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Languages: English

Seller: Daniel Boykin

• Updated user interface for iOS7
• Added telnet option for faster connectivity to Stoker**
• Added manual fan control (must have Stoker firmware or later)
• Miscellaneous bug fixes
• Added a connection button for initiating connection with Stoker

** Only a single device can telnet into the Stoker at a time.

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Now you can monitor and make changes to your Stoker BBQ Controller via your iOS Device.
Never lose sleep over your cooks again.

Features include:

• Graphical view of your probes on a temperature gauge display
• Temperature alarm limits are displayed on the BBQ gauge display
• Individual customization of each probe including:
Probe Name
Target Temperature
Alarm Type (none, fire, food)
Alarm Limits (High / Low)
• Audible alarms for each probe that goes above / below the alarm limits
(Alarming has tolerance built-in so you will not get nuisance alarms when right on the limits)
• Option for connecting via telnet for faster connection to Stoker
• Manual fan control (Force On | Force Off | Normal Mode)
• Plot your temperature sensors on a graph to see how you're doing over time
• Export your history data to a CSV file to compare with previous cooks.
• Background mode allows the app to continue logging for up to 10 minutes while you are running other apps on your iOS device.
• Configurable polling time for the data.
• Works in portrait or landscape mode

E-mail support to: for questions regarding connection and setup as well as feature requests. If you have problems connecting to your Stoker, please verify that you have the latest Stoker firmware release.

A networked Stoker BBQ Controller is required in conjunction with this Application. The Stoker
controller can be purchased from Rock's BBQ at

Customer Reviews

  • Works great with Stoker and my BGE

    by Herkguy

    Works great

  • Best stoker app

    by Tapper21oo

    Best stoker app by far.

  • Works great!

    by Stel

    Nice app for a mobile solution. It would be nice if the timer was a traditional countdown timer though. Only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars.

  • Works Great!

    by RR Hogger

    Lets you control the basics, like pit temp, food temp, and alarms. It would be nice if they added the feature to turn the pit fan off for 5 min.

  • Simple, good effective, loud

    by Santa Barbarien

    The app does not control every element, just the major items, pit temperature and food temperature. Alarm is effective.

  • Tried two apps kept this one

    by Joe Kerr 55

    I downloaded this app and Stokemaster. I like the interface on this app much more and also the alarms are more easily managed and less annoying.

  • BBQ made easy!

    by Doc47715

    No need to hover over the grill! But now no excuse to avoid the lawn mowing! Oh we'll, it was worth it!

  • Mr.

    by Coffman34

    The app works fairly well. It's nice to have the info on my iPad as it's sitting on my desk. The only issue I have is that the gauge's sometimes do not update. The graphs will update with the correct and current data, but the gauges will just stay on a temp until I change the screen.

  • Awesome!!

    by Tommy124170

    App is simply awesome! Works great.

  • Works Great!

    by Crazy Luke Graham

    No problems. I use it to monitor temps at KCBS BBQ contests! I'm laying in bed at a contest and all I have to do is look at the temps and be comfortable and get rest!

  • Works After Stoker Firmware Update

    by Cb8323

    Anyone complaining this app doesn't work or cannot detect the sensors needs to update the firmware on their stoker. I had the same issue until the latest firmware was loaded on my stoker. After the update everything works great! 4 Stars since this info should have been provided in the release notes.

  • Works as advertised

    by Dan Truesdale

    Works like a charm. Nice to be able to monitor and change temps as needed. Only way to get the most out of my Rocks BBQ Stoker system.

  • BBQ

    by Roorob

    Works great

  • Perfect companion to stoker

    by tomiogun

    This app is a must have if you have your stoker connected to the Internet. Latest updates have made it easier to use and I use it for all of my long cooks. Graphing display needs improvement. Would like to see something similar to stokerlog. Fan (on/off) shouldn't take up so much of the graph area. Also even though I use it on every long cook, I have yet to make it all the way through a cook without the log/graph resetting to 0 in the middle of the cook.

  • Works!

    by Phil-Mac

    Works well to monitor your stoker, a few enhancements needed: graphing, and continued monitoring longer than 10 min (should be user configured)

  • Love it!

    by Johnny Fork

    Overall a great app for the stoker. The charts are really nice to see how the meat cooks over the entire smoke. It would be nice to have full control over the stoker I.e. pause the fan for 5 minutes. Well worth the money. Keep up the good work and all updates are much appreciated!

  • good app, has potential

    by r+rts

    would love to see the ability to trigger the "do not turn fan on for 5 minutes" option from within the app. this would be helpful for those of us who have the stoker stored in a weatherproof device that is not the easiest to access.

  • Nice App

    by BP53

    Quick setup, easy to use! Makes monitoring the Big Green Egg with a Stoker real easy.

  • Works with stoker

    by DP Brew

    Works great. I wish it would show fan status and usage.

  • The Stoker's Best Friend

    by Art van Delay

    Works great with my Stoker and Big Green Egg, saves charcoal and gives me worry-free cooks.

  • Only monitors manually not continuously. Marginal value.

    by Discover_R

    Needs to include real-time time stamps. Why make that a separate button? Temp text on analog temp dials is too small. Needs work. I'd like a refund. Doesn't really do anything useful that my Stoker's web interface doesn't already do.

  • I can't get it to connect, and I can't find any support

    by Vintner67

    I bought your app and I can't get it ot connect and I cant find any support, so I come here. I have the stoker hooked up to a bridge and then to my wireless network. I can control it though a web browser and also the stokerlog software, but I can't get your app to connect. Let me know what I am doing wrong or let me know where I can get some support.

  • Unable to connect- even though stokemaster app, with same settings has no problem

    by sdemw

    Useless for my set up. Using a new wifi stoker, have zero problems with getting to the web interface or using stokemaster (another iOS app). Same IP and port settings and this app simply won't connect. Maybe the router, maybe the app, who knows.

  • BBQ enthusiast

    by BBQ eagle

    More an aggravation than a help!

  • Crashes after IP address entered.

    by Hefe 2000

    Not worth anything until fixed. I was a skeptic of recent reviewer and I just wasted $2 Running version on iphone v 5.1.1

  • P.O.S.

    by Gt123456jax

    Crash....crash.....crash....stoker master much better.

  • Near perfection!

    by Badong321

    Worked right out of the gate. GUI is slick as hell and controls are easy and intuitive. Nice job. My only suggestion would be to add a cook timer page even if it didn't shut off the Stoker.

  • Very happy

    by Ryan McCoy

    Works perfect. Very easy to use

  • Does not load

    by ncoscia

    Save your money, all this app does is crash

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