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Languages: English

Seller: Lakefront Software, Inc.

• Support for iOS7
• Larger recipe images
• Lots more collections and pre-planned menus
• Bug fixes.

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Take 250,000+ recipes, your grocery list and menus anywhere on your iPhone! Add your own recipes easily and view all your friends' recipes too. With over nine million downloads, BigOven is the most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go. BigOven was named "Readers’ Choice, Best Recipe App" in 2013, 2012 and 2011 on, and chosen one of the "Best Apps for Foodies", "Best Apps for New Moms" and "Best App for Eating In" by well-known publications.

Anyone (no signup needed) can:
• Take recipes in the kitchen, to the store, on vacation - no cookbooks or recipe cards!
• Search recipes by keyword, course, ingredient, plus browse popular recipe collections
• Use up leftovers: enter three ingredients from your fridge or pantry to get ideas to make
• Read reviews, scale recipes, convert to metric, share recipes by email, Twitter, Pinterest
• Browse and share complete menus for special occasions and everyday meals

Get a free BigOven account (use the same one for, other devices) to:
• Make your own recipe collection portable, searchable, and scalable
- Save your Favorites and Recipes to Try Soon
- Add your own recipes by typing, or import instantly from cooking websites & blogs
- RecipeScan: Upload 3 photos of handwritten or typed paper recipes; we’ll type for you
- View all your Facebook friends’ public recipes
- Upload photos of any recipe, add recipe reviews, share recipes via Facebook
• Plan meals ahead
- Add recipes and notes onto a drag-and-drop menu planning calendar
- Save and re-use menus for one or more meals.
- Save time and money planning for everyday meals and special occasions.
• Grocery shop with ease
- Get a grocery list created for you, automatically sorted by aisle
- Add recipes, full menus, days from the menu planner, and other needed items
- Bring your grocery list along to the store and check off items while shopping

Get an optional BigOven Pro membership to:
• Remove all ads on our apps and website. A single membership covers all devices.
• Add your own private notes on any recipes
• Manage your recipe collection with power tools
- Add unlimited recipes instantly from cooking websites & blogs via the app or web clipper
- Upload 25 photos of handwritten or typed paper recipes; we’ll type for you
- Create your own private custom variation of any BigOven recipe on
• Eat better with nutrition tools
- See calories, fat, sodium and more on recipes and individual ingredients
- Vegetarian, Vegan, No Red Meat, No Dairy, No Nuts, No Gluten, No Shellfish collections
- Search recipes by dietary constraint
- Exclude multiple ingredients when searching

Heading offline? Your grocery list, recipes you’ve added, and recipes in your Favorites and Try Soon lists are always available even without wi-fi or 3G (just be sure to view the full recipe and grocery list at least once with connectivity on your device before accessing offline). You'll need connectivity to search the other 250,000+ recipes in our library.

Get BigOven's free app for iPad too - all data syncs via the cloud for free.
See our demo:

Happy cooking!

Customer Reviews

  • Very helpful

    by oneofthe2000

    I always turn to this app when I need recipe ideas. I love that I can save my favorites too so I don't have to look them up again.

  • Almost Perfect But...

    by Mrs.Arquette13

    Issues: 1) Why can't I tap the picture on the home screen slide show? It looks really cool but sometimes I see something that looks really yummy & I want to know what it is & how to make it. So if tapping the pic took me to the recipe, that would be very, very nice. 2) Adding my own recipe from the app is just completely non-functional. I always end up having to do it from Safari, then I have to go back into the app to add a picture. Other than that, it's a wonderful app & I've switched away from my previous online recipe storage site because their app was useless for what I needed. Quick, easy access to all my organized recipes. The ability to search for new recipes, add them to my organized collection, read reviews & tips, & post reviews & tips. And the ability to easily add my own recipes with photo(s) & tips. Your app is very close to meeting my needs. I look forward to future updates. Thank You!

  • The only recipe app you'll ever need

    by Mikebzho

    I've found great recipes with this app and it's super easy to use. I love it

  • Ms.

    by Sinjinstar

    Best app for recipes!

  • What happened?

    by MBiggs9999

    At first it worked great. Now it keeps freezing on me. And the "home" button doesn't work. If I'm on a recipe and I click home it doesn't take me back to the home page, it doesn't take me anywhere. Deleting because it no longer works!

  • Love, love, love this app!

    by HillbillySid

    Great search options and I can store my own recipes so everything is kept in one place.

  • Great app

    by Sha baby

    Love the leftovers recipes!!!

  • Great app; great service!

    by AZClaireB

    I didn't really start using BigOven until the mobile app came out. I love being able to search and schedule recipes! I'm a pro user and have started taking pics of my favorite cookbook recipes so BigOven can transcribe them for me - how great is that? Whenever I contact their service dept, I get prompt USEFUL responses.

  • Good stuff

    by Ezzpo

    Pretty good recipe's, not a waste of app space

  • Makes you HUNGRY!!!

    by Bachanaal92

    The pictures are vibrant and makes you want to reach out to that food as though it is calling your name. It is a great app! Keep up the good work!

  • Very nice app

    by touchstylez

    Completely in love!

  • Yeah leftovers!

    by Jefrstarr

    I enjoy the different search functions (especially for leftovers which lets u enter three ingredients at once). I don't know about saving functions because I normally just email recipes to myself. Easy to use!! Lots of recipes (unlike other aps which are limited unless u pay). Only downside: many recipes are not rated.

  • Excellent app. Great recipes at your fingertips

    by Coreoposis

    I love this. I use it almost daily.

  • Ingenious

    by Kela26

    I love this app. The recipes are updated constantly and there are selections for everyone. Recipes span across cultures and diets. I think this app is the most diverse I've ever downloaded for recipes. And it's easy to navigate.

  • Love this app!

    by cplace

    Great comprehensive tool. I use it everyday! Great place to store all your recipes. The Add a Recipe feature is effortless, just take a photo of the recipe, upload and on average it's ready in about an hour depending on the time of day you upload it!

  • Awesome

    by Janeilicious

    I used to only use my Better Homes cookbook but now I alternate between this app and that book. I love the family recipes and there are a lot of helpful hints in the comments sections. Well organized, easy to use, and even creates a grocery list for what you want to make!

  • This is my cooking central!

    by MutherBear

    Love this site - love this app!

  • Love this app!

    by Clinchmob

    Love making new recipes!!

  • Excellent!!

    by NamymoGery

    fall in love with this app right away. LOVE the selection of new recipes. all the photo display looks yummy.THANKS!!

  • Bachelor

    by Montanabob2004

    For a bachelor this is awesome

  • Needs improvement

    by rubeykay

    I really wanted to find a place to store all the recipes I find on Pinterest. Importing works pretty good, although some sites can be a pain. The things I think would make this much better would be - customizable categories. I hate that cookies and bars are lumped together in one sub-category. I literally have hundreds of recipes for cookies and bars. But in the bread section, there is a sub-category for pumpkin breads?? How many pumpkin bread recipes can a person have compared to cookies? Another thing I dislike is that when searching on the ipad, I can only search by the main category, so I have to scroll through hundreds of main courses OR the search feature will give me everyone else's recipes first and the only way I can tell which ones are mine is that most of mine are private so I have to look for the little lock icon. So weird that I can't just search my own recipes. Another problem I have is that when I switch apps, to look up what an alternative ingredient would be, for instance, when I go back to the Big Oven App, it totally reloads and I have to go hunting for my recipe again. Again, back to; finding my own recipes is very frustrating. If they don't fix these issues, I will not be renewing my subscription. Which is a bummer because I put a lot of time into this.

  • Awesome app

    by Santos Mummey

    I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for this. This app is AWESOME. The grocery list is great, unlike the food network app that keeps crashing on me. Hope this app keeps getting the love!!

  • Big oven

    by aztecinv

    Still love this app because there are multiple recipes for each dish, unlike most cookbooks. I use this app often. Kathy, AZ

  • Love it!

    by Lipco

    I love the simplicity of this app., very user friendly! I would recommend this to anyone. Either novices or advanced "cookers" ;).

  • Awesome

    by Poohbear90598

    Awesome cookbook

  • Easy, quick and a variety of recipes

    by goose0673

    I go to the app frequently. Like any recipe sharing site you have to read and decide if it is for you. My favorite part is that once you find a keeper you can look at all the recipes posted by that user.

  • Love it!

    by LivGuillen

    Great recipes found

  • Great app

    by To dog check

    Great app just fix the search key word wired ness and it's perfect.

  • The best cookbook ever!

    by senisote62

    I love being able to find something to cook on the way to the store or before I make it home. A cookbook that is with me where ever I go.

  • Excellent for Anyone Who Loves Food!

    by CEP from PA

    Love this app - easy to use, fabulous recipes with mouthwatering pics. I use it often.

  • Rb

    by Peanut Butter Paws

    Great for ideas. It's easy to narrow down the search options or to browse through thousands of recipes

  • Wonderful recipes!

    by Adam Jack

    I love the new look, the big photos really help me find cool recipes!

  • Super simple, super recipes

    by Arvada Jayhawk

    I continue to enjoy Big oven as I find fun new recipes every time I look! To be able to go from planning to the store to the table is what our family needs and Big oven delivers

  • good holiday recipes!

    by TammyEll

    One of my favorite apps and seeing tons of holiday recipes I want to make!!

  • recipes and more in my pocket

    by shandel23

    Love how BigOven lets me take my recipes wherever I go. I plan what’s for dinner while waiting at ballet class, and it makes a grocery list for me. Not sure how I’d survive without this app!

  • Love it

    by Ryankoala

    Great app

  • Great recipes

    by Jinksed

    However, I hate being beaten over the head with Facebook. My five stars drops to three.

  • Love this app

    by Dan Clements

    Always full of great new cooking/baking ideas. The fam loves it too.

  • Timesaver!

    by psuedocook

    Our house uses the same account. Since we uploaded our frequent meals into our recipes we can now fly thru the grocery store since we figured out the grocery list feature.

  • Matt Sunshine

    by I love Big Oven

    this is one of my favorite apps. I use it all the time. If i could give it 6 stars i would.

  • Love this

    by Jonnyhops

    Big oven rocks

  • Love the Grocery List feature!

    by Pianoman369

    I love the updated version and appreciate the enhancements you've made to the app. The Menu Planner and Grocery List feature allows the whole family to feed grocery items they need through one pipeline. I've found some great suggested recipes too!

  • Great recipe app

    by Tishy68

    I have used your app so many times! I love the gray recipes and ideas.

  • Big oven

    by tonio's iphone4

    Love this of the best of many that I have. Sometimes you have to adjust some recipes to your liking. 0-to -10 I'll give it a 8.5

  • Home button is broken; many recipes available for pay only

    by Daddy of u


  • LOVE it!!

    by Jmbelis

    Love this app! It is my "go-to" when wondering "what's for dinner." I continuously find amazing dishes and I'm never disappointed!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  • First thing I go to when it's time to cook

    by SSuitepea

    Love this app!

  • Best grocery app!

    by Joyful0ctopus

    I love this app. I use it all across my devices!

  • Great updates!

    by Hdjgjcjg

    One of my favorite apps made even better with the newest update! I love the easy to use redesign and add to grocery list feature. Must have for any kitchen.

  • Keeps freezing!!!

    by Ifeyu

    The newest version freezes every time I try to do anything. Very annoying.

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