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The Cook’s Illustrated Magazine app is your go-to source for foolproof recipes, kitchen tips, and reviews of the best kitchen equipment and supermarket ingredients. Download our free app and select the issue you’d like to buy, or subscribe to receive each new issue as it is released and save 52% off the single issue price.

Each issue of Cook’s Illustrated magazine on this app features everything found in the print issue – every recipe, every kitchen quick tip, every equipment review, and every ingredient taste test, all without a single page of advertising so you get unbiased information on every page. In addition, each app issue includes additional app-only features to help guarantee foolproof results in the kitchen, including:

•Recipe videos for EVERY article which walks you through each recipe’s critical steps
•“Cooking Mode” Slide Shows – large step-by-step color photos showing you the critical aspects of each recipe, designed to be easy to read and understand when you’re cooking in the kitchen
•Expanded review charts for all equipment reviews and ingredient taste tests
•Plus much more


•Foolproof recipes for everything from appetizers and side dishes to entrees and desserts
•Step-by-step illustrations that demonstrate the right way to prepare a recipe
•Quick Tips for everything from no-mess tomato chopping to sting-free seeding of hot peppers
•Unbiased reviews of cookware, gadgets, and supermarket ingredients
•Not a single page of advertising!

Cook’s Illustrated Magazine subscriptions available:

-1-month subscription available for $1.99 (includes a 7-day Free Trial), automatically renewed until canceled
-1-year subscription available for $19.99 (includes a 30-day Free Trial), automatically renewed until canceled
-A single issue for $6.99 (non-subscription)

All subscriptions start at the end of the applicable free trial period. Payment for your purchase will be charged to your iTunes account after your free trial period. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn off auto-renewal from your iTunes account at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. No cancellation of the current issue is allowed during an active subscription period. Free trials are only available upon an initial subscription.

About Cook’s Illustrated
Cook’s Illustrated, launched in 1993, is located just outside Boston where a team of more than three dozen test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists work in a 2,500-square-foot test kitchen. Our mission is to test recipes over and over again until we understand how and why they work and until we arrive at the “best” version of a particular recipe. The result, we hope, is the best version of a particular recipe, but we realize that only you can be the final judge of our success (or failure). As we like to say in the test kitchen, “We make the mistakes so you don’t have to.”

Along with developing recipes, our test kitchen team exhaustively tests kitchen equipment and does blind tastings of supermarket ingredients to tell home cooks which brands to buy…and which to avoid. More than one million Cook’s Illustrated readers rely on Cook’s Illustrated reviews to make smarter decisions about which cooking products and ingredient brands to buy.

Cook’s Illustrated recipes, testings, and tastings can be found in Cook’s Illustrated magazine and cookbooks, online at, or featured on our public television show, America’s Test Kitchen.

Customer Reviews

  • Garbage UPDATE & UPGRADE

    by George Grooms

    The issues with multitouch gestures & multitasking mentioned below seem to be iOS problems - not CI's fault. Still, there is no content on the magazine but that is not that big of a deal. Upgrading rating to 4 stars from 1. Sorry CI - get it together Apple! Seizes the home screen and multitouch gestures won't work. You have to use the Home button to get back to your apps. Same thing with multitasking - you can't even flick the app up to force quit. I have tried restarting my iPad but it does no good. All this for a download that does nothing but display a picture of a magazine cover on an empty bookshelf. The mag shows no content - not even a sample. By far the worst thing I've downloaded. At least it didn't cost me any money. Now if someone could tell how to delete this dog...

  • easy as pie!

    by wboucek

    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I've just subscribed and downloaded my 1st issue. The magazine works fine. Easy navigation, no probs. Maybe I'm doing something special? I've got a new ipad & iOS 7. Hope it works better for everyone. Gotta go do some cooking!

  • Review

    by katiebug103

    Love it! Never had an issue. I enjoy the videos of cooking/baking

  • Love the app, great content.

    by Sebastian808

    As someone who doesn't have a paper subscription to this magazine, this app is great. Love their recipes and the technical knowledge they share with cooks. This is my go to cooking app.

  • Great content, nice app, sub-marginal experience

    by DennisK33

    I've long been a fan of CI's recipes, and enjoy the graphics of the mag and the UI of the app. The fade-from-gray is really nice on the eyes, and navigation is great. BUT... The app is constantly in "sign up" mode. My subscription is automatic, so my mags should always be available *without* advertising and *without* logging in. How hard is that? Furthermore, when paying for a subscription, the website should be included. C'mon, Kimball...greedy is not an appetizing trait. I am not at all a fan of their aggressive marketing. Granted, this is not an app issue, but it is a big part of the whole CI experience.

  • Too bad!

    by GracedIam

    I have been a subscriber for years but recently cancelled my print version too, mainly because of the oversupply of the magazine and cost. The website subscription went up $30 this year to nearly $50. Since I will never be a professional chef, I think this is a lot of money. At least on, if I choose not to continue to subscribe, I will still have access to back issues that I already purchased. this is a good magazine but they need to get their act together. They are nickel and diming ($15and$20 dollaring) us to death.

  • My favorite magazine

    by Eldaram

    I really love this magazine great recipes and the product testing is very helpful :)

  • Way to put a magazine on the iPad !

    by WisdomSeed

    This being such a new medium, a lot of efforts are hit or miss, and most of them miss. Never having read Cook's, I was very impressed with the whole approach to food. A bit of wizardry, some craft, some science and a lot of clear and concise approaches to the beauty of food and cooking. More than just a 'how to', there's as much 'why to'. And it reads like what cooking is, an adventure. But what real crimes me is the way the magazine is executed on the iPad. Okay, I was really taken by the pictures. They totally blow me away, the way they start off in black and white, and then end up in glorious color. The dishes appear to come to life right before you. Great magazine!

  • Paid to look at cover

    by janfed

    as others have noted...I paid for this, but can only look at the covers...when I try to open I'm asked to subscribe I'd sure like my money back...can't believe apple let's app like this

  • This is a virus!!!

    by Jjhickup

    You have been warned

  • Get it together!

    by Blkranger

    I don't have time to fumble and waste time getting this application to work!

  • Subscription

    by Febeedog

    I am not renewing because for the whole year I have not been able to view this subscription for a whole year

  • Continual problems with no response--finally fixed-Permanent??

    by mso333

    Looks like 1 problem was fixed with today's update however the 2 most recent issues want me to pay. My subscription is up to date. Seriously, they have my money and I can't get my issues. Sent 5 emails over a few months--I got 1 automated response which worsened the situation! Update--Just sent my 6th email--this is a total scam!update-12//27/13-3 issues later I have resolution-the exact same items I had previously performed worked after they sent me a more personal email-delete the app and restore. Unfortunately, I had no access to the new issues for the holidays. Not changing my rating because of the length of time for resolution and because every time I called, their phone system would just say they had high volume and hang up

  • Ugh! Doesn't work!!!!!!!!

    by EyeHeartNJ

    Doesn't recognize me and I have a subscriptions across all platforms of the Cooks publications. If they can't make mobile work, Bon App will eat their lunch (pardon the pun).

  • Not really an app

    by Sipagolda

    Just a place to buy digital issues. No excess to anything.

  • Won't restore issues

    by Robert Jones

    App thinks I am a "TEST USER" and won't recognize my Apple ID. In this state it won't let me restore old issues or recognize my subscription. I have the same problem with other magazine subscriptions. Seems like it might be a a problem within Apple.

  • Downloading New

    by Weavingpam

    I have not been able to download the Nov/Dec magazine and I am signed up until Aug. 2014. I'm being asked to buy my new issues.

  • Stole my money

    by IBC70

    I paid for a subscription to this magazine through iTunes but the app will not recognize it or let me download any issues. The publisher has ignored my support requests and Apple won't refund my money. Others seem to be having the same problem yet nothing is being done.

  • Rip off

    by Birdfeet12345

    I already subscribe to all their websites and print magazine and I like their iPhone app. This isn't that. I have to pay again for the same content on my iPad? No way.

  • Warning!

    by Deb11764

    Check your in app purchases. I just did and found that I in the past year I have been charged $1.99, $19.99, and 6.99 about 5 times. What is going on??? There is no way to contact them from the app itself. I am unable to open a magazine without paying for it again. I had assumed I paid $19.99 for a year on the iPad. I am not happy.

  • Poorly developed

    by Corey Krosting

    The app loses purchased content whenever it is closed down and requires the user to Restore All Purchases in order to download what is purchased. Numerous problems with downloading issues Not recommended until these problems are fixed

  • Terribly disappointing

    by BAP100

    First of all, I'm a big fan of the integrity of CI as it relates to testing products and recipes. As a result, I pay for a premium on-line membership. Secondly, it's quite disconcerting to have a negative experience and then read all of these negative reviews, which only underscores my experience. What happened to the iPad app that is similar to the iPhone app which features a wide library of recipes and taste tests? I used mine regularly, but now It appears to have been removed. Equally frustrating is the lack of response to the emails I've sent. Where is the integrity of CI in running the rest of its business?

  • Rip off

    by OC dine in or out

    I see from the other reviews that even if you already pay for the hard copy subscription they want to charge you again to read it on your iPad. Seriously, they know how to cook , but are clueless on building customer loyalty. I just got my renewal for my paper subscription and after learning this am not going to renew. There are plenty of other sources to find good recipes!

  • Disappointing

    by Cisnej

    I was excited to have an iPad version of the mag, since I loved the print, but download takes too long, takes to much space, crashes, and I had to download the same issue again and again after two days because it decides to delete it from my iPad. DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  • Kimball you're not nice

    by Middlesteve

    Why do try to make me pay for every single step of the way, and then for content that I've already paid for. I paid you for the magazine and the website. This app offers nothing more. I can access the website through the iPad, you knucklehead. You're just making people angry.

  • Really!

    by BobATL

    Pay again? I couldn't figure out why I could not log on with my subscription data. I am sorry but these guys really know how to ruin customer loyalty.

  • what a waste

    by Ohio Hiker

    The app has had trouble downloading every issue. the newest issue cannot be downloaded at all. No one seems to be able to give an answer why it doesn't work. Save your money not worth the price!

  • Don't Subscribe

    by Chorneq2378

    This is an awful app. It's advertised as a subscription app, but it doesn't work like one. I paid for the subscription and downloaded the app. Yet each new issue asks that I pay full newsstand price for it before downloading. If there is a way to make the app behave as a subscription app, they don't provide instructions on how to do so. At best their design is poor. I wholly recommend against buying this app until it works as advertised.

  • A Crime We Shouldn't Support

    by Mahowalds

    This is such a crappy example of double dipping that it breaks my heart. Christopher Kimball in crew are obviously smart people, and savvy people, but why should will readers pay the price for their greed? Please don't support this iPod only app by buying it. I subscribe to the magazine, and to the "app addition" and find it very strange that the app addition does not support the app on this iPad. Apple says that based on the iOS, and the whole notion of the "applification" of content, that these things should be one in the same. I don't think I know another example of a company that licenses this content additionally for iPad or iPhone. Super crappy practice, and I hope the people at Cook's illustrated come to their senses soon

  • Misleading app.

    by Prince Billy

    I also purchased a subscription in the past and loved this magazine but had no where to store all the copies and sadly dumped them. I hoped this site was going to be the answer to storage but instead it is more like a scam! Shame on you for misleading us :(

  • Nickeled and Dimed by Cook's Illustrated

    by swiftmd

    I pay for the print subscription, which I love, and for the website membership. I understood the rationale behind a fee for the website - you have access to additional content and archives that cannot be provided in the print magazine. (although frankly having to pay the "Editor's Choice" extra fee to see certain content is an extremely arrogant ploy that I haven't fallen for.) But to ask me to pay AGAIN for the electronic version of the magazine I've already paid for, is just too much. I'm glad you don't rely on advertising, so you NEED customer loyalty. You will get more loyalty if you treat your existing, paying customers fairly. At the very least a deep discount should apply.

  • Trouble with updates

    by Teseme

    This site is driving me crazy. I pay for both paper copy and IPad copy crazy right!? But I really like the magazine and have no were to store them all. But it will not let you update to the new magazine without resubscribing! I have a subscription until July 2014 already!!

  • Triple dipping money grubbers

    by RhinoBetsy

    So disappointing to see that you want us to pay a third time for a different format (website, magazine, and ipad app). Get a clue. Just because you're trying to scam existing clients, I'm going to cancel my magazine subscription so I can offset at least one gullible fan who pays you two or three times for the same recipes and info. Bad form Christopher Kimball, bad form.

  • Greedy, greedy, greedy

    by crabtownc

    Like many other reviewers, I have multiple CI cookbooks, and I have been a mag subscriber and an online subscriber for several years. I thought charging mag subscribers for online access was a bit much, and now they're asking me to pay yet again to access the same recipes on another device. Shame, shame, Cooks illustrated. I'm canceling my mag and online access in protest.

  • Terrible app and tech support

    by Sg8643578

    I have paid for the year long subscription and seen the bill on my credit card, but none of the newer editions have downloaded. I have contacted apple as well as contacts for the app but no one has helped. Avoid downloading the app or wasting your money on this app. It's sad since this is a great print recipe book. Failure of the tech

  • Ripoff Warning. Do not pay annual.

    by LooRoo

    I paid annual but cannot download without being charged the monthly fee even though I already paid.

  • Not paying three times

    by Penguiner 123

    It's bad enough that I have to pay for both the online and print subscription, I'm not paying a third time for this.

  • Can't download new issues!

    by RedMNJ

    I've had nothing but trouble getting each issue, and now it won't download at all. A WASTE OF MONEY.

  • Poor App

    by Douglashh

    This app is really poor, wants to charge me for each issue even though I already paid for subscription. Also, the issue icon in Newsstand does not update.

  • I'd give it 0 stars if I could

    by Disco Flow

    In this taste test, CI came out dead last. I'm a subscriber to the website with extra content and to the print magazine. There is no way I'm paying again for access through the iPad app. No other mag does this. Perhaps this is the last year of my 20+ year relationship with CI. Mr. Kimball, I'm disappointed in you.

  • No support

    by medcingris

    I love the print version, but since I shuttle between two houses I thought I would do better with the iPad edition. It has been waiting to download for three days, and support has not responded to my plea for help. Frustrating!

  • App rarely works properly

    by SfcookB

    The digital issues are beautiful, but the app rarely works. I don't get push notifications when I have new issues, and every time I open the app it won't recognize my subscription unless I restore all purchases. I won't be renewing when my subscription ends. Disappointing since I love America's Test Kitchen.

  • Disappointing

    by The Benedict Family

    I understand that the Americas Test Kitchen does not allow advertising to keep their findings and comments not tainted, ,but when you already subscribe to either online or print services I think it is crazy to charge you again for mobile access. I guess they figure if you have a membership online,you can access the web site through your browser. No sense to have the app then......

  • They Are Seriously Confused

    by Laugh_OH

    It's ironic that they got this so wrong. America's Test Kitchen publishes the Cooks Illustrated magazine, website, cookbooks and more. They pride themselves on rigorous testing to help people find the best recipes, ingredients, equipment, and preparation techniques. They produce great content. How is it that they couldn't figure out that the subscribers to the website would be bothered by their double dipping approach? Skip this ap. Use website.

  • This app leaves a bad taste in my mouth

    by Smogdr

    We paid for the online cooks subscription and yet we can't use this app to access our content!? Why the development team at Cooks Illustrated thinks this form of price gouging is acceptable is beyond me. This policy will bring Cooks Illustrated a feast of bad press.

  • Separate subscription from print version

    by JkanMD

    Very poor business. Like the magazine but am not going to pay an extra $20 a year just to read it on my iPad. Should be included for print subscribers.

  • Bad news

    by CA book lady

    So sad! I subscribe to the print magazine but have to pay (again?) for my iPad app! Really? When this ousts them next to nothin? Am very disappointed. Perhaps the powers that be will see the light, change their greedy minds, and reward their current patrons!

  • Greedy

    by Normal Nathan

    I have a paper subscription but wanted to get his for my ipad. No way am I paying again!!!!

  • Why do I have to pay for the app?

    by nycreader23

    I'm a print subscriber. This should entitle me to view the issue on my iPad as well. I should not have to pay again. This is pretty standard for most magazines. Please update your policy, Cook's Illustrated!

  • Rip Off

    by iDon't Collect Books Now

    Don't sign up for a year's subscription in this App. It still charges you the full price for every issue when you download a new issue. Cooks Country does not give you any way to get in contact with them in the App. The only thing you can do is write a review as if you we're trying to get Customer Support and hope Cooks Country will get in touch with you. Oh, joy. I've already received an email that my subscription will be automatically renewed. This would be a good thing if I got a year's worth of magazine and didn't have to pay full individual price when downloading the new issues. Nothing like paying for it twice! Very disappointed in administration of what I consider a great magazine.

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