurant should make an app is so that the customer can call in an order ahead of time at the location of your choice for carry out. way to ruin my life buffalo not-so-wild wings.

  • Disappointing App

    by Wingman Brad

    Only thing app is good for is locations. Definitely disappointing. Was hoping to see a list of wing sauce, current beers on tap, etc.

  • Worst restaurant app I have used

    by Melliasch

    B-Dubs missed the mark on this one. It won't allow you to do anything you want an app to do. The distance for search for a restaurant should allow you to pick the location you're going not just where you are right now (I already know they aren't here), but where I am planning to be so I can include B-Dubs if they are there. Come on B-Dubs, this was a wasted effort. You can do so much better.

  • Horrible!

    by SmTwnlady

    I'm better off phoning my order in and getting menu help from an 18 year old employee than using this app or better yet, going somewhere else. The only reason I gave it ONE star is so I could actually post my comment! C'mon Buffalo Wild Wings, get it together.

  • Awful

    by ZiggyZiggy18

    This is the worst app ever. Don't waste your time!

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