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Thank you to everyone who has supported us along our exciting journey as virgin App developers. We are so grateful and overwhelmed by the huge amount of support. We have taken on board all of the feedback you have given us and have been working very hard to get these fixes done for you all, so you can enjoy our App to it’s greatest potential.

- Optimised the App to run faster on all devices!
- 6 New Christmas recipes.
- Fixed issues with iPad, iPhone 4, 3Gs and iPod.
- Shopping list bugs fixed.
- On hand improvements.

If you love using our App as much as we do, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave us a nice review on the App store. <3

Clean & Green Team.

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A lifestyle where you are inspired to nourish your body with the healthiest foods – fresh or closest to its natural state with the least amount of processing. Meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts & whole grains. Less processing and buying local & in season supports a reduced carbon footprint & organic products equals less chemicals for you & the earth!
We hope to encourage you to have new food favourites – a real “food” lifestyle change. We hope that by maintaining a Clean & Green Eating routine, that you will feel better about yourself – knowing you are eating more healthily with (less toxins in your body) & as your energy levels increase you may then be further encouraged to adopt a more holistic approach to your lifestyle - including what you think, drink, breathe & exercise. Keeping fit, firm & fantastic. Buying our App is the one of the first & easiest steps you can take.

The App includes everything from drinks, snacks, desserts & meals. We purposely kept the recipes simple and started from the basics to encourage you and also to make cooking more fun for you.

> 122+ inspiring recipes – with regular additions
> Each recipe is clearly marked as raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten or dairy-free & seafood
> Personalize settings to review only those recipes that suit your dietary requirements
> Save your favourites for quick reference
> Shopping list or Sharing recipes via SMS or email
> Manage your time better with estimated kitchen time on each recipe
> Both metric & imperial measurements are available
> Compatible with both iPhone & iPad
> Share your cooking on Facebook or Instagram

From the Clean & Green Eating Team
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Customer Reviews

  • Inspiring and helpful

    by BREE..Y

    No crashes so far, and brilliant receives that taste good too!

  • Amazing

    by Barry Boniface

    I love this app. The recipes are so easy, and they make it so simple to make clean and green recipes that actually look appealing!

  • GREAT!

    by Tiffnyyann

    The app is wonderful and I can't wait to try all of the recipes out! Keep up the good work and add some more recipes soon please!

  • Very helpful

    by strickchick04

    Good info & easy to read

  • Excellent

    by Bollyninja

    I have not tried the recipes yet but what a great pleasure to have a well organized app by meal times . I'm looking for good kid food and school lunch options and I see many such recipes here. Please include individual recipe ratings in the future versions. Thankyou for helping to cook good food.

  • Great app for eating clean

    by Gucghxdhhc

    This app is easy to use and is great for someone who is looking to start clean eating!

  • Amazing

    by Dactiff

    I love this app! It's extremely helpful for anyone who wants to try new healthy and clean recipes. Everything I have tried so far has been delicious! Totally Worth It!

  • Good app, want cal info

    by misssssssblue

    I love this app- super cute and easy to use but there is no caloric information for any of the meals provided. Also, the "on hand" section is a great idea, but most things I put in there never come out with something to make. Which I find weird. Other than that, cute app. Love the themes, food and recipes.

  • Nice

    by SHNAlikestolearn

    Great ideas, easy recipes and healthy ingredients!

  • Amazing ❤️

    by Ayomimmi

    This app is amazing it's seriously has everything you could ask for breakfast lunch and dinner clean recipes and their smoothies juices and snacks are a plus . Thanks guys I'm obsessed this this app, I found you guys on Instagram ❤️

  • Solid but overpriced app

    by Katie Maia

    This app is visually appealing and the recipes look good but I'd like more recipes for the price. The feature that allows you to select your ingredients to match a recipe is useless bc there are not enough recipes. Hopefully over time more and more recipes will be added. I wouldn't spend over $1.99 for this app

  • Clean interface and good food

    by surfgrrl99

    I find this app very easy on the eyes and on the belly. Like the add to shopping list function too

  • Finally!

    by Jessica Jade Honeywill

    I was so excited for this app to arrive on the App Store, now it's finally here. Lots of fantastic recipes and great features. Looking forward to getting my clean-eating ON!

  • I want a refund!

    by Simplyhis

    App keeps crashing

  • Needs nutritional information

    by Hi5oh

    The recipes look great and are delicious however, there is no nutritional information. I am on a diet and need to know the calories and nutritional information, therefore I don't use this as often as I would like.

  • Bummer :(

    by Misawa life

    The only reason I don't like calorie count for the recipes :( I won't recommend this or use it now, wish I could get my money back!!


    by MUCHHHH


  • Instafluke

    by Bleezybreeze

    Found some great pics on their Instagram page and downloaded the app to make the recipes. $3 later, the app doesn't even work. What gives?

  • Money wasted

    by UzukiDarkshadow

    I would like to comment on this apps awesome features that I paid for, only I can't. The stupid thing doesn't open. Glad I wasted money on this.

  • Worst app ever!!

    by Cocobutter90

  • Only need it once

    by Joe C.

    Nice initial recipes. But recipes are updated so infrequently that it's not worth paying for. Stick to the web for true clean and green recipes.

  • Good but.....

    by Cyclopes12345678

    When i first saw this app i was so excited, finally! However, it locks up & won't work. If they could fix it & make it work it would be well worth the $$$$ if not it is just a waste of a really go idea

  • Clean and green?

    by Purple spool

    I just purchased this app and it will not work at all!!! I want my money back!!

  • Disappointing

    by LittleLadykins

    If you're looking for raw food recipes this is NOT the app to buy... Really disappointed that there are only a handful of raw recipes, especially for how expensive it was.... Wasn't worth the money at all!!!!!

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