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We fixed a recipe display issue.

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Need a foolproof recipe for dinner tonight? From Pan-Seared Thick Cut Strip Steaks or Crisp Roast Chicken to Grilled Salmon or Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce we have you covered. Standing in the supermarket and don’t know which brand of extra virgin olive oil to buy? Cook’s Illustrated reviews will tell you which brand took top honors for its “fruity flavor and excellent balance” and which brand “tasted like motor oil”. The Cook’s Illustrated app arms you with 50 of Cook’s Illustrated’s all-time best recipes, along with a collection of popular and practical supermarket ingredient taste tests and equipment reviews, recipe videos, and kitchen timer and shopping list features.

A practical companion to a membership, the Cook’s Illustrated app gives members access to all of the members-only recipes, recipe specific videos, ingredient taste tests, and equipment reviews available on

App features:
•50 of our all-time best recipes, covering appetizers and main courses, to side dishes, breakfasts, and desserts.
•Recipes developed in America’s Test Kitchen, America’s most trusted test kitchen
•Browse recipes by cuisine or category
•Recipe overview videos for every recipe
•Dozens of taste test reviews for supermarket ingredients
•Dozens of unbiased reviews for kitchen equipment and gadgets
•Shopping list feature expandable to accommodate additional items
•Start and manage multiple kitchen timers
•Organize recipes, taste tests, and equipment reviews in your “Favorites”
• members can log in to access all members-only recipe, taste test, and equipment review content
•Favorites content automatically synched up with members’ Favorites content organized online
•Share app’s recipes, taste tests, and equipment reviews via email or Facebook

About Cook’s Illustrated
Cook’s Illustrated, launched in 1993, is located just outside Boston where a team of more than three dozen test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists work in a 2,500-square-foot test kitchen. Our mission is to test recipes over and over again until we understand how and why they work and until we arrive at the “best” version of a particular recipe.

We start the process of testing each recipe with a complete lack of conviction, which means that we accept no claim, no theory, no technique, and no recipe at face value. We simply assemble as many variations as possible, test half a dozen of the most promising, and taste the results blind. We then construct our own hybrid recipe and continue to test it, varying the ingredients, techniques, and cooking times until we reach a consensus. The result, we hope, is the best version of a particular recipe, but we realize that only you can be the final judge of our success (or failure). As we like to say in the test kitchen, “We make the mistakes so you don’t have to.”

Along with developing recipes, our test kitchen team exhaustively tests kitchen equipment and does blind tastings of supermarket ingredients to tell home cooks which brands to buy…and which to avoid. More than one million Cook’s Illustrated readers rely on Cook’s Illustrated reviews to make smarter decisions about which cooking products and ingredient brands to buy.

Cook’s Illustrated recipes, testings, and tastings can be found in Cook’s Illustrated magazine and cookbooks, online at, or featured on our public television show, America’s Test Kitchen.

Customer Reviews

  • Working great!

    by Mary Shue

    Just downloaded it today and it seems to be working great. Now I can find all my favorite recipes at the grocery store and in my kitchen. Great app if you have a membership.

  • Great app but..

    by Sobmartin

    I love the app but really would like to have it in an IPad version with better resolution.

  • Need to add categories In Favorites for ease of use

    by ct0166

    The new App works after uninstalling the previous version. However, now my Favorites are all over the place (used to be in alphabetical order.) I recommend using categories (e.g., Main Dish, Side Dish, Dessert, etc.) in the next incarnation of the App to simplify finding my favorite recipes. Side note: The introduction videos now work.

  • Updated Nov 22: No problems,

    by K9Fancier

    Only once in the history of Cook's updates have I encountered a problem, and uninstalling and re-installing fixed it. And, as an app it is simply outstanding -- like the magazines, it is easy to use, explanatory, and comprehensive. It continues to be my go-to cooking app. Only complaint: the companion app, Cook's Country, is only available for iPad and not for iPhone. Very sad.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Worked!

    by BostonPokeFan

    Had to install it twice, but it was worth it.

  • Works pretty good

    by Ellsworth777777777

    Uninstalled old app and installed this one. Had to update my password on the website. Kinda sucked but whatever. Bigger problems in life than spending two minutes typing in a few letters and numbers. My favorites are still there. Sweet. Only problem is it crashes when I try to open the "mashed potatoes with root vegetables for two" recipe. Seems to work with every other recipe, though. Odd. Having the equipment guide rules balls, too. Nice too have when I 'm out at blood bath and beyond or another store with some random cash to spend. Worth the couple of dollars a month to have everything right at fingertips.

  • App won't even open

    by 't get on your nerves

    Hooray the app works again and now I can see my cooks country favorites too. That's what I've been waiting for--a cooks country app but this is just as good. I do wish the photos of cooks country recipes didn't disappear once I click on the recipe though. It would be nice to see a larger photo of the recipe. Also my old "favorites" disappeared in the app and on my computer. Wah!

  • Thank you!

    by Ellieh723

    The new version works but you may have to delete old version first. Lost my shopping list but kept Favorites. I like Equipment Reviews.

  • Deleted previous app and installed version 2.01

    by spicekooky

    I deleted previous app and installed v2.01 from the App Store. No crashes! Love the equipment reviews and fast search results!

  • Uninstall old version first!

    by smplee

    This app works much like the previous version, but with equipment reviews. If you liked that one, you'll like this one, too. But you must uninstall the old one and reinstall to get it to work. If you just update, ..., crash.

  • Nov 2nd

    by Steve in Weston

    Thank you 2.01 Works!!!

  • It Finally Works!!!

    by Mi55T4

    I had the same issue as everyone else did after the upgrade. The app would immediately close after opening. But, after some trial and errors, I finally got the upgraded app to work for me. Here are my steps to get the app to work: 1) make sure OS is currently updated, 2) delete the app 3) make sure the app is closed 4) download and install the upgraded app 5) close the app if it is open after the upgrade 6) open upgraded app and it should work Hope you found this helpful!

  • After installing it multiple times, it works

    by S Bryant

    Great app, if you can get it to work. I have the latest iphone 5s, with an updated iOS. The app is now full screen, and includes equipment reviews. Great company, wish they had tested the app as much as they test their food! I'm sure it will be fixed shortly for everyone.

  • Frustrating.

    by The Strominator

    I was having trouble with the app crashing. Here's what I did: Update app. Delete app. Reinstall. Open. Repeat previous 3 steps. Now it works again.

  • Delete and Reinstall works...but

    by Nh mom too

    Had the same experience as others. After deletion and re-installation on an iPad2 the app works except I cannot open from the app icon. Have to open from the App Store. Needs more work. BTW updated website works OK.

  • Had the same problem...

    by mich43

    ...with crashing as everyone else. Deleted and reinstalled and the app worked. My favorites were even there after I logged in.

  • Mr Kimball, test this app

    by Jason, PhD

    Got the membership (with awesome cookbook) for Christmas, but this app doesn't work. Tried repeatedly, but can't access anything after logging in. Website login works fine; this app needs repair.

  • Always reloading and partial titles in search results

    by Obviously Binky

    Headache... Leave recipe open to find it quickly later? Nope. No multi tasking. Search again and re-load. Quickly peruse search results to find what you're looking for? Nope. Drastically abbreviated recipe titles so you have to click and open all of them. These two complaints combined? Practically unusable app.

  • Crash

    by Jg911

    I'm also not happy with the new version. Found out while at the grocery store that I couldn't access some of the recipes that I have in the past. Please fix!!

  • Terrible!

    by Lulu9711

    It lets me login but won't let me see any recipes. I pay to have cooks illustrated and can use it fine on my computer. Worthless app.

  • Was good, now unusable

    by douglagug

    Not sure what happened, but this app doesn't display recipes now, really lame as it was my go-to cookbook app, hope we see an update fast.

  • Crashes on half the recipes

    by Redchef2710

    I pay a hefty membership for this ridiculous cooks illustrated just for it to crash half the time when I try to open up a recipe!!! Not happy!

  • Crashes

    by ...67

    Won't open despite deleting and reinstalling.

  • Membership doesn't work

    by Astorienne

    Frustrated by this once-useful app's sudden inability to recognize my membership. Website still works...

  • So I have to pay again?

    by missusme

    I have an ATK membership, but in order to use this app, I need a Cooks Illustrated membership, no I think not.

  • Worse after the update

    by oertel

    The app is a so,so utility but got even worse after the update. It used to be your favorites were listed in alphabetical order but after update they are listed in no order. There is no search tool and no way to create categories.

  • Arghhhh

    by Cooking in the south

    This is the 4th time I am deleting this app and re- installing it again and it is very aggravating since I am used to having quick access to my saved recipes while shopping. This updated app is useless!

  • Dreadful

    by Zee1961

    This was a great companion app to paid subscription. I used it daily. Now, with mandatory update, it won't open on phone or iPad. It's been 10 days, no new update, no response to email, no nothin'. $35 a year for no access. No matter how good the recipes are, not worth it.

  • M

    by Lundelii

    I truly wish that I could recommend this site. I have a magazine subscription, but that did not give me access to the website. So I paid for a website subscription only to find I don't have access to all the recipes. That will cost me even more. I will not be renewing anything. Sorry.

  • Zero Stars

    by CooksAlot507

    Here it is Nov 7 and this app is still failing. In fact I instead I update before I went to use a recipe and now I can't get to any. Honestly paying the cost for using their website is unreasonably high especially when it looks pretty poor on an iPad. Now it doesn't work at all when I try to look at favorites. I tried the unloading & reloading the app a couple times. But for $35 a year to et access I would expect better. Fix it soon or I drop both the web subscription & print subscription.

  • What are you thinking?!?

    by CaptLS

    What a horrible update! Now saving to favorites is missing?! This is just as bad as the new website look. The print function there is as useful as a pet rock.

  • Negative 5 stars -- RIPOFF!

    by RedMNJ

    I wish I could give NO stars. Just spent $35 for a year membership to, only to find out I have to spend ANOTHER $35 for a year membership to to be able to access recipes in this app (which I was able to access all this time until they made this change). I'll be deleting the app and Boston Common Press has lost a very longtime customer, thanks to GREED.

  • Crashed

    by IceDoll1605

    The app was great until the new update .The new update (Nov 2) failed too. The app still won't open. I hope this is repaired ASAP.

  • Negative 5 Stars

    by Boltz2000

    Worst new product roll-out since Obama-care website. Embarrassing crash problem finally fixed but saved recipes are gone, how annoying is that? Not Recommended

  • Where are the articles?!

    by Msauce81

    One of the aspects of this app that set it apart were the articles. They are gone. I feel ripped off.

  • New version keeps crashing

    by Seasalts

    Crashes every time at opening

  • Embarrassing...

    by kowskima

    How can you guys not test your update before release!?

  • Crashes when opened

    by АЯК

    Every time.

  • Hey, Cook's, maybe test next time?

    by leosmama

    App crashes before it even finishes loading. Now I can't use my phone for recipes.

  • Do you even test before you implement??

    by SB Jenn

    2013 -

  • Attention Christopher Kimball

    by KeithCBrooks

    These poor shoddy apps are not driving adoption or revenues. Please try harder to meet modern demand for what is an otherwise superior product.

  • Your App is a Picture of Corn

    by PrineSwine

    That's all it does. Picture of corn that crashes...not up to snuff, please fix.

  • Unusable

    by A Person 123456

    Very disappointed. I used the old version of the app quite often. The upgraded version of the app won't even open for me.

  • Canceling renewals

    by dmax

    Why pay for something I can't use? Especially when it's been a nightmare for so long. Previous version crashed, then opened. This one just crashes.

  • Crashes, videos don't play

    by M.Z.L.

    The app crashes when I install from the update. It works if I uninstall and reinstall. However, the videos keep loading and never actually play. Please do a better job of testing before you launch. I feel sorry for those who pay good money for the extra content when they are not even able to view it. Frankly, I would never have installed it if I knew it was this buggy.

  • Chris Kimball may be able to cook, but...

    by kalow750

    His app is the worst! Get some real developers to make it work. App crashes on opening. This is unacceptable. I pay to access your content. I expect to see a credit to my account. Chris, loosen up that bow tie and fix this debacle.

  • Horrible

    by Patrick Richardson

    Crashes immediately upon opening. Do you guys know how to beta test!?!

  • What?

    by Mastro1970

    Crashes!!!! Does not open. Probably a good idea to test before launching.

  • Awful App

    by Wilypyro

    This wasn't a very good app before, and to roll out an upgrade before testing it is so Obamacareish.

  • Terrible

    by sidvorak

    The new version crashes at launch on a 4s iOS 7. The old app was an embarrassment but this is just a joke.

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