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A big friendly reset data button on the About screen has been added. With this button, all checklist data on the phone and in iCloud will be reset.

Don't worry, the reset button has a bit of a conscience and will ask if you're absolutely sure you want to reset your checklist.

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After a long day of getting a song about the diminutive size of our world stuck in your head and asking for autographs from anthropomorphic animals, what you really need is a beer. The Beers and Ears Walt Disney World Beer List is here to help!

• View the Walt Disney World Beer List, a list of over 150 beers found on the Disney World grounds and compiled by Beers and Ears. Use the checklist feature to check off the beers you have tried.
• A map of beer locations around the Walt Disney World resort.
• When on Walt Disney World property, use the map’s location button to pinpoint your current location and see nearby bars and restaurants serving beer!
• The Beers and Ears blog, featuring articles from the Beers and Ears team.

Notice something missing or inaccurate in the app? Use the “Contact Us!” button in the About tab or email us at and we’ll fix it!

If you are reinstalling the app and have checklist data synced to iCloud, the app will download and sync up your checklist within a few moments of opening the app for the first time.

Customer Reviews

  • Useful and up to date

    by Leftleftright

    If you're into craft beer this app helps you find it in Disney World. Florida has alot to offer so if you're looking for a specific beer this app is the best place to check.

  • Yearly Disney vacationer

    by Csheimer

    Very, very happy with this app and glad someone thought of this and took the time to see it through. Can't wait to see how this evolves over time. Maybe add everything alcoholic? Ie: mixed drinks, tequila menu from Mexico............. Might also consider adding places like resort stores. We stay at fort wilderness and I know you can purchase beer (and liquor) in both of the fort stores. Great job, and A thank you from texas for making our vacations that much more enjoyable.

  • Good app with one big obvious flaw

    by Jpwest

    A good app for fans of beer and WDW, but there's one really obvious flaw that should be fixed. The only way to check off a beer on the list is on the "Beers" menu. If you browse by location or view the info page for a beer, you can't check it off. So if I want to keep track of beers I've tried, and I know I had one at Le Cellier, I have to go to the Le Cellier page, look at the list of beers to remember what I had, then go back out to the Beers menu, scroll down to the beer and check the button. Then navigate back to another location. Hoping the developers can add this functionality in a future update.

  • Awesome app

    by Knuckles McFisty

    Now I'm looking forward to our Disney trip even more...I'm a beer geek and was dreading the thought of Sam Adams being the only craft I might find there...not any more! Whomever made this app has put a huge smile on my face!

  • Michelle

    by Disneybride98

    Great app! So nice to know where to go to get something other than Bud Light. I never realized what a variety of beers were actually on property. Now if they only sold beer in MK where you need it most we'd be all set!

  • Amazing

    by GarlandR

    The perfect app for beer and disney lovers!!!

  • Beers and ears

    by Jjjkkkkk!!!!!

    You should add a "what to drink" feature! Other WDW apps have a "what to ride" feature. You can just click spin and it tells you what to drink!

  • Just what I was looking for!

    by DisneyFanGirl

    Being a huge Disney fan as well as a self proclaimed beer connoisseur, this is exactly what the app world needed. Thank you for putting it together. Works great in the parks and can't wait to see what other updates you guys come up with.

  • Disney + Beer =

    by OnlyImagination

    How have I been to WDW countless times and not had this app?!? It combines my two favorite things. Looking forward to updates!

  • Beers around the World

    by gmcguire1980

    I have know idea how I found this app but it's many more beers then I thought possible. Could have been called " Hidden Beers" adds to fun off finding the "Hidden Mickeys" Thank you! Cheers!

  • Awesome!

    by catbellrva

    What a great app!! Can't wait to utilize this on my next trip and fantasy trip plans!!

  • saweeeet!

    by shtaaace

    such an awesome app! wish I would have had this during my wdw trip earlier this month!

  • Love This App

    by Kgoyette

    As a huge beer geek and a lover of all things Disney this is a great app. Love being able to find more than Just Yuenling and Bud when in the parks.

  • Awesome!

    by Where's Pluto?

    Thank you thank you for this great app.

  • Awesome!

    by n.straka

    If you love beer and WDW, then you should already have this app. Great list and map view option to show you what's close by. Love the access to the blog as well. No reason not to get this great free app!

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